While we were still enjoying the Twilight effects on our social media platforms, we had already started to see the behind-the-scenes photographs of the film adaptation of the best-selling book.

Spotted on Instagram and Facebook, these images showcased the talent of photographers who worked tirelessly to bring Bella and Edward’s story to life on the big screen. The shots also showed an intimate side to the actor as he enjoyed himself on and off set.

Pattison has since doubled down on this personal side, using his own camera to capture intimate moments with his family and friends. The photos, which he shares on social media, show a soft-spoken actor who refuses to be defined by his work, especially while promoting Twilight, which was named one of the best films of 2012.

Twilight Was A Turning Point For Pattison

Twilight may be over now, but it was the springboard for a career change for British actor and photographer Robert Pattison. For most of his life, he had defined himself by being an acclaimed actor, appearing in major films like the Harry Potter series and The Lost World. But after landing the role of Edward Cullen in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga, he decided to shift gears and pursue photography full time. He soon built up a large social media following on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, documenting his journey from the set of Twilight to his family’s home.

“As the shooting on Twilight neared its end, I decided it was time to switch gears and pursue photography full time,” he tells me. “Prior to that, I always enjoyed taking photos during my down time, but as shooting progressed, I found my Instagram following growing and growing.”

Now, eight months later, during the promotion of Pattison’s new movie, The Batman, we’re treated to a new batch of intimate snapshots, this time featuring Detective Gordon.

Detective Gordon Is One Of The Most Interesting Characters He Has Played

Perhaps the best thing about Pattison’s Instagram is his interesting cast of characters. One of the newest members of this exclusive club is detective Gordon, a character he has played in The Batman. Gordon is a former police officer who now investigates and tries to solve crimes in Gotham City.

“I really enjoyed playing a character whose entire world is based on logic and reason, and trying to prove to the world that being rational can get you someplace,” Pattison says about his latest role. “Even now, when I’m promoting The Batman, I find myself thinking about that character and trying to find the reasoning in everything that he does.”

Now, more than ever, we can see Gordon’s brilliant mind at work. In The Batman, for example, he uses advanced scientific equipment to analyze the DNA of his prey, relying on his background as a biochemist to understand what he’s seeing on screen. For other scenes, he has to juggle crime-fighting and family life, trying to track down a suspect while also caring for his son, Jason, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

“I always try to approach my roles with an open mind, saying to myself, ‘This is what the story is telling me,’ and then I try to find the best way to communicate that to the audience,” he says. “I love what [director] Matt [Damon] and the writers have done with him; he’s such a complex character with so much to offer. He’s a great detective who still has feelings and challenges, but uses his rationality to overcome them.”

The Main Characters Of Twilight Were One Of The First Things He Reminded Himself Of While Shooting

While we’re on the subject of memorable roles, let’s not forget about the giant panda of Pandoran, which Edward fights off with some serious martial arts. For many of us, this scene is a quintessential part of the film. So much so that we remember it even now, more than eight years after the movie’s premiere. In fact, Edward’s giant panda fight was one of the first scenes director Bill Condon brought to mind while shooting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

“While I was on the first plane coming back from Budapest, I was thinking about that scene and how much it reminded me of my time there,” Pattison recalls with a smile.

“It’s funny how things work out. While I was filming in Budapest, I’d see a panda every day, and it just reminded me of Edward, so it was only a matter of time before the role called to me.”

Many would argue that Pandoras are one of the most important animals in the entire animal kingdom, lending their name to many a product and serving as a symbol of the pandora beads necklace, which plays an important part in the history of Romeo and Juliet. For these reasons, it’s not hard to understand why the actor would want to play this role.

Pattison Reveals Why He Chose To Play A Vampyre

Let’s not forget about the most famous member of the vampire family, the aptly-named Dracula, who made his literary debut in 1897 and hasn’t stopped appearing in films since. The British actor has portrayed the terrifying Count several times over, including a 1996 miniseries directed by John Hough and a 2002 movie directed by Terence Haddad. While these adaptations maintained the essence of the character, it was a part of Pattison’s role that he chose to highlight the more subtle differences between Dracula and other vampires, like the fact that he doesn’t drink human blood.

“I got to play a lot of different characters in The Twilight Saga and choose which version of Dracula to play, each with their own nuances,” he explains. “I had to consider the material that was available to me and the version of the character that the screenwriters had developed. For example, Robert [Taylor] mentioned that he wanted to differentiate himself from [portrayal of] Dracula, which is understandable, so I played a different version of Dracula. Even more interesting was that in Hungary, there was another version of Dracula that I had to consider – because they made a slight changes to the story there. So, in all these different versions, I had to find the best way to communicate the essence of what he is: an aristocratic vampire who hasn’t slept in a millennium and who thirsts for human blood. I play a different character with each movie because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when you’re playing a vampire.”

In choosing to focus on the psychological aspect of vampirism, rather than just the physical appearance, Pattison says it was something new for him. Even though he’s portrayed different vampires in the past, he had never really explored the darker side of this fascinating creature, which is why it was such a fresh direction for the actor.

From Auteuil To Bagdad, The European Vacation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a decade since Twilight first graced our screens, and it’s been a crazy ride since then. We’ve had a steady stream of news about the film and its stars, from the release of the first book to the box office smash that is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Now, with production set to begin on Part 2 this October, we can’t wait to see what the future may hold for this cinematic phenomenon.

So, as we look back at this turning point in Stephenie Meyer’s life and career, we’re reminded of a time when her writing was championed by millions and her cinematic debut was anticipated with bated breath.