Zoe Kravitz is one busy woman. Apart from having a famous family and a famous fiancee, she’s starred in films such as House of Gucci, Burlesque, and The Last Exorcism, and been on the covers of Vogue, Elle, and W and spends much of her time traveling the globe for work. But she still finds time to look after her beloved dog Marley.

On Sunday morning, May 6, Kravitz posted a photo series on her Instagram account showing off her pet’s unique perspective on life. Her dog is not only a talented artist, but he helps her relax and takes the stress out of her chaotic schedule. “This is what happens when you have a dog that draws,” she wrote alongside the picture series.

The pictures show off a range of artistic skills possessed by the canine, from sketches of his favorite celebs to intricate paintings depicting movie scenes and landscapes. But perhaps the cutest element is that he’s drawn himself looking like a miniature version of his famous owner. The pooch’s self-portrait has been compared to that of Leonardo da Vinci’s The bacchus painting and it’s clear that Marley has an eye for fashion.

Zoe’s Furry Friends

While most of us associate fashion and glamour with humans, celebrities are frequently bestowed with unique skills and tastes by nature. Take Angelina Jolie, for example, who is also a skilled photographer, or George Clooney, who is an award-winning fashion director. These are just a few of the famous faces whose dogs have become skilled at posing for the camera – and showing off their distinctive fashion sense.

The fashion industry has long been aware of the connection between humans and their best friends. Animals have always been intertwined with our love for fashion, with many celebrities keeping pets who later went on to become famous for their own right (Lady Gaga’s Cacao is a well-known example). Fashion houses like Gucci have even created limited-edition runways for dogs, and Ralph Lauren has a luxury dog clothing line.

But it was not until the 2000s that the link became so apparent that designers could no longer deny it. The ‘fashion” trend for dogs began when French designer Louis Vuitton collaborated with the Palais des Artists in Paris to create a collection of one-of-a-kind outfits especially for animals. The designer’s aim was to promote artistic expression in animals through his designer dog clothing line and help promote France as a whole beyond its borders. Louis Vuitton has since designed a full capsule collection of outfits, with each piece being inspired by a different historical era.

Since then, various luxury brands have followed suit with their own designs, from Dior to Ralph Lauren. And although it should come as no surprise that dogs love dressing up, it’s clear that they also appreciate the uniqueness of each piece. The designer Marc Jacobs once said that his pugs Ivy and Dasha are partial to getting changed many times a day. And if you happen to be a fashion icon’s best friend, you’re in for a fabulous life.

Fashion Can Be Fun

Of course, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to fashion, and some are just born to be fashionable. Take LBD’s Chichi, for example, who is constantly spotted wearing bold and beautiful dresses made specifically for her by fashion designer Marc Jacobs. The fashionable breed has long associated with luxury – many fashion houses’ signature dog breeds are very expensive to buy and maintain, and many of them have a specific look that is difficult to replicate. They make excellent companions for those who love fashion and live for social media. LBD’s Instagram profile proudly displays her fashion skills, with the account boasting over 75 million followers and counting. In addition to Marc Jacobs, LBD also collaborates with other fashion houses, including Ralph Lauren and Burberry.

The most stylish dog may be Simon’s Valentino. The Maltese Terrier-French Bulldog cross often collaborates with fashion houses, designing clothing lines and even a swimwear line for the Italian luxury brand. But his real talent probably comes from his fashion-forward owner, Giorgio Armani. The designer showed off his talented pup’s skills while promoting a capsule collection for men in February 2020.

What’s great about these collaborations is that fashion can be a lot of fun when done right. Some dogs, like LBD, even get the chance to showcase their fashion skills and express their personality through their clothes. Other dogs just want to be cuddled and protected, and designers provide them with memorable outfits that allow them to be seen as a celebrity in their own right. It’s a win-win situation.

Whether you choose a designer dog or go the DIY route, you will find a way to make fashion fun and exciting. And who knows – maybe one day, you’ll even end up designing a line of clothes just for your pet. We can never have too much fun with fashion.