If there was ever a celebrity whose smile could be described as ‘perfect’, it would be Robert Pattinson. The English actor and singer’s Instagram account is filled with striking images of him posing with celebrities and world leaders, as well as countless snapshots of him in different guises.

The 26-year-old’s presence is often hailed as a smiley face emoji, and it really is!

Here we identify the most stunning moments from Robert Pattinson’s career, celebrating the actor’s incredible smile.

From Twilight to Dark Shadows

Pattinson’s first big break was playing Edward Cullen in the hugely successful Twilight series, based on the popular novels of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. This was followed by prominent roles in the Broadway production of The Winter Tale and the 2012 film adaptation of the same name, where he played LeFou along with co-star and fellow Twilight alum Emile Hirsch. 

The following year, 2017, would see both Twilight and its two spin-offs, New Moon and Eclipse, be crowned as worldwide box office successes, propelling Pattinson into stardom.

Pattinson’s performance in the vampire saga was highly acclaimed, garnering him a third Golden Globe nomination and leading to a contract with Walt Disney Studios to develop and pitch his own live-action adaptation of Little Snow White. This will be the first big screen version of the classic fair isle pink tale, and it is set to star Pattinson alongside an all-star cast, including Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and the late Sir Lawrence Olivier.

An Emoji Evolution

Since joining Twitter in 2010, the actor has used the social media platform to experiment with different facial expressions, posting a selfie every day for a year to create a time capsule of a year in emojis. As well as documenting his experiments, Pattinson has frequently touted the platform’s creative tools and how they have allowed him to express himself more creatively than ever before.

One of the most talked-about trends on Twitter over the past year has been emojis of people crying. A self-confessed emotional being, the actor has explored emotions through his artwork, often posting sketches on his Instagram account showing various stages of a character’s development, as well as snapshots of his interior designer, Melissa Liu, creating bespoke furniture for his home.

A Year in Self-Portraits

This is the ultimate expression of self-love for any artist, let alone someone who has been described as one of the most gorgeous men alive. So it’s not that much of a surprise that Pattinson would dedicate a year to self-portraiture. But he has gone further, posting his selfies on Twitter’s official account in the form of a tweet, using the platform’s short message service to create a 365-day time capsule of his life in emojis.

The results are mesmerising. Looking at these portraits from a distance it would be difficult to tell them apart. The only thing that can be said for sure is that they were all taken by the same person, with the same lighting, posing style and camera angle. Perhaps that’s because these are the exact same photos that Pattinson has been posting since he first got on Twitter.

A Year in Cinema

Last year, Pattinson marked his 25th birthday with a series of posts on his Instagram account, showcasing some of his favorite films. He also took the opportunity to announce the creation of his own production company, High Noon Entertainment, and the launch of a film fund that would see him work with talented new filmmakers on their feature length projects.

Pattinson is clearly a devoted film buff, and it’s no surprise that he has chosen to celebrate his birthday in this way, making him one of the most followed creators on the platform. The English actor is particularly fond of classic Hollywood films, with a special relationship with the greats of the Golden Age, particularly those directed by Alfred Hitchcock. His favorite films include Murder on the Orient Express, Stage Fright, Vertigo and Rear Window.