For those of you who follow GQ magazine and its fashion covers you may know that British actor Robert Pattinson’s hair has been a hot topic for quite some time.

Known for his dark hair and unusual choice of products for his hair, the natural curls of Robert Pattinson have been the epitome of cool. And with good reason too.

From his early days as the tortured artistic soul in the indie-hit The Rover (2014) to his current role as the hunky Edward Cullen in the megasuccessful Twilight saga (2008-2013), Robert Pattinson’s hair has been the subject of many a style confession.

In fact, there’s a Tumblr blog dedicated to compiling celebrity hair confessions, titled Confessions of a Curly Shampoo User. We’ve all been there. You’ve just washed your hair and the curls you worked so hard to achieve are now limp and lackluster. Not to worry. There is a solution, and it’s called the holy grail of hair products: Curly Wristlets.

Developed by celebrity hairstylists Patrizia Pepe and Toni Matila for curly-hair supersites like Pinkpearl and Glamglow, Curly Wristlets are silicone-based polymer clay sticks designed to increase the life of your hair’s curls. What exactly is a polymer clay stick? Think of the clay pots you may have used as kids. When you heated them up they became flexible and sticky, which is exactly what you need for hair product application.

The sticks are easy to use. You simply need to follow the included instructions. First, separate a small amount of the product into a small dish. Using a bit of water, mix it into a smooth paste. The thicker the consistency the better. You can use an electric mixer or just your fingers. Second, wet your fingertips with a bit of water. Third, coat your palms and the back of your nails with some of the mixture. Finally, using your nails, draw some patterns or shapes on your palms. It’s that simple.

Once your patterns are dry, you can rub your hands together to remove the excess clay residue. Letting your hands air dry will also make your nails look a bit more natural. And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. It’s always good to try new things with your hair. Just make sure you don’t overuse toxic products, as it will weaken your hair.

The Pros And Cons Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair

If you’ve been following our blog or social media posts over the past few years you’ll know that we are big fans of Robert Pattinson and his unique take on fashion and beauty. We even named our style website after him. And it’s not because he’s our favorite movie actor (although he is). It’s because of his hairstyle choices and how they’ve evolved over the years.

It’s fair to say we have a thing for dark hair, and it’s been a thing since the very first post on our blog. We often talk about how we want to grow our hair out, how we need a change, how we want to be different, and how amazing it would be to have a full head of hair. In that way, it’s not entirely surprising that our love for Robert Pattinson’s hair began with a blog post in 2014 and continued throughout the years as the style has evolved and changed.

In that same year, 2014, when we first started talking about how amazing it would be to have a full head of hair we were really just talking about ourselves. We were fans of his work and we admired how he managed to grow such beautiful hair. It was the perfect blend of nature and nurture and we were completely inspired by it. We were also in our mid-20s and wanted to experiment with our hair products. In retrospect, the timing was ideal.

It was an interesting moment for us. In the middle of 2014, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Patrisia Pepe created a Pinterest page dedicated to showcasing her work, which included stylings for Robert Pattinson. We were instantly attracted to her work because of his unique hairstyle choices. Many of the looks were dark and moody and we knew right then and there that we had to have her recreate some of these styles for our own use. When she agreed to do so we were over the moon.

It was the start of something special for us. At the time we were working remotely and hadn’t had a chance to meet up with our friends in a while. So, when we finally got a chance to celebrate we did it in a big way. We ordered two large pizza’s and one veggie pizza, brought them to our friend’s house, and sat down to eat and talk about how much we loved working with Patrisia. When the food arrived, we were so happy to see that the pizzas had arrived without any damage. We had worried about that a bit because we were planning to eat them outside and it was probably going to rain at some point during the night. But, other than that, everything else was great. The pizza’s looked amazing and we couldn’t stop raving about how much we loved working with Patrisia. It was at that point that we decided to make a blog post to share our excitement with the world. That was the first time we ever posted on our blog and it was a hit. With that post alone we garnered over 100,000 views.

After that Patrisia and I became friendly on social media. We started a Facebook group where we’d post pictures of our work and get feedback from our followers. It was there that we began to notice a theme. A lot of our followers liked what we did but had one request. They wanted to know how to wear it like Robert Pattinson does. Since then we’ve been asked that question a million times. It’s always fun to do our research and find out what makes his hair so different from the rest. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting things about Robert Pattinson’s hair that make it so unique and interesting.

Longer Hair, Larger Nails, And A Glasses Addiction

Longer hair, larger nails, and glasses. Three of the most interesting things about Robert Pattinson’s hairstyle. Let’s look at each one individually.

First, longer hair. In our society short hair is often associated with femininity, delicacy, and youth. It’s no wonder that the majority of the looks on Patrisia’s Pinterest page feature longer hair. And you’d be right to assume that most of our readers are also fans of longer hair. But that’s not the case. Longer hair is a look that our readers can and do wear. What it is about Robert Pattinson’s hair that makes it so long that others want to copy it is mostly down to his will. He usually wears his hair long even when he’s not wearing a wig or wearing makeup. The look doesn’t seem to have any set rules beyond, “do what you can with your hair.” And that’s what draws many of his followers to his page in the first place. They want to know how to wear this amazing long hair like him.

While most people wear their hair long, it’s actually a very rare sight to see someone with a full head of hair. It’s not that people don’t want to grow their hair out, it’s just that they don’t know how to take care of it. Or they’re not comfortable enough with themselves to try new things. We’ve noticed that most of our followers have tried different things with their hair, whether it’s done consciously or not. It’s often the case that when someone sees another successful in their industry or a celebrity in general they begin to wonder if that’s what they could be doing as well. But, ultimately, it’s all about finding what makes you happy and comfortable in yourself and following your heart. That’s what we encourage our followers to do. And it’s also what makes Robert Pattinson’s hair so interesting.

The Different Ways He Makes His Hair Look So Unique

There are many ways that Robert Pattinson makes his hair look so unique. One of the most obvious is the choice of products he uses on it. If you’ve ever seen an interview with him or read an article about him, you’ll know he rarely wears hair products. He often chooses to leave his hair natural instead of using any kind of hair product, and for that matter, he doesn’t even need to shampoo it very often. That means he gets to enjoy the benefits of a dirty hair dresser-free period. There is also the style of how he wears his hair when it’s dirty. He usually leaves it slightly unbrushed and sometimes even goes as far as to pull it back with an elastic. So, even when his hair is not in its best condition, it looks amazing. You should try it. It makes your hair look like it’s been through a lot, but it still retains its shine.