When it comes to fashion and style, there are so many personalities, trends, and styles to keep up with. It can be difficult to know where to look and what to follow. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and curated this guide for you; it will teach you how to style, fashion-wise, after the royal wedding.


If you thought that the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress was magnificent, you’ll feel right at home wearing a Dior dress too. This iconic French fashion house was founded by Christian Dior in 1961 and since then, it has become an iconic French brand. It still remains a largely women-owned business today, which shows how influential and ahead of its time Christian Dior really was. Since the brand is so prevalent in weddings and other formal wear, it’s the perfect style foundation to build your wardrobe on.

Dior Handbags

It wouldn’t be a complete wardrobe makeover without including some handbags. Many luxury fashion houses have recognised the handbag’s importance in a women’s wardrobe and, since then, there have been dozens of different styles and designs created. If you happen to be a Dior Handbag fan, you’ll want to invest in some of their classic bags. With a style range spanning from the 60s to current trends, you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Dior Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight with these sunglasses from Dior. These shades from the French fashion house bridge the gap between fashion and function. They’re made from plastic acetate with metal detailing for a glamorous look. We think that they’re perfect for weddings and other formal events. They’re designed to rest on the nose with the arms folded around the face. This way, you can keep your eyes open while still keeping the sunlight at bay.

Dior Jewelry

Dior are well known for their exquisite jewellery and, indeed, this collection is as elegant as it is fashionable. Whether it’s a choker necklace or an earring, you’ll want to invest in some pieces to add to your ensemble. This way, you’ll be able to showcase your unique personality and style.

Dior Hand Cream

Feeling a bit too vulnerable wearing a sunny dress and heels? Keep your cool with the help of Dior’s Hand Cream. The French fashion house have taken the frustration out of doing hair and make up for brides and other ladies who are nervous about moving around in a public space. With unique active ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin E, and jojoba beads, you’ll feel like you’re doing your hair and makeup for the first time in years. It’s a product that has been designed to keep your hands looking fresh and groomed throughout the day. So, if you want to feel like a total beauty, invest in a bottle of hand cream to take to your wedding day.


Fashion houses are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves and emerge as the style leaders of tomorrow. One such brand is Céline. It was established in 1874 and, since then, it has become a renowned French fashion house known for their leather goods. In 1926, they launched their first ready-to-wear collection and, since then, they’ve never looked back. With a continued commitment to innovation, the French fashion house are always coming up with unique pieces that you’ll want to be seen wearing. Therefore, if you want to style yourself to the max after the royal wedding, invest in some leather goods from this iconic French brand.

Celine Handbags

The best handbags are not always the bags that you purchase first and foremost. It’s all about the accessories that you choose to go with it. Many luxuryfashion houses offer a complete solution to their customers so they can buy just the bag they need. Take Celine Handbags for example. They’re known for their classic tote bags and chain shoulder bags. If you want to make your bag statement, go for the matching set of handbags. It’s the perfect way to display your style.

Celine Makeup

An investment in your looks can be smart. Not only will the makeup and hair products that you buy enable you to style yourselves, but it can also make a statement. It’s important to find products that compliment each other. If you want to accessorise your outfit, go for unique headbands, jewellery, and other pieces that will catch the eye. When it comes to beauty products, you don’t need to go overboard. A few products from various brands are enough to give yourself an extra boost. Just ensure that the products that you do purchase are high-quality so you don’t end up with poor-quality makeup that will crack or peel off.


Mikimoto is a luxury seafood brand that was originally established in Tokyo in 1899. Since then, the company has expanded its range to include watches, perfumes, and more. If you love unique, quirky, and artistic pieces, you’ll love this brand. Mikimoto have mastered the art of blending different textures and materials to create innovative pieces. Therefore, if you want to wear a colourful outfit like Emily’s dress for the wedding, you’ll want to invest in a Mikimoto tie, necklace, or bracelet to add the finishing touch.

Mikimoto Jewellery

One good way of investing in your wardrobe is through unique souvenirs from the wedding. The best way to remember the big day is by putting something personal aside. It can be a special piece of clothing or jewellery that you’ll need for future events or a charm from the wedding to add to your collection. If you love Mikimoto’s design, you can buy a whole tie as a gift for a friend. It’s a unique way of showing how much you care.


It’s a fact that many high-end fashion houses are largely owned by luxury brands. Burberry is one such brand that is largely owned by the Italian fashion house Piaget. If your budget allows, buy Piaget watches and jewellery as a cheap alternative. Not only will they add polish to your wardrobe, but you’ll feel good about what you’re wearing knowing that it’s associated with a luxury brand.


For decades, Piaget have been a firm favourite of the wealthy and famous. It was first established in 1874 in Paris and it is still a largely French-owned company today. It’s most well known for its luxury wristwatches and jewellery, but over the years, it has branched into a full-fledged fashion house. It doesn’t stop there though. The brand is now about to revolutionise the way we look at watches with the release of their newest design, the Urwish series. This innovative and modern watch collection features a minimalist design with technical functions integrated into the timepiece. It’s perfect for the tech-savvy millennial and the style-conscious female billionaire.