There is no doubt that the success of the Twilight movies series and subsequent spin-offs has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for women wanting to be a part of the action sports lifestyle. In particular, the success of the films has meant that there are now more high-profile, athletic, blonde women than ever before. To celebrate this historic moment, here are five reasons why blonde women love Robert Pattinson.

The Good Life

One of the most appealing things about Robert Pattinson is that he seems to have it all. Not only does he have a high profile and prominent social media accounts, but his life also seems to be an endless stream of fun and adventure. Whether he’s filming a movie or riding his motorcycle, the 28-year-old English actor always seems to be enjoying himself. And why shouldn’t he be? After all, he has beautiful women falling at his feet (and vice versa).

If you Google “Robert Pattinson” and “rich”, the first thing that pops up is the list of his assets, which include beach houses in both the UK and France, as well as property in Venice and Paris. It seems that the only thing he isn’t interested in is getting married. But why should he? As he puts it, “I don’t want to settle down yet. I’m enjoying my life too much.”

The Bad Boy

While it’s great to see a man embracing his wealth and status, it’s also important to remember that not all rich men are created equal. Take Robert Pattinson’s arch-rival, for example. The British actor Ben Whishaw, who plays Richard Simmons in the A-Team movies, has a net worth of £20million and has been called “broke” by the press, despite earning £700,000 per episode. (He reportedly made a £100,000 donation to the Prime Minister’s Downing Street Christmas party in 2018.)

The Dark Knight

Another important thing to consider with respect to Robert Pattinson is that although he may not always appear to be the most conventional of men, he’s actually been through a huge amount in his life. Not only did he have to fight for survival after being born into a circus family, but he also developed a heroin addiction in his teens and early twenties. (For more information, see my previous blog post about Robert Pattinson.)

A Family Man

One of the reasons why Robert Pattinson is so appealing is that he seems to be a genuinely dedicated family man. Whether he’s playing video games with his son, Louis, or taking his daughters to school events, he always seems to be surrounded by women and children. Several interviews over the past year suggest that being a father is something that genuinely excites him.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating a man like this, you’re bound to have an excellent time. Not only does he make you a desirable catch for other women, but he also seems to be devoted to and protective of you. And what’s more, he’s managed to keep most of his celebrity while remaining a family man. (A rare feat, to be sure.)

A Man Of Many Parts

When it comes to acting, many people assume that all famous male movie stars are like Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino – famous for being famous. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. While Robert Pattinson’s acting career may not yet be as established as some of his contemporaries’, he has nonetheless starred in some high-profile films and has completed several seasons of Game of Thrones. (For more information, see my previous blog post about Robert Pattinson.)

So far, he’s appeared in a handful of indie films and television series, including the drama Skating Shoes, the BBC mini-series Little Deaths, and the 2016 Oscar-nominated film Good Time. Most recently, he portrayed author and poet Lord Byron in the 2019 miniseries The New Romantic which also featured his Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Charlize Theron. (Byron and his sister, Mary, were the subjects of a controversial biography called Byron: The Last Great Romantic which was first published in 1865 and was highly critical of his life and work. While many consider it to be an over-the-top hatchet job, others believe it to be an honest assessment of Byron’s life.)

As can be seen from the above, Robert is a man of many parts. Not only is he incredibly attractive and charming, but he’s also got a successful acting career, an enviable wealth, and the complete devotion of fans who want to be a part of his story. What’s not to love?