One of the most desired celebrity weddings of the year will take place in St Barts on January 12th 2019. While the groom, actor Robert Pattinson, will be marrying his partner, film producer Tim Burton, there’s already been a fair amount of interest in what will be one of the most extravagant ceremonies of the year.

Vogue Magazine has put together a beautiful photoshoot in the Caribbean to coincide with the wedding. The publication’s editor-in-chief, Franca Ortega, spoke to Vogue about the reasoning behind the stunning pictures, as well as the significance of St Barts for the couple.

Why The Caribbean?

The decision to hold the wedding in the Caribbean was made in part because Ortega and her team were inspired by Burton’s previous collaborations with fashion photographers David Laxton and Peter Lindbergh. Ortega explained that she and her colleagues thought it would be such an ‘iconic’ setting for the wedding, and said that while they were initially nervous about how the weather would be in St Barts in January, they were delighted by the experience.

“We wanted to do something that was a bit more classic and a bit more timeless than a wedding in a church garden or a city square. So we settled on this amazing photographer, Trey Poppen, and his band, which is composed of some of the most talented musicians in the country. They play all of Burtons’s and our favorite songs, and we are absolutely overwhelmed by the reception, which was entirely sold out,” Ortega said.

A Wedding To Remember

The photographer behind the glorious wedding pictures is Trey Poppen, who has previously worked with Vogue Magazine on other shoots. Ortega explained that she and her colleagues were so impressed by his previous work that they had no objections to employing him again. The publication’s editor-in-chief said that the wedding was “a true celebration of old Hollywood and new.”

Poppen spoke to Vogue about the preparation for the wedding and how he was influenced by the couple’s preferred style, which blends vintage with contemporary. He also praised the location of the wedding, which he said was “perfection.”

“When Tim and Bob first approached me with the idea of doing their wedding, I was really honored. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most influential people in Hollywood, and it’s always such a thrill to be asked to contribute to their big day. I think it will be one to remember,” he said.

Style Consultant

Burton has been a long-time fashion style consultant for Vogue Magazine and Franca Ortega revealed that he played a huge role in helping to plan the wedding. According to the fashion publication, he helped the couple decide on their dress, which was created by the renowned designer Michael Cinco. Ortega said that Burton was “so in love with the dress,” and helped to choose the design, which included a high-waisted option for Bobbie that the designer Kate Young created especially for the wedding.

Burton is also a costume designer, and Ortega said that he was responsible for designing the rehearsal dinner outfit for the bride, which included a dress and a jacket for the actress, Mia Wasikowska. She also wore a wedding dress made by the designer Rachel Comey for the big day.

The Significance Of St Barts

The setting for the wedding is a gorgeous villa in the center of St Barts. While it won’t feel too much like a winter wedding, the Caribbean climate offers a beautiful backdrop for the photos. It will be one of the most iconic weddings of 2019, and will be covered by every major publication.

Ortega revealed that she was initially nervous about how the weather in January would be in St Barts, but she and her colleagues were delighted by the experience. She also cited the location as crucial to the wedding’s success, saying “I think having the ceremony in the countryside, with the incredible, moody landscape, added an extra layer to the day.”

The couple’s chosen wedding photographer, Trey Poppen, said that while it wasn’t the most beautiful time of the year in St Barts, it was “perfection” because of the lighting and the scenery. He also said that while many people think that the Caribbean only consists of sunny beaches and blue waters, there is actually a “lot more to it than that.”

Poppen praised the location of the wedding and said that while the weather wasn’t ideal, it only served to emphasize the “magnificence” of the villa and the surroundings.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more stunning location, and I think the fact that it wasn’t completely picture-perfect is what makes it even more special,” he said.

The designer behind the gowns for the wedding is Michael Cinco. Since its inception, the label has been responsible for some of the most iconic red-carpet looks of all time. One of the most recognizable designs is undoubtedly the Dior wedding dress. In 2018 alone, Michael Cinco had five weddings and one funeral to work on.

Cinco designed the bridal gowns for the weddings of Megan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Bunting, Tallia Storm, and Penelope Cruz. All of these women wore Michael Cinco designs on their big days. Cruz’s gown was especially breathtaking, and was described by Vogue Magazine as a “spectacular dress” that evokes “the elegance of old Hollywood.”

Cruz also wore a maroon Michael Cinco dress at her father’s funeral in 2018. Franca Ortega called it a “gorgeous dress,” and said that it was made for the “iconic” funeral ceremony. Designer Rachel Comey also dressed Cruz for the occasion, creating a look that was described by Ortega as a “symbol of strength and elegance.”

A Princess, A Saint And An Actress

The wedding party for Bobbie and Tim will be made up of some of Hollywood’s most well-known faces. The bride’s maids will include her half-sister, Isabella, and his ex-wife, Victoria. Among the groomsmen are Burton’s friend and collaborator, Prince Harry, as well as actors Michael Cinco and Harvey Keitel. So not only is the groom acting as best man, he is also serving as a style consultant for the day.

Bobbie’s parents are an integral part of the wedding party too. Prince Charles and Princess Diana are both expected to attend, as well as other members of the royal family. And for the reception, guests will be treated to a performance by classical composer Richard Hartmann and his band. After the ceremony, the newlyweds will be joined by their guests for a sumptuous party, which will conclude at midnight.

The style choices for the wedding party range from simple to extravagant. And while many of the women are choosing traditional dresses, there are also some celebrities opting for more of a ‘70s vibe. It is safe to say that the ‘80s will be making a comeback, and with it, some incredible fashion trends.