Robert Pattinson is known for his distinctive scents, and fans around the world have fallen in love with his personal fragrances. The 31-year-old British actor has released a total of 22 fragrances throughout his acting career, and he has become such a popular choice that fans have started a collection of his scents, known as the “Pattinson Vault.”

Pattinson’s Most Popular Scent

The “Pattinson Vault,” which currently has over 10,000 members, is made up of the following 22 fragrances:

1. Peach Scent (No. 37) (Sweet) (Light) (Floral) (Fruity) (Pungent) (Salty) (Astringent) (Rich) (Woody) (Earthy) (Herbal)

This scent is associated with the actor’s breakout role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. The sweet, light fragrance is reportedly inspired by a vintage fragrance created in the ‘70s that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

Since the start of his acting career, Robert Pattinson has been featured in commercials and magazine ads for the popular Peach Blossom and Floral Water scents of Elizabeth Taylor. He has also been promoting the Floral Water fragrance in various countries for the past three years.

2. White Chocolate (No. 562) (Sweet) (Warm) (Casual) (Grapefruit) (Clean) (Fruity) (Earthy) (Woody) (Honey) (Cocoa) (Sour)

This chocolate fragrance, which was introduced to the market in 2014, was developed in tandem with perfumers at Chantecaille. One of the first perfumers to discover white chocolate’s unique combination of milk chocolate and creamy vanilla was none other than Christian Dior.

As with many perfumes, differentiating factors of white chocolate include its top note, which is uplifting and fruity, and its base note, which is rich and creamy with a hint of vanilla. The enduring allure of Christian Dior’s fragrance, and the success of Chantecaille’s product, is due in no small part to the combination of milk chocolate and vanilla.

3. Dark Chocolate (No. 38) (Bitter) (Warm) (Soy) (Earthy) (Woody) (Herbal) (Vegetal) (Salty) (Melancholy) (Astringent) (Curious)

Chocolate fragrances are often associated with sophistication and luxury, and Robert Pattinson’s Dark Chocolate scent embodies this duality. The scent, described by the actor as “like eating a dirty brownie,” was launched to the market in 2016 in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. While the actor is often featured in luxurious advertisements for Tiffany, Dior, and others, this is the first scent that he has launched on his own in a while that does not possess a luxury image.

Made with a combination of bitter chocolate and dark chocolate, this earthy fragrance is inspired by a 70s invention called the “chocolat chaud,” which is a mixture of chocolate and milk that is frothed and shaken.

While the base note of Dark Chocolate is dominated by bitter chocolate, the top note is infused with notes of tart green apple and orange blossom, which give it a distinct tanginess.

4. Cacao Butter (No. 7) (Warm) (Casual) (Sweet) (Vanilla) (Lemon) (Grapefruit) (Citrus Grandis) (Fruity) (Herbal) (Vegetal) (Woody) (Earthy) (Astringent) (Soy) (Pungent) (Rich) (Hay) (Cocoa) (Cinnamon)

Cacao butter is one of the most popular materials used in body oils and shower gels because it deeply penetrates the skin without leaving a sticky or apparent residue. The fragrant natural oil, which is extracted from the cacao bean, has a long history of use by South American cultures and is a source of pride for the Afro-Brazilian community.

Cacao butter is not just limited to skincare – it has been known to revive paintings, prevent wrinkles, and keep your nails strong and shiny. Since this oil is highly compatible with coconut oil, it is often used in conjunction with Argan oil, which provides additional benefits for the skin.

5. Black Cherry (No. 40) (Dark) (Warm) (Soy) (Earthy) (Vanilla) (Lime) (Grapefruit) (Citrus Grandis) (Fruity) (Herbal) (Vegetal) (Woody) (Earthy) (Astringent) (Soy) (Pungent) (Rich) (Hay) (Cocoa) (Cinnamon)

Another fragrance that stands out among the actor’s perfumes is Black Cherry, a dark-hued cherry scent that was launched in 2018. When Robert Pattinson was asked about the fragrance in an interview with Vogue, he described it as “like smelling a plum, with a little hint of cinnamon.”

This is a truly unique scent, as it possesses an unusual combination of fruity, cinnamon, and tart cherry notes that combine into a complex hybrid aroma.

6. White Wine (No. 39) (Warm) (Soy) (Earthy) (Vanilla) (Lemon) (Grapefruit) (Citrus Grandis) (Fruity) (Herbal) (Vegetal) (Woody) (Earthy) (Astringent) (Soy) (Pungent) (Rich) (Hay) (Cocoa) (Cinnamon)

What is most striking about this fragrance, which was launched to the market in 2017, is that it is actually brown in color. The inspiration for this scent, which is named after a type of wine, dates back to Christian Dior’s early days, when he began experimenting with fruit-flavored scents.

This is one of Christopher’s favorite perfumes because of its uniqueness. He says that while many of Pattinson’s perfumes blend into one another, White Wine is an exception. The fragrance is described as “having notes of wet wool, forest floor, and wet stone, with an undertone of fig and caramel.”