If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies then you’ll know that Robert Pattinson often wears a peacoat. The English actor wore the long, black garment frequently throughout the filming of the last two installments of the blockbuster series. Since then, the fashion trend has taken over the social media platforms.

It all started with a simple question on Twitter. “@robertpattinson how does your peacoat look in real life?”, Twitter user @michaelthomas_77 asked the actor. Without waiting for a response, @michaelthomas_77 simply replied with, “Amazing, isn’t it?”. It wasn’t long before the Twittersphere were replying in kind, with users sharing their own spectacular looks.

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In the days since then, the fashion trend has steadily gained traction on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Many fans have expressed their delight at seeing the actor’s unique style and distinctive looks on screen.

The trending topics on Twitter for the past week are all related to Robert Pattinson. The hashtag #robertpattinson gained more than 20 million views on the platform, while others have used the hashtag #riprobertpattinson to express their grief at the star’s sudden passing.

The actor’s stylings have also taken over Pinterest. Interested in creating a stylish work outfit as seen on-screen? You can do so using a combination of Kurta Pata, a loose fitting Indian-style dress and a classic blazer for men. For women, you can use a long, flowy skirt and a blazer to create a look similar to that of Bella Swan.


The way Robert Pattinson dresses is distinctive. The actor is always seen with an elegant look, sporting a blazer and an Oxford shirt for men and a floral print dress for women. On occasion, he will wear a tweed jacket with the blazer and an ensemble of sportswear for men. However, it’s not just the way he dresses that makes him stand out, it’s also the way he carries himself.

The actor is often photographed with a cigarette in his mouth. Even when he’s not, the image is still instantly recognizable. In fact, when the actor was spotted without the cigarette, it was such a rarity that it became an iconic image in its own right.

Pattinson’s distinct style has rubbed off on many a fan. After all, it’s not often that an actor is seen as a style inspiration. Many fans have taken the time to share their own unique style, with some even going as far as to emulate the actor’s distinct look.


The style icon status that Robert Pattinson has achieved is truly remarkable. The fact that he was able to seamlessly transition from being an acclaimed film star to an internationally recognized fashion icon is a testament to his talent as a wardrobe stylist. It’s clear that he has a unique eye for style, which makes it an honor to be able to recreate some of his memorable looks.

The trending topics on Twitter for the past week all relate to Robert Pattinson. The hashtag #robertpattinson became a top-trending topic, followed by #riprobertpattinson, which was used more than 38 million times in the space of a week.

If you or someone you know has a genuine love for all things Robert Pattinson then why not consider a career in fashion? It’s a great opportunity to work in a creative environment while also being able to express your personal style. What’s not to love?