So you’ve finally seen the latest installment of the “Twilight Saga”—now what? Does it live up to your high expectations? Does it manage to stay true to the characters and storylines you came to love? Is it the best movie of the year, or just another in a long line of disappointments? Let’s dive into the controversies surrounding this year’s blockbuster and attempt to answer these questions.

Robert Pattinson

Let’s begin with the most recognizable face of the entire saga—you know, the guy who plays Edward Cullen? If you’ve seen any of the “Twilight Saga” movies, then you undoubtedly know who Rob Pattinson is. Since the saga started he’s been the focus of much speculation and publicity, and in recent years, there’s been a huge surge in his popularity. He’s now one of the most well-known and recognizable faces in Hollywood, and it’s not hard to see why. Rob has been a regular in the tabloid press ever since he was cast in “Twilight,” and in 2015, he was named the sexiest man alive by Rolling Stone, putting him at the top of his career high point. In between movie roles, Rob has maintained a low profile, rarely granting interviews and keeping a remarkably calm and unassuming attitude toward the press. Despite this, he’s been the target of much trolling and online harassment, and even death threats. For every fun fact about Rob, there’s a story that makes you wonder if the media overhyped his appeal.

Robert Pattinson vs. Robert Pattinson

But now that his cinematic career has taken off, there’s been a new Rob in town. While some might argue his previous incarnations didn’t exactly waltz the screen, the new actor has brought a completely different dynamic to the role. Gone are the days of keeping a low profile; now he’s regularly gracing the cover of magazines and chatting up fans at premieres and award shows (not to mention the many selfies he’s been uploading to Instagram). While he’s kept the same haircut and clothing choices as his famous counterparts, the new Robert isn’t exactly bashful. In fact, he frequently speaks about his sex life and relationship with his wife, Rosalie, whom he married in 2015. They have two children together, a daughter, Harley, and a son, Jack; as well as a Yorkie named Rosie.

Robert Pattinson vs. Robert Pattinson

If you’ve seen either of the “Twilight” movies (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), then you know that Rob’s character is named Robert. However, in a rather curious case of synchronicity, his character’s full name is Robert Pattinson. This isn’t a mistake; Rob actually started out life as Robert Pattinson. But somewhere along the line, a legal issue involving his father’s estate forced him to legally change his name. As unfortunate as this was for the actor, it opened up a brand new chapter in his life. When he finished filming Twilight, he legally changed his name to Robert Pattinson, choosing to retain the name Pattinson in the process.

Robert Pattinson vs. Robert Pattinson

So, as you might expect, there’s been some crossover drama between the two Robs. While there have always been rumors of trouble between the two, it’s been mostly speculation. But in 2019, the drama reached a whole new level. The drama started when Robert’s brother, Charlie, died from cancer. The actor responded by donating $1 million to the American Cancer Society in his brother’s honor. But then, to add insult to injury, some people started calling him Jimmy, after the father he never knew. This is when things got really ugly. Online trolls accused him of being a fake and a fraud, even going so far as to call him a ‘sheep farmer.’ Things got so bad that in response, Robert filed a restraining order against his cyber bullies—and this wasn’t the first time he’d protected his identity in such a manner.

Although he never officially stated so, it’s pretty clear that Robert is uncomfortable with the fact that he’s become so well-known and has achieved such huge popularity, especially after working so hard to avoid the limelight his whole life. He seems to want nothing to do with the strange phenomenon that is “Twilight” – or, at least, he wants on record that he doesn’t like it. But despite his efforts to stay anonymous, it’s difficult to avoid the spotlight when your entire life is documented online and splashed across the tabloids. It’s not that Robert doesn’t appreciate all the affection and praise he’s received, but he doesn’t seem to want to encourage the craziness that celebrity brings with it. But while he might not be looking for the spotlight, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t found him. The only way to truly be anonymous is to stop doing interviews – a hard concept for someone who has millions of micro-bloggers and online commenters waiting to tear him down.

All Things “Twilight”

The year 2019 was a big one for the “Twilight” franchise. Not only was it the 20th anniversary of the Saga, but it was also the year that saw the premiere of the final installment, “Breaking Dawn,” in theaters across the country. The movie is almost certain to become the highest-grossing installment of the franchise, raking in billions of dollars at the box office worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. The movie is stuffed full of all the epic moments fans have come to expect from the series—from the wedding scene, to the birth of Evelyn’s (Kate Winslet) baby, to the fight to the death between vampires and humans at the end. It truly is the conclusion to the tale of vampire love (and hate) that lasted for nearly a decade.

But beyond the cinematic success, there were a number of headlines that surrounded “Twilight” in the year 2019. For starters, there was the matter of the Robs. As we’ve established, both Robs have always been in the public eye—but in 2019, Bella Cullen never felt so far away. The year was filled with speculation about whether or not the actor would make a dramatic return to the role he made famous, or if this would be the end of an era for the Twilight series. And then, just when the suspense was getting to be too much to handle, Rob broke the terrible silence—and returned to the big screen in a big way. He not only returned to the role he was born to play, but he also unveiled a whole new side to the character – something we hadn’t seen before. Fans were thrilled to hear the actor’s voice again, and the “Twilight” fandom was finally able to exhale after a long, stressful year filled with tension and anxiety—at least, until the next installment comes out and puts everything back in the throes.

A Whole New World

The year 2020 will mark the 25th anniversary of the “Twilight” Saga. To commemorate this momentous occasion, fans will have the chance to revisit some of the most beloved scenes from the series – and relive those wonderful moments that defined their love for the story. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Summit Entertainment has announced that a whole slew of movies focusing on various aspects of the “Twilight” fandom are on their way. The first of these is “Twilight: The Premiere,” which will hit theaters across the country on January 10, and will mark the theatrical premiere of “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment of the Saga. The movie will be followed by a slate of other movies that further explore the characters and their relationship to one another.

The Future Of The Franchise

The future of the “Twilight” franchise is quite bright, considering how many lives the series has led. Not only has it aired on television for more than a decade, but it’s also received more than 600 million views on YouTube. As we’ve established, Robert Pattinson’s reluctance to embrace his newfound fame and the bizarre drama that ensued surrounding his family’s estate is quite the fascinating story in its own right. The saga continues to this day, with “Eclipse” hitting theaters across the country on August 22, 2021 and “Breaking Dawn Part 2” slated for release on January 10, 2022. So, as you might expect, there are many chapters yet to be told. But for now, let’s just savor this moment and rekindle that feeling of wonder and excitement that came with discovering this story in the first place.