Most actors aspire to be action heroes, dodging bullets and performing death-defying stunts. But what if I told you that your career-making role was actually being the protective older brother, shielding your adorable little sister from harm? Would you believe me?

Well, it’s true. And what’s more, this protective role has literally changed your life forever. Because no matter what, from this day forward, you’ll always have a special place in your heart for your little sister. It’s a feeling that most siblings share. But for you and Rob, this bond is a bit more complicated.

Kris’s Early Life & Career

If you’ve ever seen the movie, ‘Twilight’, you probably know that Rob’s older sister, Kristen, was supposed to star as the lead in that movie. Unfortunately, she was just a little too far ahead of her time. Her character was intended to be a teenage witch, which wouldn’t have been appropriate for a mass audience in 2007.

In reality, the young star rose to fame playing the role of Anne Boleyn in ‘The Tudors’, a mini-series that aired on PBS in 2012. Since then, she’s starred in several successful movies including ‘The Lost City’, ‘The King’s Messenger’, and most recently, ‘The Nightingale’.

Even before ‘Twilight’, Rob had been acting for a while. After starring in some really popular Disney movies at a young age, he decided to pursue a more adult role. At 16, he landed the lead in ‘Water for Elephants’, based on the popular book by Julie Murphy, which was released in March of this year. In the movie, he plays a young boy who befriends a circus elephant.

Although ‘Water for Elephants’ received mixed reviews, it has definitely increased Rob’s profile as an actor. For years, he’s been playing young adult or teen roles, and now he’s considered to be one of the most promising up and coming actors of his generation.

‘Twilight’ Changes Everything

Although ‘Twilight’ is considered to be a movie classic (and we’re not talking about the wolf pack here), it’s important to remember that it’s really just the beginning of Rob’s lifelong journey. In the movie, he played a vampire who fell in love with a human girl, which in real life, was a role that changed his career, molded his personality, and provided him with invaluable life experience.

But even back in 2007, when ‘Twilight’ was released, most people didn’t know who Rob was or what he was capable of. He wasn’t famous then, and while he’s always been confident, he certainly didn’t have the big-name status that he has today. ‘Twilight’ is still considered to be one of the most influential movies of all time, and it’s changed how people see (and remember) celebrities and their relationships with fans. In the years since its release, the “Twilight Effect” has manifested itself in many ways – from Taylor Swift getting an engagement ring to play to the audience, to Harry Styles’ infamous “dad dance” during a live performance of the song “Kiwi.”

The Real Deal

Since ‘Twilight,’ Rob has been on a real-life adventure, literally and figuratively. He began dating Kristen in 2007, and they were later engaged to be married, before breaking up in 2009. They got back together four years later, and in March of this year, they married in a secret ceremony in Los Angeles, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

While ‘Twilight’ may have established Kristen as the sister he always needed, it’s fair to say that Rob has never been short of female attention. From the moment he hit the big screen, he was a movie icon – and now that he’s married, there are rumors that he’s taken on a young step-grandson. Forbes has ranked Rob as the 6th most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, and with so many ladies clamoring to be his date, it’s clear that he hasn’t forgotten how to have fun.

Romantic Partnership Or Family Feud?

In the decade since ‘Twilight’, Rob has mostly kept his personal life private. He rarely grants interviews, so fans have had to piece together information about his private life from tweets, Instagram posts, and the occasional blog article. And while he and Kristen have been happily married for almost six years, there have been rumors that they’ve had their share of disagreements. Last year, she admitted that she felt “stifled” by the paparazzi, who follow her wherever she goes. Most recently, Rob was accused of domestic violence, after a photo of him holding a bloody tshirt appeared online. He vehemently denied the claims, and as of this writing, the case is still ongoing.

So while we may never know the whole truth about Robert and Kristen’s relationship, one thing is for sure: no matter what, from this day forward, it will always have a special place in our hearts.

–By Mariella Moon and Madeline Gray