The last couple of years has seen a rise in the popularity of bespoke watch brands, following in the footsteps of companies like Piaget and Audemars Piguet. As well as a few stand-alone luxury watch brands, there is also a growing number of luxury watch manufacturers who specialise in making limited-edition pieces for other brands. One such example is the OVET watch, created in honour of British sartorialist and style icon Robert Pattinson, whose stylings have recently graced magazine covers and fashion seasons across the globe. In this article, we explore the unique story of the OVET watch, what makes it great, and how you can buy one for yourself.

A Limited-Edition Piaget Classic

Not all luxury watch brands are created equal, and Piaget is definitely breaking the mould. While most brands offer limited-edition pieces that are highly desirable, Piaget has taken it a step further by creating a fully bespoke, one-of-a-kind watch that is strictly limited to just eight pieces worldwide. Let’s take a closer look:

The Piaget Classic is a classic lookalike that has been constructed using the most modern and innovative materials and technology, creating what the brand calls “A Hybrid that Meets Classic and Contemporary Styles”. As the name suggests, the piece is equipped with all the usual luxury brand elements, including diamonds, sapphire gems, and gold or platinum band, but it is also available in a unique blue steel case. The case is protected under a mineral crystal, protecting it from damage.

A key feature of the Piaget Classic is the use of ceramic bearings, first seen in the previous generation of Piaget, which combine smooth, precise revolutions with high rotation inertia. Simply put, the bearings allow the watch to keep running for longer, regardless of the size and weight of the piece. As a result, the Piaget Classic has an extremely quiet, smooth, and long-lasting design that is ideal for people suffering from sensory overload as a result of frequent smartphone use. Or just looking for that extra peace and quiet when watching TV or reading a book. It’s difficult to put into words how much this kind of technology change means to the average person.

A Limited-Edition Piaget Prestige

The Prestige is named after the luxury bridge tournament that was first played in 1922, and it is one of the most luxurious and exclusive watches that Piaget has ever produced. It is a collaboration with fashion designer and London-based brand Burberry, creating a luxurious watch that is truly unique to Piaget. The designer selected a black and gold colour scheme for his creation, with the iconic Burberry tartan pattern embossed on to the dial. The white gold-rimmed piece is protected under a black leather strap, and it is limited to just 18 pieces worldwide. Not bad for a piece that is a collaboration between two of the most prestigious brands in the world. The combination of the black and gold colours makes it a fashionable yet elegant accent item for the modern man.

A Diamond-Shaped Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has been manufacturing watches for the wealthy for generations, using only the finest materials and most sophisticated mechanisms. The brand decided to celebrate the centenary of Cartier’s legendary diamond-cutting workshop by creating an iconic piece of jewellery to go along with it. The result is the Patek Philippe Diamond Cut, a limited-edition piece that is made up of over 80 brilliant-cut diamonds. The piece is limited to just 12 pieces worldwide, and it is encased in a brilliant-cut yellow diamond. It is, in other words, pure gold and diamond in the shape of a goldfish, named after the French company’s founder, Georges Piéchet. The yellow diamond reflects the brilliant rays of the sun, while the rainbow-coloured diamonds represent the different types of diamonds Piécht had available at the time of the design. The piece is designed to evoke the elegant and refined design language of Piécht’s legendary watches.

A Limited-Edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet is another luxury brand who offers a full range of bespoke pieces, including watch designs that are limited to just 12 pieces worldwide, making each one highly sought-after. The brand has also collaborated with artist Richard Prince to produce an “all-new” look for its classic Royal Oak. The designer chose to work with platinum and white gold, creating a bold new spin on the traditional piece. The result is the most sophisticated, most luxurious looking Royal Oak that the brand has ever produced, limited to just 24 pieces worldwide. It is a striking combination of old and new, and it draws the eye right away. Just as any piece of Prince’s work does.

An OVET Watch

The latest addition to our list of unique watches is, in fact, a collaboration between Piaget and Audemars Piguet. It is a commemorative piece named the OVET (Opéra Verve Transitional) watch, and it is designed in honour of, and in collaboration with, fashion personality and style icon, Robert Pattinson. The piece is named after the character Gavroche from the novel “Les Misérables”, by Victor Hugo, and it draws inspiration from the book and the movie adaptation. In the book, Gavroche is a street-savvy, anti-establishment teenager who organizes riots in the sewers of Paris, protesting against the injustices and corruption he sees around him. The character’s design is based on a young Jean-Paul Richier, the “Boy Wonder” of French fashion, whose creations in the 1950s and ‘60s influenced a generation of style-conscious youths. Today, Jean-Paul Richier’s elegant and distinctive style lives on in the form of the OVET piece. It is, in other words, a celebration of the book that inspired it, and of the designer’s own rebellious youth. So, what makes the OVET watch so special? It combines a number of luxurious materials and technologies, including ceramic and metal bearings, a sapphire crystal, and full gold or platinum band. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the piece is the use of 18 karat gold as the base material for the watch. It is a truly unique piece, and it is also an expression of the designer’s unique vision. It would be an understatement to say that this is a piece that is “made to order”, as customisation is one of the key design features. This makes the piece truly unique. And desirable.

In addition to unique pieces, a number of luxury brands offer limited-edition collections that are highly desirable and collectible. These pieces are created with passion and dedication, and they are a result of the designers’ unique skills and style. In some cases, the pieces are designed with a specific end user in mind, such as Cartier’s Ballerina or Piaget’s Biver. However, in most cases, they are created with a general audience in mind, putting the customer first. This allows the brands to remain flexible, and to continue improving and innovating their products.