There are fans, and then there are true fans. As a devoted fan of one of the most popular cinematic literary characters of all time, it pains me to write this article. But like the insatiable creatures we know and love, Bobcat is a creature of habit and has been spotted recently making a trip to the French capital city where he filmed the most recent installment in The Lomography Legacy. Now that the dust has settled, I can confirm that Bobcat is a true fan of French culture and has made Paris his home for the foreseeable future.

Since the start of the year, Bobcat has been slowly making his way across Europe. Although there are rumors going around that filming has wrapped on the next installment of The Lomography Legacy, I’m happy to report that the star has indeed been spotted in Paris not once but twice. Most recently, he dropped by Le Cafe de la République to meet with president Macron. Who knows, maybe he even gave the president a hug, as he seems to be very good at hugging people. When asked about the possibility of returning for the film’s premiere, he replied “definitely!”, giving birth to even more rumors. But for now, let’s dive into the details of this growing fandom and see what we can learn about Bobcat and his inner workings.

A Visit From Back In Time

Although Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s a living nightmare for lovers of cinema. From the bustling streets to the packed cafes and restaurants, it’s an incredibly hectic city when you’re trying to make your way through time while being a tourist. Standing in line for the next Batman movie isn’t something that appeals to most people.

But there’s a way to enjoy Paris without having to deal with all the commotion. In late January, two weeks after his visit to the French capital, Bobcat made a quick pit stop in Germany on his way to Scandinavia. During a recent visit, I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with the charming actor and director. And although Bobcat rarely shares his secrets with the media, I managed to pry a few details out of him.

“I’ve always loved Paris,” he began. “But after months of travelling, I’ve started to see it from a different perspective. The busy streets, the bustling crowds, and the late hours are all still there. But now I see the beauty of the architecture, the way the lights play off the buildings, and the melancholy in the streets. I love the atmosphere. But now that I’m older, I appreciate how hectic things can be when you’re there, trying to make your way through time while being a tourist. So many people, so little time. That’s what it’s like in Paris. It’s overwhelming.”

Despite its shortcomings, Paris is still one of the most romantic cities in the world. And it’s not just the architecture or the food that attracts lovers from all over the globe. It’s that whole otherworldly atmosphere that emanates from the City of Lights. Just check out these beautiful shots of Paris by Timelessness Photography and you’ll see what I mean.

The Lomography Legacy is a series of films that continue to transport me back to the golden age of cinema. The first two installments, Winter Palace and The Blue Train, transported me to imperial Russia and gave me a peek into the decadent world of Czar Nicholas II. It was beautiful to watch, both haunting and glorious at the same time.

The third installment, Twilight Garden, transports us to Paris and gives us a glimpse at the glamorous socialite and artist Eva Le Gallienne. Although I won’t give away any spoilers, I will say that Eva has changed a great deal since we first met her over 30 years ago. Gone are the thick glasses and messy bun. In their place is flawless make-up, manicure and a sleek ponytail. While Nicholas II was plagued by problems within his inner circle, Eva’s life seems to be going smoothly. She’s surrounded by adoring fans, who call her ‘Madame Gallienne.’ Even as the series comes to an end, I have no idea where it will leave off.

A Home Away From Home

During one of our conversations, Bobcat revealed that despite growing up in the United Kingdom, he has a close affinity for French culture and speaks the language fluently. Even more exciting is that his family has deep roots in the country. His maternal grandmother was from Bordeaux, France and his mother was born and raised in London. It would seem that his travels have only increased his affection for the country and its people. And it’s that whole otherworldly atmosphere that attracts so many lovers from around the globe.

The Lomography Legacy is full of cultural references, from the decadent salons of late 19th century Paris to the bright lights of modern day London. But the series also has a bit of a mystery to it, tied up in a very interesting plot twist. If you’ve seen the first two episodes, you may wonder where Robert Pattinson’s character, Michael Corleone, has disappeared to. While the world thinks that he’s dead, the story reveals that Michael has in fact taken up residence in the late 19th century. And in true Batman fashion, he’s using his detective skills to fight crime and make his home in Paris among the sparkling lights and sophisticated culture.

But like many big cities, Paris also has its dark side. One of the things that drew Michael to the French capital was that it was the center of the Industrial Revolution. The city’s notorious ‘garçonnes’ or ‘boyettes’ were often the victims of violence and rape. As Michael notes, it was not a place for a romantic tryst or a family vacation. So while the city is beautiful, don’t expect to find peace and quiet. But something wonderful does happen when Michael travels back in time: the light plays off the architecture in a completely different way. It’s a beautiful, otherworldly sight to see the turrets and spires reflected in the waters of the lake. In the same way that Michael has found a home among the lights of Paris, so too have I.

A True Fan

With all the speculation surrounding the next installment of The Lomanography Legacy, we may never know for sure where the character of Michael Corleone will show up. But what we do know for sure is that Bobcat is a true fan of French culture and would make a beautiful addition to any collection of cultural items.

As a fellow lover of cinema and the country that gave us Louis Pasteur and Josephine Baker, it is my great pleasure to welcome Bobcat to the cultural capital of France. I hope that this tribute will convince you to give the city a visit. You’ll find that there’s far more to it than meets the eye – from the beauty of the buildings and the galleries to the restaurants and cafes that put Paris on the gastronomic map. It’s a city that I, for one, can’t wait to show you.