Most people know that Robert Pattinson is a famous English actor, model, and musician. However, did you know that he was born in Scotland and has Scottish ancestry?

While it’s great that many famous people are also multi-talented, it would be quite the opposite if they weren’t able to reflect all their aspects in an authentic manner. For example, take a look at how Robert Pattinson portrays himself in the media. Most of the time, he presents himself as a cold, emotionless loner, which is often attributed to his character Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. However, this is quite the opposite of who he actually is. In real life, Robert Pattinson is extremely warm and friendly, especially towards other people. He always has a kind word to say about everyone, and is known to be a generous and loving person. In other words, he’s the complete opposite of Edward Cullen.

The Mysterious Origins Of Robert Pattinson’s Name

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the name Robert Pattinson is most commonly associated with Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. However, the name Robert Pattinson actually has much deeper roots. In fact, it dates all the way back to the 13th century, when it was first introduced to England. The name means ‘son of Patrick’, and in the middle ages, Patricius was the name for a Scottish clan. Thus, Robert Pattinson could be considered a ‘Scottish Edward Cullen’!

Where Does Edward Cullen Come From?

In the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen is from a very wealthy and influential family. However, in real life, it’s unlikely that he was born into such affluence. In fact, Edward’s father died when he was quite young, and his mother had to bring him up on her own. Much like her other two children, Charlotte and Patrick, she was an extremely devoted and protective parent, making sure that her children had everything they needed. In the beginning, we don’t even know if Edward wears clothes. He’s so used to his mother dressing him, that he doesn’t even know how to dress himself. This can be compared to how many children are essentially raised by their nannies or au pairs in today’s society. Because of this, it’s quite possible that Edward could be the epitome of a ‘daddy’s boy’.

What Is Edward Cullen’s Family Tree?

If you’re wondering about Edward Cullen’s family tree, you’ll have to go back quite a few generations to find an answer. However, it is said that his surname is inspired by the writer William Shakespeare. In other words, it was probably his great uncle who introduced him to the world of literature and poetry. In the end, it’s quite impossible to know for sure, as Edward doesn’t really talk about his family or where he comes from.

When Was The First Twilight Movie?

Although there are deleted scenes where Edward admits to his vampire nature, the first full-length feature film about him was released in 2012, which is thirteen years after the last novel in the Twilight Saga. The film, entitled Eclipse, was the climax to the saga, and it was followed by a two-year gap before the second installment of The Twilight Saga, titled Twilight: The Movie. If you remember, during that two-year break, the world celebrated when Edward Cullen and Bella Swan finally got together in Twilight, with many fans dubbing it as the ‘love story of the century’. The following year, the couple broke up in the blockbuster hit, New Moon. Since then, they’ve been involved in a long-distance relationship, while Bella takes care of their infant son, Benjamin. This happened after Edward finally told her he loved her, and the two got married in a civil partnership in March of 2018. Much like in the novels, the love story between Edward and Bella is very much a modern Romeo and Juliet tale, with deep roots in European literature.

Who Is Edward’s Brother, Daniel?

Edward’s other brother, Daniel, is a photographer who often collaborates with his famous sibling. Together, they have founded the photography/videography company, Cullen Shot. They have also worked together on several high profile advertising campaigns. It was Daniel who photographed all the celebrities featured in Edward’s solo exhibit, Close Up. This is because, although Edward is a talented and versatile actor, he is more of a perfectionist when it comes to his cinematic projects. Daniel also took the photo for the posters for the Twilight Saga, and when he became an uncle, he was responsible for the photos of Ebony and Ivory, the two children of Charlotte and Patrick. He has also worked on several movies and music videos with his sibling. Besides being a photographer, Daniel also produces and directs documentaries and music videos. He has produced two award-winning music videos, ‘Luminous’ and ‘You Matter To Me’, both of which were shot in London and feature singers such as Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. The pair also appear in the music videos for other artists such as One Direction, Little Mix, and Pharrell Williams. In addition, Daniel is a patron of the arts and a committed animal rights activist. He has been publicly critical of the entertainment industry, which he feels exploits animals for their own profit. This isn’t just because of his personal beliefs, either – his mother, Charlotte, is an animal welfare pioneer, and founded the Animal Welfare Association in Scotland. She is also credited with bringing modern-day veganism to Scotland, which inspired her son to fight for animal rights. This is why at least some of the characters in the Twilight Saga have anti-animal-cruelty devices built into their wardrobe. It is worth noting that despite all the controversy surrounding The Twilight Saga, the film’s producers stand by its anti-animal-cruelty message.

How Does Edward’s Family Stay Together?

Although Edward’s family can trace its roots back to the 13th century, it wasn’t until the 20th century that they started gaining influence and establishing themselves as one of England’s most influential families. In fact, since 1707, the family has consistently produced statesmen, diplomats, scientists, and military commanders, among others. It was only after the second world war that the first vampire was created. That’s when the family began acquiring a reputation for being exceptionally wealthy and powerful. In the 21st century, with the help of the influential and powerful families of both France and Germany, the Cullen’s managed to stay together and preserve their considerable wealth and power. However, it was definitely not an easy feat, as in the past, several of the family’s relations have gone mad, either by insanity or by murder. If you look at the history books, you’ll notice that the family has always been rather unstable. This is probably because of its considerable wealth and influence, as well as the fact that several of its members are quite sociopathic.

What Is Edward’s Relationship With His Siblings?

Like his parents and grandparents, Edward has always been quite a private person. He hasn’t really revealed much about his personal life, and he doesn’t like to be contacted by journalists, or those who might try to sell him their product. This is why it’s rather difficult to establish any sort of relationship with him. What is known is that he has three siblings. His older brother, Patrick, is a renowned author and filmmaker who often collaborates with Daniel. His sister, Charlotte, is a former child actress and singer who is now based in LA, where she works for an animal rights non-profit. Last but not least, there’s his younger brother, Tim, who is a commercial airline pilot. They are also related to the famous English painter, Thomas Gainsborough.

In the past, some fans have tried to establish relationships with Edward. Some even offered marriage proposals, which he has always denied. It wasn’t until April of 2019 that he finally responded to one of the proposals, accepting his fan’s marriage proposal. This was mostly due to the fact that his mother, Charlotte, agreed to let their firstborn go and meet the person he loves the most in the world. While this was an incredible breakthrough for the couple, it still doesn’t mean that they will necessarily stay together. They both come from a broken family, and Edward is well aware of the risks that come with falling in love with someone you’re not fully aware of.

What Is Edward’s Sexuality?

Edward’s sexuality is rather ambiguous. While several fans have claimed that he’s gay, others have argued that he’s actually bisexual. In general, it seems that he’s rather attracted to those with power. This is why, when he first appeared on-screen in the Twilight Saga, many fans imagined he was asexual, or a latent homosexual. Even though he was clearly portrayed as a vampire, this didn’t stop many fans from speculating about his sexuality.