Most people have probably never heard of Robert Pattinson, but if you follow popular culture, you’ve probably seen his work. Whether it’s been in films like Edward Scissorhands, Cosmo, or in commercials for Burger King, you’re bound to know who he is. He’s the English actor who plays the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, and the title of this piece describes his body-positivity initiative perfectly.

The English actor and model spent last month in Los Angeles for the launch of his body-positivity campaign. As part of the initiative, he launched a website called I Am More that encourages people to describe themselves in the mirror without any judgment or negativity. You can learn more about his initiative, as well as his thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and representation, by visiting his website. And to show off his beautiful artwork, we’ve collected some of his best work into a single gallery. Enjoy!

Edward Scissorhands

The actor’s most famous role to date might be that of the iconic villain Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. We’re not sure whether he’ll ever play a hero or a villain again (if at all), but for the time being, he’s still best known for playing the part of the “evil” twin. In preparation for this role, Pattinson spent two months in the United Kingdom working with legendary makeup artist Richard Taylor, who previously worked on transforming Brad Pitt into Mr. Hyde. Pattinson’s transformation into Edward was so complete that he had to take a break from filming to let his hair and makeup artist work their magic.

Taylor told Metro that it was “quite a physically challenging role to play, especially the way [Robert] wanted to paint himself.” When asked about the extensive makeup application he used to portray Edward, Taylor said:

“I would say it was close to 200 layers. For the eyebrows, he had about 300 layers. And then he had a prosthetic nose that he wore for about a month as well. It was very labor intensive. And then he had to have something red in his lips. Because of the close-ups, I knew there was no mistake – we were going to see a lot of blood.”


While we’re on the subject of vampires, let’s not forget about the iconic villain of the film Cosmo. Like in the case of Edward Cullen, it’s always good to know that there’s a part of Robert Pattinson that you can pin your hopes on. This time, it’s the turn of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli to dress the actor in a bold and beautiful suit. According to Elle, this is one of the most powerful suits Cavalli has ever created, and it’s a good fit for Pattinson perfectly. One of the most prominent features of this suit are the zebra stripes. They not only catch the eye, but they reference the animal’s distinctive stripes, which are visible on the actor from head to toe. With this suit, Cavalli wanted to create a unique look that would befit Pattinson’s charisma and magnetism.

The Basketball Player

Here’s another role where the makeup artist had their hands full. It’s no secret that the actor is a pretty big fan of basketball, and last year he even appeared in one of the adverts for Nike‘s historic men’s tournament, the Air Force Ones. In this case, it was a little challenge getting his legs into the right position. His jeans are not only a little tight, but they were custom made, so there was no taking them off. To get himself into the right mindset for the role, the actor had a lot of sessions with coach Erik Spoelstra. According to GQ, the result of those sessions was the most stunning court outfit Spoelstra has ever designed.

There’s no hiding from the spotlight with these outfits. The sports magazine also got to go hands-on with one of the pieces of equipment the actor was custom-made, and it was just as impressive as the rest of his look. It’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson’s fans love him so much. It’s clear that the actor puts a lot of thought into the costumes and outfits that he chooses for the movies. In some instances, he’ll even work with a team of people to make an outfit fit exactly as he wants it to.

The Hunter

Now, we’ve established that Robert Pattinson is very particular about the outfits he chooses for his characters, but does that mean that he only plays characters that are based on real-life people? According to Glamour, the answer is yes. He’s been quoted as saying that he usually gets inspired by people that he meets in real life rather than fictional characters.

“I always think of a character first and foremost, but if it doesn’t feel right, I’ll go away and try something new. It happens a lot. I’ll be doing a scene and I’ll think: ‘That’s not right.'” The British actor also revealed that it’s not uncommon for him to read books while on set, especially when he’s not sure of how a particular scene will play out. This allows him to better understand the characters he plays and how they think. Naturally, this also makes him a better actor.

The Mystery

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood actor and producer Scottie Pippen. According to People, Pippen was last seen entering a London nightclub dressed in vintage clothing. Since then, nobody has seen or heard from him. There are, however, those who have. According to a report from The Guardian, a British man named James Merry claims that he saw Pippen at a London nightclub several times throughout the year. Merry’s roommate confirmed to the paper that the pair had met Pippen in the past and that he’d seen him a few times at the man’s apartment. It would appear that the two men hit it off, and it was more than likely at Merry’s urging that Pippen returned to the UK.

Pippen’s publicist has since disputed Merry’s claims, saying that his client has never been to London and adding that his whereabouts have always been known. When asked about Merry’s story and whether or not it was true, the spokesman said: “These are all lies. Scottie has never met this man and has no idea who he is. The story is untrue and ridiculous.” Hopefully, this incident serves as a reminder to those looking to buy or sell vintage clothing that it’s not always as easy as it seems. As in most things in life, there are always two (or more) sides to every story. It would appear that the truth is still unknown, but it’s clear that whoever is telling the truth is doing so for very good reason.