Last year, Robert Pattinson became one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood
when his turn as the tortured and complex lead in The Rover earned him a
rousing reception at the box office and dozens of award nominations.

But the 26-year-old actor is still looking to stake his claim in the art
house world with the much-anticipated release of Cosmopolis, a contemplative
and highly stylized tale of a man who becomes the Prime Minister of

The film will hit US theaters on May 19, and while there’s still no word
on whether or not the hunky actor will grace our shores to promote the flick,
he has already made his presence felt online through various interviews and
premiere sneak peeks – including the first official trailer.

An Actor’s Life For Me

In a short but sweet video interview with THR, Pattinson discusses why he
decided to make the leap to feature films, what attracted him to the part of
Cosmo, and what attracted him to Japan.

“I’ve always fancied getting into acting because it’s a fantastic way of
living your life while also being able to express yourself creatively. I
thought it would be a great way to explore the character of Cosmo, who is
complex and conflicted, and I wanted to do that through my performance. So
much of acting is about learning how to listen, and having something to say
is a great way to learn how to listen.”

Pattinson continues, “The only thing that stopped me was the thought of
what would happen if I didn’t succeed. I guess maybe that’s the worst thing
an actor can think. But I also think it’s the best thing because it makes you
push yourself beyond what you think is possible. So, in a way, I feel like I
failed because I didn’t give up, and that’s the beauty of it.”

The actor also discusses the challenges of playing a role that was
largely based on a novel:

“The script was only half done when I got it, and it was incredibly
difficult to adapt. The problem was that there were so many characters in the
novel. So it was difficult to know where to start. And that’s what made it
such a slog. You didn’t really have time to focus on any one character
because you had to always be moving to the next scene. Even now, I still feel
like I’m missing beats.”

“From the very beginning, I had a sense of how the film would turn out
because I’d been through a similar experience with my first feature, Maps to
the Stars. After that, I started work on Cosmopolis and was able to
really delve into the psyche of this fascinating character. It’s all about
finding the nuances in the person you’re playing, and you really have to dig
deep to get to that place.”

The Appeal Of Playing In A Country You’ve Never Visited

In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director William
Moir discusses the appeal of shooting in a place he’s never visited:

“The advantage of doing this film in Tokyo is that I get to explore this
great city and its incredible culture. Also, the fact that I’m not familiar
with the place makes it easier to shoot. I don’t feel like I’m imposing myself
on the locations or the culture. And the fact that I can find new angles and
new perspectives is exciting. As a filmmaker, that’s what I love
about filming in a different country; you never know what you’re going to
find. You can’t replicate that on set. You have to find new ways of doing
things and being creative, and that’s what I love about this project.”

While filming in Tokyo, the cameras will be rolling on location at Sushi
O, one of Tokyo’s most iconic restaurants, where the bulk of the action
occurs. This will be the first time the sushi restaurant has been used for a
feature film, and it will be up to the audience to determine if the food looks
or tastes any different than they do in real life.

Other locations where we’ll see the famed dish include Takashimaya Department
Store and Komaba Antiques Plaza.

The Trailer

The first official trailer for Cosmopolis arrived with the season finale of
The Handmaid’s Tale last month. The series wraps up its four-year run on
April 3, prompting desperate fans to flock to theaters to catch a final glimpse
of Offred and her dandelion-haired savior in what will likely be a sold-out

In the film, the former child actor plays a young François Mitterand,
brother of an infamous French crime family boss (Yves Denon) and heir to his
fortune. He goes by the name “Cosmo,” which is Latin for ‘world’ or ‘glorious

While the trailer gives us a glimpse at Denon’s extravagant lifestyle and
the decadence and opulence of the ‘80s in the most glorious of cinemas, it
also shows us glimpses of Pattinson’s intimate and complex performance as
Cosmo. You’ll note that much of the film’s dialogue is delivered in
monologues that echo his inner turmoil as he works through his various
conflicts and moral quandaries.

We also get a sense of the film’s unique costume designs, with the
head-to-toe look of the female bodyguards echoing the decadence of the ‘80s
while also serving as an elegant contrast to the rough-hewn masculinity of the
male leads.

With its heavy use of kinky hair and makeup, its over-the-top wardrobes and
its dark humor, it is clear that director Winton Mair has packed a lot of
style and substance into this expensively made trailer.

Summing Up

If you’re an actor who is seeking substance and style in your roles, look no
further. In addition to featuring an impressive ensemble cast, Cosmopolis
presents a rare opportunity to work with a director who is truly on your side
as you explore the depths of one of literature’s most unique and fascinating
characters. And to top it all off, the film was mostly shot in Japan,
provoking the question: Can Japan survive playing host to a Hollywood

There’s something for everyone in Cosmopolis, including fans of the
novel. For those who haven’t read Ito’s novel, this should be quite the
surprise. While there are clearly echoes of the ‘80s in the film, there is so
much more to the story. A truly magnificent achievement, Cosmopolis is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion, film, or politics.