We’ve been hearing rumors that “Batman vampire” Robert Pattinson might be on his way to London, where he would appear on the popular show, “Downton Abbey.” Not only would this make for great television, but it would also be the perfect excuse to ride the Tube – the humble yet iconic underground railway – one of London’s most historic, if not the most historic, forms of transportation. We decided to investigate whether or not Pattinson was really in London and, if so, where he was spending his time. Was there a Bat Signal in sight?

Checking The Latest Rumors

While checking Twitter, our ears perked up when we saw a number of people mentioning that they had seen or heard from a “gossip columnist” that Robert Pattinson was in London. One of the Tweets even said that he had seen “the batman vampire” in London. Curious, we did some quick Googling and found a number of websites devoted to “gossip,” most of which were in the U.S. Nevertheless, we decided to check out the latest rumors on our own. We found a few websites that claimed to have spoken to a number of people who “knew him or had worked with him,” and the consensus was that “Batman vampire” was indeed in London and was “keeping a low profile.”

The Vampire Is (Probably) In London

With all the confusion and rumors swirling around, it’s no wonder that many fans have been wondering where Robert Pattinson has gone. Now that he’s in London, it’s time for us to find out. We’ve pinpointed two – maybe three – landmarks that we believe he would definitely visit if he were in town. One of them is a museum devoted to Vampires. Another is Big Ben, the famous London landmark that is the headquarters of the House of Commons. Finally, we think that he might like to head to the Gherkin, a skyscraper located in the City of London. In order to figure out where he was staying, we decided to contact the museum that is devoted to all things vampire. The folks there assured us that they had no idea where he might be and that he had not yet visited the museum. However, if he did show up there, they would be more than happy to give him a tour and introduce him to their fans. After all, the next best thing to being in London is being able to stroll down the streets and look at all the famous buildings, right?

Big Ben And The Houses Of Parliament

If we’re not mistaken, Big Ben is one of the most photographed buildings in London. Not only is it a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it has also become an iconic symbol of London and, in fact, the whole United Kingdom. The tower’s nickname, “Big Ben,” comes from its height – 216 feet – and the weight of its bell – 468 pounds. The tower’s official opening ceremony took place on June 7, 1899, and the first stroke of Big Ben’s great clock marked the beginning of the 20th century. The clock itself still chimes every hour, and the famous bells can be heard across London and beyond – especially when they’re played live by the famous London Symphony Orchestra.

The Big Ben area is a big one – a lot of people call it “the center of the empire” because of its historic importance. It’s inhabited by politicians, lawyers, researchers, and other professionals who work there. The headquarters of the House of Commons is also situated within the complex. If you’ve ever watched “Downton Abbey,” you might recognize some of the streets there – although, the buildings have changed a bit since the early 1900s. The Commons was originally built in 1881 and was designed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, but visiting it isn’t easy unless you have an invitation.

The Gherkin And Other London Skyscrapers

One of the major developments that took place in the City of London in the early 21st century is the skyscraper that bears Wayne Enterprises’ logo. The building’s name is the Gherkin. It used to be called the Monarchy, but it was renamed after it was purchased by a Japanese company and converted into luxury apartments. The Gherkin is a vertical kilometer – there are actually 1,000 apartments – and it’s one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any available units in the luxury apartment building, but we were able to get a sense of what it’s like to live in a skyscraper in London.

Another iconic skyscraper in London is the Shard. The structure was built in 2012 and is a popular place for tourists to take a selfie. As the name suggests, the Shard is a literal “shard” of glass that shoots up 137 feet and provides a 360-degree view of the city. The observation deck at the top is open to the public and offers a commanding view of London – which is why many people call it “the best view in the city.” Tourists pour in from all over the world to take a peek at one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

There are so many more skyscrapers in London that we could mention, including the Walkie Talkie and the Cheesegrater, which is said to be the last building Alfred Hitchcock ever directed. Sadly, we weren’t able to find any photos of these structures online, so we’re not really sure what to make of the rumors that Bob Pattinson is in town and staying in a high-rise.

If we’re not mistaken, London is where Batman was born. Many people consider that the city is the inspiration for Batman and his iconic lifestyle. It would only make sense for the “dark knight” to be in one his favorite cities. We’re sure that fans of the caped crusader will be happy to see him in London and glad to give him a warm welcome.