You might be thinking that the most disgusting thing you’ll see today is Robert Pattinson’s “Orgasm Face,” but you’d be wrong. Although we’re mostly used to seeing our favorite actor with perfect hair and makeup, we can occasionally see glimpses of his true self. One such instance was during Monday’s screening of the highly anticipated film, The Lighthouse.

Just before the film’s start time, a few brave individuals in the audience had the misfortune of witnessing a little bit of Pattinson’s true self. For those of you who’d like to experience the same kind of fright, we’ve gathered a list of the most disgusting things you’ll see today.

1. Robert Pattinson’s “Orgasm Face”

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, “Orgasm Face” is a phrase used to describe the expression on Robert Pattinson’s face during his most recent sexual encounter. Since the beginning of this year, fans have been hunting for clues about his personal life through his acting, and this is one of the biggest revelations yet.

Pattinson’s character in The Lighthouse is based on the real-life artist of the same name, who painted the male anatomy in a variety of situations. Director Martin Scorsese has said that based on this film, his next project will explore the creative process behind the artist’s works. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of “Orgasm Face” during the next The Lighthouse screening.

2. Emma Thompson’s ‘Tongue’

Emma Thompson is one of the most celebrated English actresses of our time. She’s won an Academy Award, two BAFTA awards, and three Golden Globes, and her accolades continue to roll in. Most recently, she was named Best Supporting Actress at the 2019 Oscars for her role in Carey Mulligan’s extraordinary performance in Dark Waters.

She is also well known for her hilarious performances in many of the films she’s starred in. One of the most memorable scenes from Saving Mr. Bean finds Thompson performing a hilarious imitation of an old woman with a cane. In the scene, she pinches the noses of her co-stars, Rowan Atkinson and Peter Mayhew, which led to a collective ‘Omfah!’ from the crowd. While on the topic of hilarious performances, check out this clip from the 1968 film, The Trouble with Harry:

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Yes, Rowan Atkinson is one of the most famous British comedians of all time, and this clip proves it. After Harry Secombe’s character accidentally locks himself in a men’s room of a hotel, the other characters have to help him escape. In the process, they discover his acute discomfort with women’s undergarments. Although it’s not the most pleasant scene to witness, it’s funny as hell.

3. ‘Squid Game’s’ Penis

Squid Game is the stage name of British comedian John Oliver, one of the best known English comedians of our time. Besides being a funny man with a fantastic impersonation of Donald Trump (which may or may not be an accident), he also happens to be a self-proclaimed eugenicist. His comedy specials and films often center around the theme of overpopulation, and he’s even made appearances in films ranging from Shaun of the Dead to Ghostbusters. In 2017, he created a game where people could try out different looks based on Italian fashion designer Christian Dior’s iconic perfume, “Émile,’

The game, known as ‘Dior Nudes,’ challenges users to draw their own interpretation of the French fashion house’s signature scent. Users are presented with a series of photographs of famous women, who they then have to guess is wearing the Émile Christian Dior perfume. Those who complete the game successfully earn the ‘Nudes’ achievement.

4. Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Jaw’

Scarlett Johansson is an Academy Award-winning actress who recently starred in Avengers: Endgame, one of the most highly anticipated films of all time. Beyond her impressive acting chops, she’s also known for her sense of humor and comedic timing. A highlight of her performance is the scene where she breaks up a fight between Iron Man and Black Widow. After a bit of prodding and shoving, she eventually breaks up the fight by putting a stop to it using her jaw. Of course, the scene is hilarious.

5. Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Balloons’

Harvey Weinstein is one of the most powerful and influential men in Hollywood. Over the course of decades, he’s helped to develop some of the greatest films ever made, winning countless awards along the way. He’s also been accused of sexual assault and harassment by numerous women. At the end of last year, he was banned from the cinema for life after being accused of inappropriate behavior during the preview screenings of The Weinstein Company’s Black Widow and Deadpool 2.

In the comics, the character of Deadpool was originally called “Dopey McDead,” which is fitting because this scene from the 1986 film probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Harvey Weinstein. In his defense, he has said that the offensive language and content of comics often finds its way into his movies. In this case, he was presumably trying to be edgy and challenge the audience. Although it was definitely uncomfortable to watch, it was also pretty funny.

6. Billie Eilish’s ‘Pubic Hair’

Last but not least, we have teen singer Billie Eilish, best known for her song “Bikini Bottom,” which recently went number one in over 30 countries. Besides her songwriting and performing talents, she’s also known for her fashion choices and quirky sense of humor, which often finds its way into her songs. In 2018, she released a song called “Poor Little Rich Girl,” which pokes fun at the privileged life of a rich teen.

Although her hit song made her a celebrity, it wasn’t always easy for Eilish to find herself in the limelight. In interviews, she’s talked about struggling with anxiety and depression as a teen. In 2022, she released the single “My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend,” an autobiographical track about her journey from struggling with mental health issues to finding success as an artist. Hopefully, this song will help others struggling with mental health issues feel less alone.

7. Justin Bieber’s ‘Dick’

This one might not be as shocking as the others on this list, but it’s still pretty disgusting. One of the most influential and popular musicians of our time, Justin Bieber rose to fame when he was just 15 years old. Since then, he’s sold over 140 million albums worldwide and is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. In 2019, he was named the most influential artist of the 21st century so far.

Bieber is also one of the most respected musicians for his charitable works. He launched a line of affordable fashion clothing (known as “Gentleman’s Club”), and every year, he raises money and awareness for worthy causes through his clothing line and music.

Hopefully, this list will spark some interesting discussions about gender equality and the state of society. It’s high time we had these conversations, and it’s never a bad idea to be reminded of our planet’s overpopulation problem. It’s not only about the environment, but it’s about human dignity as well. A healthy fear of bacteria and an appreciation for good comedy are what keep us sane, after all.