Last week, fashion icon and ‘The Queen of England’ Elizabeth Taylor had a huge impact on social media when she criticized British actor and comedian Robert Pattinson on ‘The Tyra Show’. Taylor was so incensed by the fact that Pattinson had agreed to be a guest on the popular television show, that she called him a “disgrace” on Twitter.

The comment came after a Twitter user asked Taylor about the male-dominated field of comedy, and if she had any advice on breaking into comedy. In response, Taylor called out Pattinson by name, and said:

“I wouldn’t bother trying to break into comedy. It’s almost impossible to succeed in today’s society. Look at Robert Pattinson. Disgrace.”

It is not the first time that the 31-year-old actor has been in the news for his controversial opinions. In February 2019, Pattinson sparked a debate when he tweeted that women should not be allowed to drive cars, otherwise they will “accidentaly change lanes” and “drive off cliffs.”

Shortly after, he clarified: “I’m not saying that women aren’t capable of being good drivers, I’m just saying they’re probably worse at it than men. If you take away their ability to choose where they go, how they get there and what they drive, you’ve taken away a big part of who they are.”

While many people saw these statements as encouraging gender equality, some viewed them as an insult to women. After all, a lot of women do drive cars, especially in the US, where car ownership is high. Some even called out Pattinson for his chauvinist rhetoric. In response to the backlash, Pattinson tweeted that he was “surprised that [his] opinions on gender politics have caused such a stir.”

It seems that Taylor was among the many who had heard about Pattinson’s controversial opinions on gender. After the Twitter user mentioned the name of the British actor in her question, and stated that she was a big fan of his, Taylor replied:

“I’m a great fan of his. But he’s such a disgrace to women. I think women are far more capable of being funny than men. And I don’t care if he hates me for saying that.”

For those wanting to know more about Elizabeth Taylor, here are some interesting facts:

The ‘Queeny’ Is One Of The Most Famous Women In The World

It’s no secret that Elizabeth Taylor is a legendary figure in the world of fashion, so it’s no surprise that she holds the title of ‘The Queen of England’. As well as being a style icon and a feminist icon, Taylor is also known for her philanthropy. In 2003, Time magazine ranked her #3 on its list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World.”

Other famous names on the list include former president Bill Clinton and movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein Helped To Shape Elizabeth Taylor’s Fashion Philosophy

While Elizabeth Taylor’s influence over fashion is unquestioned, the way she carries herself is mostly the result of personal style choices, and not fashion choices inspired by others. It was Harvey Weinstein who first recognized the potential that Elizabeth Taylor had as a business partner, and subsequently helped to shape her fashion philosophy.

According to Hollywood studios head and feminist advocate Weinstein, there are “three essential rules” for any woman who wants to be famous and powerful. They are: “Be famous, be powerful, and be safe.”

Weinstein described this philosophy to The Guardian in 2018, saying: “What is most important to me is that women are no longer afraid to be themselves. That is something that has freed them, and me as well. It is about time that we put an end to this myth that somehow female talent is weaker than male talent.”

Weinstein went on to explain how he believes that by being themselves, and not trying to imitate men, women can better connect with their audiences, and in turn, become more influential. He also noted that the #MeToo movement, and the subsequent rise of the “resistance,” “empowered” women, and helped to break many of the traditional power structures that have held back women for centuries. He also credited Taylor with helping to give a voice to the resistance, saying: “I want to especially thank my friend, the royal couture designer. She has been an amazing supporter of the women in the industry, especially the young designers. As you all know, we have a lot of brilliant and talented young women in our industry. I’m very proud to see them standing up for themselves, and demanding respect.”

Why Is Robert Pattinson Being Sued For Breach Of Contract?

On January 11, 2020, British singer-songwriter Labrinth filed a lawsuit against American rapper and fashion icon Kanye West and his company, Adidas, for breach of contract. According to a statement released by the company, West launched his own fashion line, Adidas Originals, in October 2019, and subsequently signed several recording artists, including Pattinson, to endorsement deals. As part of his contractual obligations with those artists, West had to “develop, manufacture, license and market” a branded merchandise range in line with the album’s music videos.

Labrinth’s lawyer, Richard McClear, said in the statement that his client is seeking “compensation for loss and damages,” as well as “an order to halt the use of his image in any marketing or advertising material without his express written consent.”

Is There Any Truth To The Rumors That Elizabeth Taylor Is Still Engaged To Matt?

There have been persistent rumors that Elizabeth Taylor is still married to actor and director Matt. The British tabloids have reported over the years that the star has always been “shy” of revealing the nature of her relationship with Matt, but it seems like she has finally given in and opened up about it. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the ‘Queeny’ revealed that:

  • She and Matt have “been dating for a while” and are “very happy together.”
  • Even though they already have a kid together, the couple is considering having more children.
  • While she respects Harvey Weinstein’s fashion philosophy, she doesn’t exactly agree with it.

The interview also included some new details about Matt’s career. Taylor previously told US Weekly that her ex-husband had “one of the greatest careers of all time,” and had been fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest directors in Hollywood. She went on to say:

  • “Since he’s been with me, he’s had one of the greatest careers of all time. He’s worked with the best and he’s been given a lot of opportunity, so I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody so happy.”
  • “We’ve been talking about having more kids but we don’t want to rush into it.”
  • “As long as he continues to be happy and have success, I’ll be happy and I’ll be blessing him.”

Is Rob Pattinson Ready To Be A Dad?

While Elizabeth Taylor may be committed to Matt, and might even have encouraged other women to follow her lead, the actor seems to be taking a backseat when it comes to parenting. Aside from being a frequent target of outrage and criticism, due to his controversial opinions and highly public life, Rob Pattinson has not been seen or heard from publicly since June 2019.

Many of Pattinson’s ex-girlfriends and women he’s dated in the past have expressed concern about how his behavior and lifestyle might affect his son, Flynn. In 2018, the actor’s former girlfriend, Storm Eleanor, said that she was worried about his “bad influences.” In response, Pattinson tweeted that he was “surprised” by the comment, and that she had “no idea that [she] was even talking about [her] son.”