Robert Pattinson currently has a lot on his plate. He started filming the latest installment of the Twilight movie franchise in June, so his schedule is already packed. But that hasn’t stopped him from talking about the role that social media played in his meteoric rise to fame, and the crazy lifestyle that comes with it.

The Pressure To Be Perfect

“I wouldn’t say it was pressure,” said the star, who turns 24 on July 5. “I think it was more of a drive to be perfect.”

The actor went on to explain that social media sites like Twitter and Instagram helped him to hone his craft and prove to the world that he is more than the “pretty boy” from Twilight. Through these platforms, he has established himself as an actor to watch, with several award-winning performances behind him.

Social Media’s Impact On The Film Industry

While Twitter and Instagram have changed the way we engage with our favourite celebrities, the film industry itself has changed as a result of social media. Actors like Pattinson and Leonardo DiCaprio have successfully transitioned from “web-based” to “traditional” acting, which means they are now recognized for their on-screen work as much as their on-line presence.

The film director David O. Russell said that during the making of his new movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, it wasn’t until he started getting online reviews that he realized how much the platform had changed. He recalled, “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. People are actually talking about my movie.’ I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a big deal.”

While traditional outlets like newspapers and magazines still report on the film industry, the shift towards original content, sponsored tweets, and social media stars has made it so that traditional reviews are now considered “traditional media.” In other words, they are old hat.

The Mainstream Influence Of Twilight, Batman, And Pokémon

Twilight, Batman, and Pokémon are three of the most popular franchises among American adults. The combined audience of these films is over 250 million worldwide. That’s more than the size of the entire planet!

While these movies are considered “popcorn flicks,” they are actually among the most popular films in the world. And the reason behind this success is simple. They have tapped into a nostalgic vein in the audience, appealing to the “hip” among us who want to relive some of the magic of when these franchises first came out.

“I think people just want to feel like they are part of a community,” said Pattinson. “It’s like when people watch old episodes of The Twilight Zone. They can be part of that world again.”

Pattinson On The Up-and-Up

Pattinson has continued to surprise many with his diverse range of roles. Besides his work in the Batman and Twilight franchises, he has also portrayed a drug dealer in Training Day and a transgender woman in The Lobster. Both of these characters were challenging to embody, but he took the time to study and get insight into their worlds – and the insight turned out to be invaluable. He has also made guest appearances in several television shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale, Community, and Portlandia.

Pattinson has also become an advocate for mental health, openly discussing his anxiety and depression on Twitter.

As he continues to grow as an actor and mature into the role of an adult, his presence online will only increase in importance, as he continues to be one of the most followed and most-liked people on social media.