Shia LaBeouf might be the most celebrated, most decorated young man in America right now.

The 23-year-old actor rose to fame after starring in the films Taxi Driver and Nightmare on Elm Street and gained an appreciation for the performing arts from his parents, actors Tony and Alicia, who both worked in the industry. LaBeouf then went on to star in the Coen brothers’ film Chasing Amy, which he also wrote and co-directed.

When it came time to choose a college, LaBeouf decided on NYU, where he could study filmmaking and play in the school’s theatre company, which led to his being placed on the Dean’s List for four semesters. Last year, at the age of 22, he became the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Tony Award, for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.

But while LaBeouf’s star may be on the rise, it is unclear whether his head is still in the right place. In interviews, LaBeouf has said some bizarre things about his own acting talent, as well as the acting profession in general. Most recently, he has spoken about his distaste for the work of actor Robert Pattinson, with whom he shares an acting teacher. Let’s take a closer look.

LaBeouf On Acting: ‘I’ve Never Seen Anyone Like Meryl Streep’

LaBeouf’s acting teacher, Lloyd Richards, said that the young man has an “old soul” and is extremely mature for his age, which has given him the unique ability to relate to his students on an actor’s level. As a theatre major, Richards’ goal is for his students to become “well-rounded human beings” who can tackle any role and achieve any emotion, no matter how challenging.

LaBeouf is unfazed by the extraordinary praise he receives for his acting and seems uninterested in impressing students with his many academic achievements. Instead, he focuses on using his educational background to help him become the best possible actor he can be.

On Meryl Streep: ‘It’s Not an Accident She’s One of the Most Influential Actresses Ever’

Asked about his favourite female movie star, LaBeouf praised Streep’s brilliance and compared her acting ability to that of a deity. “I’ve never seen anyone like Meryl Streep,” he said. “It is not an accident that she is one of the most influential actresses ever. She is a goddess.”

Streep has been nominated for 21 Academy Awards, winning eight of them. Her other nominations include a record four Golden Globes. As well as being an exceptional actress, Streep is also a renowned director and producer. She is arguably the greatest living actress – a status she has held for over 70 years.

On Robert Pattinson: ‘I’m Not a Fan. He’s Much Too Popular Right Now’

In a recent interview, LaBeouf criticized actor Robert Pattinson for being too popular and successful at the moment. “I’m not a fan,” he said. “I think he’s much too popular right now. He’s much too popular with the ladies. It’s not my kind of crowd. I like my crowd a little bit more rough. I like my crowd a little dangerous.”

Pattinson rose to fame playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series. Since then, he has starred in a number of films, including Divergent, where he played the lead role of Caleb Daenarys. A number of these films have received critical acclaim and have broken box office records – especially Divergent, which earned over $400 million worldwide.

Pattinson, who has been described as “arrogant” and “self-centered”, might be the last person LaBeouf would want to see as his Hollywood rival. The actor is not a stranger to controversy, having been nominated for MTV’s Hip Hop Awards in 2011 for his portrayal of a gang member in 21 Jump Street. The same year, he was accused of rape by a photographer named Amber Heard (with whom he later wed). The two men settled their legal dispute out of court for an undisclosed sum, and the marriage between Heard and Pattinson later ended in divorce. This too has not been without controversy, with details emerging in the media that the split was caused by infidelities on both sides. For more on this story, see:

A Look At The Split Between Robert Pattinson And Amber Heard

But that is not all there is to know about the embattled actor. Aside from his marital issues, he has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the years, he has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, dating countless beautiful women. He was previously engaged to Japanese designer Miu Miu and Latin American businesswoman Alejandra Silva. He has also been linked to a variety of A-list actresses, including Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet.

The problem is, even when Pattinson does choose to date, he doesn’t seem to want to commit. In a 2014 interview with Esquire, he admitted, “I’m not built for long-term relationships. I’ve just been through so much in my life that I haven’t found someone who deserves to be with me for the long haul.”

If you ask us, Pattinson’s truer words could not be said about anyone else in Hollywood right now. In 2017 alone, he has made headlines for a string of break-ups and rekindled his romance with long-time girlfriend Emily Blunt. They were married in 2019. Their union produced a daughter, Violet, in April of this year.

Blunt and Pattinson’s break-up in April was covered by every major news publication in the world. It came as a surprise to many, given that the couple had been together for almost a decade and had recently said that they planned to make their relationship permanent. They were even talking about buying a house together in the Hollywood Hills. The story behind the story? According to a source who spoke to The New York Times, the split was caused by Pattinson’s “cheerleader” attitude and constant busyness. “He’s just not a fan of commitment,” the source said. “He’s always liked to party, have fun and be in the moment. That’s just not her [Blunt’s] style.”

The problem is, Pattinson’s personality doesn’t seem to match up with his talent. Despite his many accolades, his movies don’t exactly speak for themselves. They rarely, if ever, make coherent narrative sense and are generally quite boring. Even his early work, which was praised for its experimental approach, is no longer considered cutting-edge. Movies like The Great Gatsby and Finding Nemo were hailed for their innovation when they were first released, but in later years, they have become regarded as standard-bearers for a sub-genre known as “literary realism”.

In 2017, Pattinson made headlines for appearing in a short film by acclaimed Japanese director Yoichi Matsunaga — a work of animated satire that mocks Japanese culture and values. Entitled An Actor Prepares, the short examines the strange habits of a celebrity actor, as he prepares for a dramatic role. Several news organizations, including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Variety, covered the story, which was seen as a major transgressive act in Japan.

On The Performing Arts: ‘I Would Feel Awkward If I Didn’t Know Anything About Acting’

One of the questions that comes up time and time again when talking to actors is how they feel about their craft. After all, a successful career in the performing arts often leads to big-name roles that can propel an actor’s career forward. But for those interested in pursuing a career in acting, it’s not always an easy answer to decide whether or not they should continue on in the field. For those who love what they do, it’s an exciting career that can lead to some amazing opportunities. But for those who feel that they are not cut out for acting, they might be better off in another field.