After seven years of marriage to actress Kate Winslet, actor/director/writer/producer/marketing gurus Robert Pattinson has decided to walk down the aisle with his lover, singer/songwriter/florist Alice Springs. The wedding will be a private affair and will be followed by a celebration at a later date with family and friends.

The couple has kept quiet about their relationship and the rumors surrounding their set have been abundant. However, the media has recently gotten hold of a photo album of the two and it appears that their romance has not been kept a secret. What is more, we can reveal the full details of their set romances and even what items they had to leave behind. So, let’s take a look…

A Private Ceremony

Although the media has had a field day with the couple’s romance, including splashy magazine covers and celebrity gossip columns, Robert and Alice’s actual wedding day will be a low-profile affair. According to our sources, the couple are planning a private ceremony in London before heading to the Far East for their honeymoon. They are expected to marry in the next couple of months.

Romantic Proposal

In the summer of 2008, as Alice’s career was taking off, Robert popped the question. The couple had been dating for a while and had kept quiet about their relationship, but at some point during that summer, Robert decided to take the plunge and declare his love. However, his Hollywood connections helped him concoct a romantic plan that involved some secrecy. The proposal came after a night out at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, where Robert met Alice’s three sisters, Sadie, Amelia, and Jemima. He asked their permission to marry her and they said yes, albeit with some hesitation.

Wedding Rings

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Dress Up

For those of you who have a good eye for fashion then you can go the extra mile and dress up your wedding day. After all, it’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to dress as you please. If you have a long wedding ceremony then it’s best to choose a gown that is a bit more revealing than just a nice plain dress. For the reception, men should choose a suit and a tie and women can opt for a long dress or a wedding cake. Of course, you don’t have to follow this rule and you can dress however you want for your big day.


[Title]: Want to Visit Portugal? Here’s How to Make Your Trip Unforgettable
[Blog article]:

Want to Visit Portugal? Here’s How to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The country is best known for its castles, cobbled streets, and warm welcoming people. If you’re visiting Portugal, then there’s a good chance you already know what to expect. It’s beautiful weather most of the year, and the country is absolutely stunning. If you’ve never been there, though, then here’s a complete guide on how to make the most of your travel to Portugal and make it unforgettable.

Arrive In The Country On A Wednesday Or Thursday

It’s best to arrive in Portugal on a Wednesday or Thursday. This is because Thursdays are market days, and the country really comes to life on a Thursday. There will be lots of people walking around, and you’ll get the chance to experience the local Portuguese culture. If you arrive in Portugal on a Wednesday, then you’ll have the whole weekend to explore the country. The downside is that there aren’t many international flights on Wednesdays, which makes traveling from overseas more expensive. The good news is that there are more flights on Thursdays, which makes the cost of traveling to Portugal less.

Visit Sintra

Sintra is a town located in the suburbs of Lisbon. The town was built in the late 1700s and is best known for its cobbled streets, palaces, and castles. There’s also a museum and a botanical garden. If you visit Portugal in the spring or summer, then you can expect lots of flowers. This makes it easy to find your way around the town. The downside is that, during these months, the town is absolutely packed with people, which can make it difficult to have a good walk. If you want to have a good time, then Sintra isn’t the best option. There’s also parking issues in the town, which is another downside. You’ll need to find a parking spot by the roadside or on a surface street, and you’ll have to pay for this parking. This can add up quickly, especially if you’re visiting Sintra on a weekend.

Stay In A Country Estate

If you visit Portugal and stay in a traditional country estate, then you’ll be treated to a whole other world. The buildings, the people, and the lifestyle all make for an unforgettable travel experience. If you stay in a countryside mansion or villa, then you’ll have acres of gardens, outdoor pools, and friendly locals who will look after you. These types of places often have large dining rooms, libraries, and guesthouses, which you can use to your advantage. Sometimes you can even meet the owner of the estate. This can make for an interesting conversation, and it can give you an idea of what kind of person you’re dealing with. Country estates are the best option for those who want to get away from the bustle of the modern world for a while. If you choose this option, then book your stay well in advance, as the demand for these types of places often exceeds their supply.

Eat Blue Food

Portugal is well known for its blue food, particularly its cheese. If you visit Portugal and eat this food, then you’ll have a good chance of becoming seriously ill. Most notable blue foods are:

  • Bacalhau, a salted cod fish dish
  • Black olives
  • Boiled eggs
  • Pastries
  • Swordfish
  • Octopus
  • Red peppers
  • Sausages

The above is a short guide to making your trip to Portugal unforgettable. Make sure to visit the country during one of the most popular times of the year, which is spring or summer. You can expect beautiful weather, castles, and cobbled streets. There’s also lots of shopping and eating opportunities. If you stay in a traditional country hotel then you can take part in all sorts of activities, such as fishing, hiking, and riding. If you want to make your trip worthwhile then consider visiting Portugal in the summer, as the weather is amazing and the country comes to life with lots of tourists. Stay in a traditional country hotel and eat blue food, and you’ll have an incredible trip.