The Most Fashion-forward Celebs Are Living Their Best Lives

With the 2020 New Year just around the corner, many of us are thinking about ways to improve our lives. For celebrities, this often means exploring their favorite ways to look their best.

Robert Pattinson is one of the most stylish celebs around today, and he seems to always have the best of everything. The former Vampire Diaries actor recently confessed to W that he feels most like himself when he wears Gucci.*

“I feel like I’m at my happiest when I wear Gucci,” he said. “I think it’s because it makes me feel like I’m a character in a movie. It’s an amazing feeling to feel like that when you’re a father and a husband. You feel so proud of what you are and the person you love most in the world. It makes you feel like a real actor.”

In today’s world, it seems that fashion-forward celebs are leading the way in expressing themselves. As a result, many people are taking note and acting on this trend to change their lives for the better.

The Role of Fashion In Robert’s Life

The English actor was born in London in 1975 and grew up in a trendy part of the city. In an interview with British Vogue in 2015, he discussed the fashion choices that helped shape his career.

“Being a man means dressing well,” he said. “I don’t think there is a limit to how you can look good. You can be as unique as you want, as long as you look good, you will feel good. This is a general rule. You feel better when you look better.”

His first big break came in 2003 when he was cast as Eric West in David Lynch’s TV movie Dune. It was during the filming of this movie that he began to gain recognition for his beauty. Since then, he has starred in hit movies like The Twilight Saga, The Great Gatsby, and Snow White and the Huntsman. He has also become known for his fashion choices, most notably, his love for Gucci.

In 2020, Pattinson dressed Gucci’s designer, Anna Paquin on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and at Vanity Fair’s New York fashion week. Other big name brands that he has been spotted wearing include Burberry, Dior, and Fendi.

The Best Accessories For Your Body Type

The way you wear your accessories can impact how you look. Not everyone will fully understand the message you are trying to send with your clothes, but your accessories can help, especially when used in conjunction with one another. Accessorizing is about more than just clothes; it’s about enhancing your look and drawing attention to yourself.

For example, if you have larger-than-life green eyes, you can play against this by wearing smaller items on your eyes, like green-tinted glasses or an organic cucumber peeled to perfection. Likewise, if you have a small mouth, you can draw more attention to it by playing up the contrast in volume with the help of some statement earrings. You get the idea.

When styling your look, it’s important to remember what body type you have. There are certain outfits and accessories that will compliment your figure, and there are others that will work harder to shape you.

The Power Of Red

Red is a powerful color in terms of both fashion and beauty. It can be a great choice for men and women alike, but it’s often seen as a feminine color. This is mostly because red is associated with feminine qualities like love and beauty.

However, you can wear red in a subtle manner that allows it to showcase your masculinity. You can play up this power by wearing bolder and brighter shades of red. Fortunately, red also has a way of drawing attention to itself, so you don’t have to choose between looking cool and looking confident.

Fashion-forward celebs like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have both worn bold red dresses that highlight their femininity. There are also numerous red carpet moments that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has celebrated. If you feel like you lack the feminine qualities that red represents, other colors like yellow, green, and blue can be a good choice. They aren’t as associated with femininity as red, but they can be seen as refreshingly fresh and new.

To look your best, whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or an informal gathering at home, there is an outfit option for you.