After the Brexit referendum result was announced, many celebrities and public figures expressed shock and dismay. Many were concerned that their life as they knew it would change drastically; whether it be the country they live in, their chosen career path or how much they’ll enjoy traveling internationally. So what will happen to Robert Pattinson’s (RPattz) lifestyle after Brexit? Is he heading for a dramatic change or will he settle back into his comfortable routine? Let’s examine the possibility and the likelihood of each scenario.

Scenario 1: Dramatic Change

If you follow popular culture closely, you’ll know that Robert Pattinson, born on New Year’s Eve in 1978, is a married man with three children. He has been dating Katy Perry since 2010 and they were first spotted on their wedding day; however, they have since called off their wedding plans. They have two daughters together and a son from a previous relationship. He is also a brand ambassador for various companies, primarily skincare products. He has been open about his love of wine and is often seen enjoying a drink in a trendy bar or restaurant. If you guessed that his lifestyle will undergo a dramatic change after the referendum, then congratulations! You’re right.

After the Brexit vote, Robert Pattinson canceled press appearances and promotional events for his new film, saying that he doesn’t want to represent the country he is living in. As a result, he has shifted his focus to supporting Brexit and opposing the EU. He has spoken out against refugees and immigrants, saying that he doesn’t want people to come to England and live off the state. He donated money to ensure that Brexit is successful and encouraged his fans to get involved in politics so that Britain can regain its independence. Many people are still in shock that he is even considering ways to help the country he loves so much, but maybe this is the result of growing up in a world where Brexit seems almost unavoidable. The referendum was held on June 23, 2016, and the general election was held on November 8, 2016.

Scenario 2: No Dramatic Change

If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson and you’ve been following his career for a long time, you’ll know that he has never really changed that much. He has attended a handful of red-carpet events since the referendum and has slowly started to promote his new film, the expensive-looking drama, The King. It is the first film that he has written, directed and starred in and its premiere was held in the U.K. on April 25, 2017. So, while much of the country is still in shock over Brexit, perhaps Robert Pattinson will continue to lead a comfortable and uneventful life.

In terms of his private life, the only real difference after the referendum was that he decided to walk his dogs more often instead of taking them to the vet’s once a month. This was mainly due to time constraints; when you have children, work and parenting duties, it’s easy to see why taking your dog for a walk every few weeks becomes a chore. However, even now that he is more hands-on at home, Robert Pattinson spends his free time with his family. They enjoy eating out, going on walks and spending time at home. As a result of his hectic filming schedule, dating back to before he even met Katy Perry, he rarely spends any time away from his family. While he will undoubtedly continue to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, at least for the time being, it is fair to say that his private life will change very little after the Brexit referendum. The only real difference is that now, rather than once a month, he will take his dog for a walk every two weeks.

Scenario 3: Traveling The World On Holiday

If you guessed that Robert Pattinson is going to travel the world on holiday after Brexit, then congratulations! You’re right. It seems that the moment the Brexit vote was announced, he packed his bags and hit the road. From the U.K., he traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, and from there to Spain. Then, from Madrid, he flew to Ibiza to celebrate his 30th birthday. From Spain, he continued on to Italy and France before finally landing in the Greek islands. He took some time off work to travel, but, since returning, he has resumed his promotional activity. He will undoubtedly continue to travel abroad, both for work and for pleasure, and his newfound freedom will allow him to do so.

Scenario 4: Mature Financially

If you guessed that Robert Pattinson’s financial maturity will result in him leading a quieter and more frugal lifestyle, then congratulations! You’re right. After the Brexit vote, he became more aware of his finances and learned a lot about saving. He has always been open about his love of luxury goods and designer brands, but now that he has more money, he will be able to indulge his passions. However, he would not have spent that money if he did not have enough to live on, so it is fair to say that his frugal ways will only last as long as his finances allow. Mature financially, he will be able to indulge his passions but, at least for the time being, will have to be more careful with his money. He will continue to enjoy his luxurious lifestyle but will have to be more mindful about his spending. This could result in him changing how he interacts with his children, especially now that he has teenagers. He might also decide to step away from the limelight and focus on raising his family and being a good father.

So, what will happen to Robert Pattinson’s lifestyle after Brexit? Will he undergo a dramatic change and embrace a more minimalist way of life? Or will he lead a comfortable existence and continue traveling the world on holiday? It’s hard to say, but we do know for sure that he will enjoy the freedom that Brexit has given him.