Robert Pattinson is in the middle of another romantic romp. The 26-year-old British actor has been seen spending time with his plus-size Valentine’s Day gift – a group of saucy models. While some may see this as a frivolous choice given his relationship status, Pattinson has made a career out of playing the role of a sensitive artist – someone who cares about their looks and doesn’t like to show off their body. Perhaps that is why he decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in such a private way.

Is This Just A Valentine’s Day Present?

Pattinson posted several pictures of himself in bed with his present on his Instagram account. The caption read: “Happy Valentine’s Day! These girls are amazing. I love you.” One of the images showed him spooning a woman with his bare back to the camera, with the hashtag #spoonvalentine written next to it. Another photo showed a topless Pattinson smearing moisturizer on his skin, with the hashtags #facecream and #smoothiegasm written next to it.

Some fans have speculated that Pattinson’s choice of present is a reference to one of his most famous roles as a conflicted artist in the Twilight films. In the films, Pattinson’s character, Edward, is a conflicted vampire who struggles with his predatory instincts and human sympathies. He becomes attached to a group of young women while on the run from his vampire brethren, and spends much of the series in a “raging” Valentine’s Day spree.

Whether or not this is the case, one thing is for sure: these photos are bound to generate some interest. Pattinson has yet to comment on the photos (or the gift for that matter), but chances are he won’t be doing so anytime soon.

Why Is This Status Update Private?

While the photos may be a sexy pose for the Instagram model, the fact that they are private is bound to raise some eyebrows. Many stars use the platform to share their most private moments with their fans (and then some), but it is still somewhat uncommon to see a celebrity keep their Instagram posts private. Especially since anyone with the link can view them (if they are not set to private).

Instagram users have posted some speculation about why the photos are private. One Instagram user wrote, “Good question. Maybe he doesn’t want everyone to know about his new collection of lingerie.” Another added, “He probably doesn’t want people to know about his new girlfriends, but he wants them to see the photos. He’s playing a romantic scene, but it’s still somewhat ambiguous.”

Pattinson has yet to respond to the allegations, but they aren’t the first time someone has suggested he is playing some kind of game. Back in 2013, Pattinson’s then-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, publicly accused the actor of being “tame” and of playing “love games” to get fans to like him. In an interview with Glamour, Twigs said, “I don’t think he’s changed at all. If anything, he might be getting more comfortable in his own skin. He likes to play games with the media. I think he gets off on the attention.”

However, Twigs also went on to say that she did not believe that the games were meant to be taken seriously. “I think it’s funny when he does this stuff,” she said. “Like when he posed with the models for Vanity Fair… It’s like, what are you doing? If you’re going to do that, it might as well be with a family member or a girlfriend.”

Twigs might not have been the only person to suggest that Pattinson was trying to play some romantic game. In a 2009 interview with Vanity Fair, Pattinson admitted that he often finds himself in compromising situations while on the set of his films. “I feel like I can be really funny and likeable, and then somebody will say something really creepy or funny, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, God,’ ” he said. “It’s not like I’m playing a big romantic role, but I get that a lot.”

There is also the fact that this is not a typical Pattinson selfie. The actor usually posts glam selfies with his models, but these are just a few of his friends hanging out with him in bed. Who knows, maybe the photoshoot is just a silly celebration of Valentine’s Day, and Pattinson plans to post a completely different picture on his profile soon. Who knows? Maybe this is just a phase he is going through, and he will end up in a serious relationship with one of these women. We will have to wait and see.