Who is the best actor to play the role of Batman in the next installment of the Batman series?

This is no ordinary question, especially now that we have learned that the next Batman will be Christian Bale. Many fans initially hoped that Robert Pattinson would land this role, mainly because he is a talented young actor who resembles the Dark Knight.

But, after careful consideration, we have decided that the best choice would be the one that you, the reader, will undoubtedly choose: the Rooster. For the purposes of this article, we will explain why.

The Rooster Is More Attractive

Firstly, let’s start with appearance. Most people believe that Heath Ledger’s Joker is the most attractive incarnation of the character. This is mainly because he was a master of makeup and used the opportunity to showcase his skills.

However, if we were to judge appearances alone, the Rooster would win hands down. Yes, this may be a completely subjective matter, but cackle-o-clock will still be the best looking of the three. With his tall, angular physique and intense green eyes, the Rooster has everything that one could want in a leading man.

Now let’s compare this to the other candidates. The Penguin is a chunky, ugly character, and there is definitely a resemblance between him and the Batman. However, the similarity stops there. The Joker is simply a sicko while the Penguin is an actual animal who enjoys causing trouble. He would make an ugly companion to Batman if they were to meet in real life, but their rivalry provides more entertainment for viewers.

The Rooster Is More Intense

Secondly, let’s examine the intensity of the performances. While on the surface they appear to be very similar, the Joker is more over-the-top and entertaining. He lives for his performance and won’t stop until all of his victims are laughing at him. This is one part where he definitely wins.

However, we are dealing with two actors here. One of them is Christian Bale. We all know how intense and committed he is while acting, and he is also the main protagonist of this story. This brings us to our next point.

The Rooster Is More Entertaining

Thirdly, let’s discuss the entertainment factor. It is common knowledge that Christian Bale’s Batman is more realistic and gritty compared to the other two. This is mainly because he is based on true events and not an imaginary character. If you have seen the trailer, you know what we are talking about.

Even more impressively, Christian Bale’s Batman broke box office records and is considered one of the greatest action-comedies of all time. This is mainly because of his portrayal of The Dark Knight, which is extremely likeable and determined.

While the other two are entertaining in their own right, it’s safe to say that Christian Bale will be the one who keeps you watching. As for the other two, it is hard to put into words how much more enjoyable they are compared to the Rooster. While Heath Ledger’s Joker was an impressive actor, it’s doubtful that anyone will want to invest their time in his stories after seeing Christian Bale’s portrayal of the character.

There Is More Chemistry Between The Two Actors

Lastly and most importantly, let’s discuss the chemistry between the two actors. While we are a long way from knowing for sure, it is commonly accepted that Christian Bale will be playing Batman again. Therefore, let’s examine how well the other two characters interacted with him on camera. Once again, we are comparing apples to apples here. The only differences are that Christian Bale’s Batman was a supporting character in The Dark Knight while the other two lead roles were both played by the same person. This is a significant factor considering that they had to work together closely on set.

Both Robert Pattinson and the Rooster clearly have great chemistry with Christian Bale. This can be seen in their brief interactions during filming. In addition, Christian Bale said of his experience with these two:

“They are wonderful, natural actors and just made my job so much easier.”

Therefore, it is fair to say that given the right material, these two will work well together. While they may not end up playing BFFs (which one assumes is what Christian Bale meant when he said they were “wonderful”), they seem to have enough in common to complete the perfect on-screen romantic comedy relationship.

So there you have it. Despite the fact that Christian Bale is now set to play the role of Batman, the Rooster still has some significant advantages. Whether you adore or detest Christian Bale, it is undeniable that he is one of the industry’s most prominent and recognizable actors.

More importantly, he is currently the only viable option to play the role of the Dark Knight. In light of this, it would be a great idea to pursue this option and see how far it can take you. Who knows? You may end up becoming an instant celebrity with this role. Who knows? You may even see the light at the end of the tunnel and be gratefully acknowledged for bringing happiness to millions of fans around the world. And what would that matter considering you brought joy and laughter to millions? Not to mention that the role of the Rooster is slightly less taxing than that of Batman.