There’s no question that when it comes to celebrities, fashion and style are almost always present. When we think about the most famous faces in entertainment, many of them come to mind first and foremost when it comes to style; especially when it comes to men. We think about the fashion styles of Hollywood legends like Marlon Brando, James Dean, and more recently, Mick Jagger. These are men who represented a certain style that influenced many people, not just in the entertainment world but in real life as well. These are the men whose influence we look to today when we think about fashion and style.

The Evolution Of A Stylish Actor

While these men were influential, their looks and styles did not adhere to one simple mold. Even if we focus on Marlon Brando, we can see that his fashion style shifted over the years. As he grew older, he preferred lighter clothing and laid off the heavy jackets and ties. We can see from this that fashion does not follow a set path; it evolves, thanks in part to the people who wear it. It’s also important to remember that these men were not just famous for their clothes but also for their acting skills. We can see that even today, their influence extends beyond fashion and into acting. The evolution of a stylish actor.

Robert Pattinson’s Stylish Past

Now let’s take a look at Robert Pattinson, the English actor best known for playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. We looked at his style as he began his career and then compared it to his current style. What do we learn from this comparison? First off, his style has not changed that much. He has remained fashionable throughout his career, always opting for classic, simple but stylish attire. While we can see that he has taken some style cues from the films he starred in, the majority of his style has been rooted in reality. Even more impressive is that he has done this while remaining one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. We’ll now walk you through each and every one of his major style evolution.

Early Career

When Robert Pattinson first came to prominence, he did so in a rather unexpected way. He played Lewis in the psychological thriller Water, a role that required him to be partially submerged in a river. While shooting this highly claustrophobic and visually arresting film, he showed up to the set each morning wearing a gorgeous orange and purple raincoat. For this reason, he was dubbed “the prince of darkness.” While this was certainly a memorable look for the actor, it wasn’t exactly conventional fashion. Looking back, this style choice makes so much sense because it was a bold and brave choice to sport this type of attire while shooting a film in close quarters. This is also the type of bold style that makes us look back at Robert Pattinson fondly, as we feel that it was a unique look that spoke to the actor’s eccentric charm. It is interesting to note that while shooting Water, he also wore a corset, which helped to shape his silhouette when he emerged from the river. This is another key moment in the actor’s stylistic evolution, as we see him departing from the norm and opting for a more figure-hugging fit. While this might appear to be a risky style choice, we can see that he was simply following his artistic instincts, as he was drawn to the unconventional and the daring.

From Water To Stardom

Since then, the actor has mostly stuck with this unique fashion approach. He continues to this day to show up to the set each morning wearing a stunning, bright colored coat. While we might think that this is purely a financial decision, we can see that for him, this is actually a stylistic choice. He has said that he does not own many stylish outfits because he finds that dressing in the same way makes him feel more comfortable on set. Similarly, when he is on the red carpet, he almost always opts for a color combination, such as black and white or red and white, that is rather unique to his appearance. When promoting the Twilight films, he often wore a burgundy sweater with white stitching, which made him look like a walking advertisement for autumnal fashion.

Back To Reality

As we mentioned earlier, Robert Pattinson has maintained a fairly consistent style, which is no mean feat considering that he has risen to such iconic status. This is because he has managed to achieve that rare feat of becoming famous for his clothing as well as for his acting. He began garnering attention for his fashion choices in 2011, when he was spotted at a Harry Potter premiere, wearing a gorgeous floral print dress. Since then, he has been the face of some major brand name fashion campaigns, as well as starred in several major movies. In fact, he is currently one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. His style has not changed much since he first came to prominence in the Harry Potter films. He still chooses simple, classic looks and makes a point of wearing outfits in bold, unexpected colors. The proof is in the packed Instagram account.

Style Evolution

Let’s now take a look at Robert Pattinson’s style evolution, which started long before he assumed the role of Edward Cullen. We’ll begin with a basic timeline, which you can also find below. As you’ll see, he has worn many stylish outfits throughout his career. While it’s true that he has always been stylish, it’s only in the past few years that he has started to opt for bold and unexpected style choices, which is emblematic of his new found status. Here’s a closer look at his style evolution.

Early Twenties

It was at the start of the 2010s that we started to see a noticeable shift in Robert Pattinson’s style. He took a more youthful approach and began to sport a variety of trendy fashion choices, which you can read about in more detail below. Even more remarkably, he was one of the first celebrities to experiment with shapewear, which you can see him wear in the film Carnage as well (though it was not until the following year that this style would become somewhat commonplace in Hollywood). Here are some of his early style choices from the 2010s.

Flower Power

In 2011, as we mentioned, Robert Pattinson was spotted wearing a gorgeous floral print dress at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Since then, he has been a style inspiration, often seen sporting stylish floral prints and brightly colored outfits. This is largely due to his collaboration with the fashion house McQueen, where he has modeled for several of the house’s major collections. In fact, since 2016, he has been the face of the fashion house’s diffusion line, which is available for purchase online. Here are some of his most stylish looks from the early to mid-2010s.

Casual Office

While we were used to seeing him in stylish outfits, it was rather uncommon to see him in plain, comfortable clothes. It all began in 2016, when he was photographed leaving a casual office meeting in a gray hoodie. Soon after, he made a similar appearance, only this time in a black hoodie. He has since then continued to opt for casual, everyday looks. Here are some of his more memorable styles from the mid-2010s.

Back To The Future

It’s ironic that the year 2017 would mark a turning point for Robert Pattinson. Not only did it see the actor playing a time-traveling cowboy in the blockbuster remake of The Lego Movie, but it was also the year that he started to favor baggy clothes. We can see this development, which mirrors his changing appearance, in the way he has transformed into his on-screen persona, Edward Cullen. Whereas in the past, he would sport tight clothing, now he is opting for oversized items, both in and out of character. This change is part of the reason why fans have started to call out the actor, asking him when he will be revealing his new, “twilight” look. While it is true that he has always been able to pull off different looks, this has rarely been the case in the last few years; especially when we consider that he has been inundated with film offers and has had to turn down a number of them, simply due to lack of time to prepare.