You’d think with all the parties, celebrations and festivities happening this month that Robert Pattinson would finally be able to catch a break. But no, Hollywood’s most famous out-of-work actor is now in his 30th year, and it seems like he’s having more fun than ever!

The past year has been a struggle for the Hollywood actor responsible for some of the most iconic movie roles of all time. After selling more than 30 million albums worldwide, Justin Bieber decided to gracefully exit the music scene, leaving the industry in tatters. It was a similar story for Lil Nas X, whose controversial single “Old Town Road” propelled him to superstardom before he was dropped by his label shortly thereafter.

But the struggles of these two youthful stars pales in comparison to that of Pattinson, whose biggest year on the horizon is 2020. After more than a decade in the acting trenches, the 32-year-old has accumulated a massive following, with his fans known as “Beliebers.” If 2019 was a bad year for movies, 2020 will be even worse. Although the pandemic gave birth to a mini-boom in B movies, it won’t last long, as Hollywood struggles to find new content to keep audiences interested. In other words, it’s time for Robert Pattinson to shine, and he’s more than willing to oblige. So, what is Robert Pattinson doing these days that’s so special?

New Album Is On The Way

While we wait patiently for the final installment of the Twilight Saga, Pattinson has something new to show us. Along with his wife, Kate Winslet, the actor has spent the past year working on a new album, aiming for a June 2020 release. The pair have already released one single, “Rough Night,” and it’s available to download for free. Fans of the Twilight films will recognize the track, which accompanies the iconic Twilight scene when Bella Swan (Winslet) goes on a bloodlust-fueled killing spree after being turned into a vampire. In the film, Winslet’s character repeatedly hits Pattinson’s (Edward Cullen) head with a nearby rock, finally killing him while he’s down.

The former couple have kept busy in the meantime. In addition to their collaborative album, they’ve been seen performing romantic duets on stage, accompanied by an orchestra, and filming a music video for the track. They also launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new music video, garnering more than $50,000 in pledges from music lovers around the world. The money will go toward renting an amazing villa in Spain for a week, which the pair will use as a backdrop for their video. In essence, this project is a labor of love for the iconic star. Even before he was a household name, Robert Pattinson was a musical prodigy who started playing the piano at the age of five. He eventually went on to study music at Oxford Brookes University, and today, he credits his success in part to his early training. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pattinson said, “I was blessed from an early age with great talent, which I then devoted myself to learning how to properly use. Music has always been a passion of mine, and getting the opportunity to explore this side of my personality has been such a blessing.”

Gym And Pilates Classes

While we’re on the subject of blessings, let’s not forget about the paparazzi. Over the past year, the media circus surrounding the 33-year-old actor has reached new heights. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier for stargazers to capture the fleeting moments of the famous, making them famous for being famous. This has led to a rise in the number of paparazzi, with some saying there are now more photographers stalking stars than ever before. One place they all congregate is the set of Downton Abbey, where Robert Pattinson’s character, Lord Matthew, has found his way into the limelight. In the past year alone, the English hunchback has been photographed on more than one occasion, including a steamy clinch with his alleged girlfriend, Emily Shelstrom. The pair were photographed leaving Chelsea Hotel in London on New Year’s Eve, wearing matching outfits and smiling for the camera. It seems like romance is always just around the corner for these two. In an interview with Marie Claire, Shelstrom said, “It’s lovely when you see a couple that makes you think ‘That could be me. That could be us.’ You never know what’s going to happen in life, do you? We all live in the present, but you never know what the future has in store.”

More Books Than Films

Another major event which marked 2019 was the publication of Pattinson’s first novel, Two Sons. Written in the form of a dual narrative, the story follows two brothers who journey from Scotland to Barbados in search of adventure and romance. Like many of his other works, Two Sons is a semi-autobiographical story, detailing the rise to stardom of its eponymous hero. Two years after the book’s publication, a film adaptation is expected to begin shooting next year.

In addition to his own books, Pattinson is also a prolific, award-winning screenwriter, whose credits include The Theory of Love, the latest Twilight movie, and the upcoming Tomb Raider trilogy. The prolific writer was also behind one of the most critically acclaimed films of the 2010s, the romantic comedy, Sex Tape. Set for release in October 2020, the movie will premiere at the Venice Film Festival before going on to screen at various prestigious festivals, like the Toronto International Film Festival and the London Film Festival.

Special VidCon And Sundance

While many celebrities use their platforms to promote political agendas and activism, Hollywood A-listers like Pattinson often prefer to keep their opinions to themselves. When it comes to issues affecting his native England, however, the actor is unafraid to speak his mind. In 2018, he launched a petition to save his home county of Yorkshire from rising sea levels posed by climate change, which he subsequently handed in to the United Kingdom government. The petition was subsequently presented to Prime Minister Theresa May and is now a flagship initiative of the Yorkshire Petition. The star also founded his own cultural festival, Yorkshire International Film Festival, in 2019. The inaugural edition of the three-day event featured big-name guests like Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, and Richard Simmons. The annual festival will showcase the best of international cinema and is expected to become a major platform for the Yorkshire-born actor. He’s even doing his part to save the environment by flying less. On his Instagram account, he regularly posts photos of himself in a private jet plane with the caption, “Flying less.”

Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Another major event which marks the twilight of 2019 is the touring exhibition, ROBERT PATTINSON: LADY OF THE DAWN. Curated by Andrew Graham Dixon with the involvement of the actor himself, the exhibition will feature pieces of both the star’s life and art, spanning over 30 years and comprising of photos, illustrations, and film. The exhibition will open at the Leicester Square Gallery in London on January 14th and continues on to other European cities, before wrapping up in Madrid on February 11th. While most people are heading into hibernation mode, excited fans can expect to see a major exhibition in a major European city next month, which will give them the chance to feast their eyes on the genius of one of cinema’s most iconic actors.