Robert Pattinson is slowly, methodically, getting back into his groove as an actor after two years of being in Chris’ pocket. Now that he has a bit of freedom, the London-born Brit is looking for ways to make it a memorable comeback.

One way of doing that is by returning to the silver screen in a major way. The former Twilight star has already signed on to star in the forthcoming Disney Plus series High School Musical, and is in negotiations to co-star in the next Hunger Games movie. This week marks the two-year anniversary of Pattinson’s last major role in the 2014 movie About Time.

The latest project to emerge from London is Good Omens, a film adaptation of the Terry Prachett and Jimmy Prichard novel of the same name. The film stars Michael Sheen as the devil and Eddie Redmayne as the angel. According to Vanity Fair, Warner Bros. has set a December 2022 premiere for the film in the U.S. and Canada.

Along with good luck charms like the three golden rings, Pattinson is also said to have a bottle of good whiskey tucked away for when the movie turns out well. Let’s hope his obsession with fans pays off and this is just another notch on his belt.