The Hotel

The most prominent feature of an engagement that involves a member of the royal family is the venue for the celebration. For those who are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to wed within the UK, the choice of location is already limited, as most of the big cities have already been taken by then Crown Prince or Crown Princess. For those who get married abroad, the decision can be a little more difficult. In this case, the special wedding location would be either a super-luxe hotel or a luxury residence. There are so many luxurious places to hold an event in the city. However, given the choice, most likely the happy couple would pick the latter, as there is something extremely romantic about getting hitched in a residence that was once owned by the founding father of the country you are getting married in.

The Food

The weddings of the rich and famous are usually big events, so the caterer and the wedding planner are bound to go over the top in their quest for attention. What most couples want is a wedding cake that is representative of their personalities, as well as a signature cocktail and a few other items to bring the flavor of the special day. The food should be simple and convenient for the guests to have an easy time ordering and should match the wedding theme and colors. For instance, salmon and mustard would be perfect for a British wedding, while stuffed chicken would be the go-to choice for a catholic affair. Most importantly, the food should taste superb and complement the event perfectly.

Wedding Dress

As we have established, weddings are big events, and the dress is likely to be the most prominent feature of the bride’s look. It is customary for the groom to wear a different suit for the wedding ceremony than what he wore for the bachelor party. However, for the classy couple, it is not always necessary to go for a complete change of attire. They can rent a tuxedo for the occasion and give a classy twist to the wedding dress with a matching tie and pocket square. Velvettie is the perfect place to get a high-quality, designer wedding gown that will look as good as new. They also have a ready-to-wear section, where a bride can choose from a range of beautiful dresses that will take her breath away.

Wedding Rings

Of course, the most important item to consider when planning a wedding is the ring. For the classy couple, a bespoke ring is something to look forward to, as design and quality are guaranteed to be exceptional. For those who prefer something more universal, it would be wise to choose a diamond that is representative of the couple’s personalities, rather than going for a traditional choice that will be worn for the rest of their lives. Another important factor to take into consideration is the carat of the diamond. The larger the carat, the more brilliant it is and the more it will sparkle. There is also the color of the diamond to consider. The yellower the diamond, the more it will cost. The better the quality, the better the price will be.

Wedding Party

As we have established, weddings are big events, which means that they usually involve a lot of guests. For the classy couple, it is desirable to have a small wedding party, as big nuptials are usually accompanied by a lot of fuss and a massive guest list. Having a smaller guest list makes the event more intimate and ensures that everyone will have a good time and leave with a smile on their faces. Big weddings can be wonderful, but you have to be prepared for the extra work that comes with them. Keep that in mind if you plan to have a big bash in the near future.


Another important element that can make or break an event is the choice of music. For the classy couple, they will want music that matches the theme of their wedding and that evokes fond memories. It is also wise to choose a wedding DJ who is known for their versatility and can play everything from classic rock to modern and top-40 songs. What is more, they should be able to take requests from the guests and be able to play whatever they want. Having control over the soundtrack is a nice touch that will enhance the fun of the day. The less people have to dance, the more they will be able to eat and have a good time.


The venue is another important consideration when planning a wedding. The location should be comfortable and convenient for the guests, as well as the wedding party and the photographer. For the happy couple, it is desirable to choose a venue that is representative of their personalities, as well as being easy for the guests to get to. They want something that is distinctive but not too extravagant, as they will not want to outshine the event itself.


When it comes to catering, the main objective is to provide healthy and delicious food for the guests. For the couple, they want something that is easy for them to serve and that will be enjoyed by everyone at the wedding. What is important is that the food is served when everyone is served, so there are no worries about the food arriving when some guests have already left the reception. Another important consideration is the atmosphere. The catering should match the vibe of the wedding, so whether you are serving pastries or fried chicken, guests will definitely feel as though they are in the middle of something elegant and classy.

To conclude, weddings are a special moment for couples who spend a long time picking one another’s brains for their big day. For those who are fortunate enough to be able to wed within the UK, there is already a plethora of beautiful places to choose from, as well as top-notch catering and hotels. Planning a wedding is not as difficult as you might think, and with a little bit of research, as well as going over the top with the caterer and planner, you can give your guests an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for years to come.