When it comes to upcoming movie releases, many people often think about the blockbusters that are bound to be massive hits. However, there are a number of promising films that deserve to be noticed too. One of these indie films is The Box, a film that definitely deserves to be discussed and maybe even seen by as many people as possible. In case you’re wondering, The Box is the story of Robert Pattinson, who plays the part of a man named Joe. Along with his wife Maggie (played by Kristen Stewart), they have a son named Henry (played by a very adorable Logan Lerman). One day, Joe is driving his family home from school when he gets into a serious accident that renders him temporarily paralyzed. This is where the story begins, and it’s a powerful tale that will make you believe in miracles once it gets going. I certainly did.

Why Should You Watch The Box?

One of the reasons why I chose to write this article is because The Box is currently available to watch free of charge on Netflix. It is also worth noting that The Box was filmed entirely in New York City, which gives it a certain “movie star” feel that you might not expect from an indie film.

One of the reasons why I found The Box so compelling is because it deals with some incredibly important and relevant issues that affect many people. For example, Joe is a widower who lost his wife to cancer a few years earlier. This probably makes Henry even more precious to him than usual. Similarly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I depend more and more on my family and friends, which is something that the film depicts brilliantly.

I think that what makes The Box even more special is that it was financed wholly by its director, James Franco, who also wrote and produced it. Usually, when a filmmaker puts their money where their mouth is, it usually means that they’re putting their reputation on the line too. However, in this case, Franco was willing to bet that he could pull off something special, and he certainly did.

What Is The Overall Feel Of The Box?

At first glance, The Box seems like a rather standard issue of the so-called “social problem drama” genre. However, don’t be fooled. This is a powerful and touching film, and it’s an issue that confronts a lot of people, especially people in the creative industries. It also deals with some rather unique topics, like what lengths would you go to for the people you love more than anything else in the world? All in all, it is definitely a film to be discussed and perhaps even seen by as many people as possible.

Even so, I wonder what it will be like watching this film a few years from now. Will we be watching Joe trying to adjust to a world that has changed around him, or will Henry’s struggle to keep his father alive be something that we’ll always remember? It’s an indie film that definitely deserved to be seen by as many people as possible, and hopefully, it will be for many years to come.