Robert Pattinson is seen here displaying a lot of his famous cheek. The British actor shows off his toned body in a plunging black dress that accentuates his narrow hips. The 27-year-old’s smile brightens up the screen as he flashes the camera his cheekbones, while his bare chest glistens in the sunlight. The actor’s dog, Dakota, can also be seen in the picture, wagging her tail as she sleeps next to Pattinson on the couch. Last but not least, the heartthrob dishes out some serious pout while holding a red rose in his right hand.

The former ‘Twilight’ star is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the 2009 film adaptation of the popular vampire saga. Other prominent parts in the actor’s filmography include the titular role in the upcoming comedy ‘Lift Off,’ and the lead in the dark fantasy drama ‘Bel Ami.’

Pattinson has also been spotted in a series of nude photos that were published a few years ago. Back then, the British beauty had to confront his decision to expose himself in the pages of men’s magazines, as some of the pictures feature Pattinson partially clothed. Since then, the actor has embraced his sexuality and worked hard to prove to the world that men can be feminine and tender at the same time.

Recently, Pattinson made headlines when he became the first celebrity male patron of a London restaurant called Myo. The actor visited the eatery a few times a week, enjoying a cocktail or two and a bite to eat before heading back to his multi-million pound townhouse in England’s most fashionable district, Chelsea.

Speaking about his patronage of the restaurant, Pattinson said, “I just think it’s such a great concept, and a restaurant that serves only female clients seems so right to me.” He also added, “It’s a nice place to come with friends and family, enjoy a nice meal, and feel like a man among men.”

Why Are Celebrities Turning To Food-Packing?

It seems that the 21st century has brought about a sort of lifestyle revolution, as people are no longer satisfied with dressing how they feel and going where they feel. Instead, celebrities are leading the way in expressing themselves through fashion, and some even find ways to mix the two.

Whether it’s the celebrity chef trend that emerged in the 2000s or the wellness craze that continued in the 2010s, food packing has become a way of life for the jet-setting elite. If you’re an aspiring celebrity chef, opening your own restaurant might not be in your future; instead, it’s a good idea to examine the options available to you, should you decide to dive into the food-packing trend.

Pack Meals That Celebrities And Their Aides Consume

It would be remiss not to point out that the wellness craze that emerged in the 2010s is largely responsible for the increased interest in food packing. The combination of healthy food and glamorous aesthetics make for a winning formula, especially as the 2020s dawned and we’re already seeing the effects of the so-called ‘wellness lifestyle.’

Many celebrities and their A-listers have flocked to Myo, the London restaurant that serves female patrons only. The upscale eatery opened in 2018 and was founded by fashion designer Louise Norman, who first established her own fashion house in 1987 before launching Myo.

Those who dine at Myo enjoy a boudoir-themed experience, as the restaurant’s interiors feature sumptuous wallpaper, period furniture, and decorative accessories that give the impression of stepping into an elegant 19th century drawing room. The chef’s menu features small bites such as truffled mac and cheese, and crostini with pesto, followed by a soup or salad and a main course. After dinner, guests head to the bar for a drink, before calling it a night.

Get Inspired By The Wellness Lifestyle

It’s important to note that not all celebrities have jumped on the wellness bandwagon; some have decided to stay away from the food-packing trend, as it’s rather challenging to combine the two. However, as we’ve already established, mixing health and fitness with high fashion is a winning formula, and some are getting inspiration from the wellness lifestyle, while others are using their fitness routine as a form of exercise.

Musician and TV personality Bella Hadid is one of the first celebrities to embrace the food-packing trend; not only does she frequently visit Myo, but she even made a cookbook in 2019 that features healthy recipes. The supermodel is also a patron of the Los Angeles–based vegan fast food restaurant chain, By Chloe.

The Rise Of The Chef-Inspired Bar

You might be familiar with the term ‘chefette,’ used to describe the boss’ wife, but chefs are certainly not above getting creative with their titles. Since they usually run the culinary side of the business, it’s only natural that they would become involved in the branding and marketing of their restaurants, as well. This is most apparent in the case of the bar-restaurant chain, Pour Habitat, which was co-founded by French chef Raphael Boulud and American businessman Arthur Cohn. While Boulud’s restaurant, Boulud Sud, is located in the Seagram Building in New York City, the chain has other outlets across the states. The flagship bar is located in San Francisco and was once frequented by celebrities such as Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio. Other bars and restaurants in the chain are chef- and bar-specific, which means that every drink and meal served is designed by a famous chef, in collaboration with a prestigious restaurant group.

Enjoy A Mix Of Celebs And Food Packing

It’s not just about focusing on either fitness or food prep; it’s about finding a healthy balance in your life, which is why some celebrities are mixing their workouts with food shopping. The former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant Lisa Ray now works out and eats at the same time, as her daily schedule takes her from the gym to the grocery store in search of healthy snacks and recipes.

The television personality and former professional dancer has made a career out of showing off her physique, so it’s only natural that she’d use her food-shopping outings to indulge in whatever decadence her heart desires. The 39-year-old recently opened up a burger joint in Los Angeles called Lisa’s Kitchen, and it seems that she doesn’t shy away from using animal products in her food. One of the restaurant’s signature burgers is named after her, and it features a beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a fried egg. For dessert, you’ll find a chocolate fountain and cake platters, along with brownie sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon cupcakes. It’s fair to say that Lisa’s Kitchen is the wellness foodie’s ultimate burger joint.

The Impact Of Social Media On Celebrities And Their Lifestyles

It’s not just about following the celebs’ lead; thanks to social media, we’re able to see the impact that food-packing and wellness have had on their lives. Over the past few years, the wellness craze that emerged in the 2010s has manifested itself in several ways, and it’s changed the way that we look at health and fitness. Celebrities have taken notice of this trend and have worked hard to incorporate healthier habits into their lifestyles. Let’s take a look at the ways in which social media has influenced some of the biggest stars.

The ‘Sobering’ Effect Of Twitter

While some prefer to stick to ‘clean’ eating and working out, others have taken their love for food and drink to the next level, as the wellness craze continued in the 2010s, thanks to social media. The microblogging service, Twitter, has played a major role in this transformation, as it’s often the case that celebrities will share their food porn-worthy snaps on social media, before eventually moving on to their fitness goals. The service has also enabled celebrities to connect with their audiences, as an active account usually garners thousands, even millions of followers.

The British TV personality and former model Carli Lloyd now has over 2.9 million followers on Twitter. Much like her former ‘Neighbours’ co-star Kylie Jenner, Carli started off as a fairly unknown teenager who gained popularity on the platform. But it seems that the 29-year-old has taken note of the influencer’s notorious taste for luxuries and has gone on to achieve success in her own right. This is evidenced by her string of prestigious modeling campaigns, including for Christian Dior and Victoria Beckham.