It’s been almost a week since the scandalous photos of Robert Pattinson emerged on the Internet. The paparazzi caught the heartthrob in all of his naked glory as he emerged from his cottage in St Barts after a romantic sunset stroll with his girlfriend, French socialite, and fellow celebrity, Amal Clooney. Now that the photos have been published, are we any closer to knowing exactly what went down that night?

The Nude Photo-Bombing

When the photos of Robert Pattinson in his birthday suit first made their way online, fans of the “Wolverine” actor were outraged. Many expressed their disbelief that such intimate photos would ever make it online. While other fans weren’t surprised by the leak, expressing their desire to see more, they were still upset that such personal photos would be revealed. Some even went as far as to accuse the paparazzi of trying to ruin the actor’s career. Others predicted that the photos would never see the light of day.

The Storm Before the Calm

However, since then, things haven’t played out exactly as some fans might have predicted. Instead, we’ve seen a collective shrug from the public, with many fans expressing their desire to see more of Robert Pattinson, and not just in a towel.

Who Is Behind The Scandal?

While we don’t yet know the identity of the hacker(s) who leaked the photos, there is some indication as to how they might have obtained them. According to a New York Post report, French tabloid, Closer!, which obtained the photos through an intermediary, was given the photos by a former employee. The publication also reports that the employee, who has since deleted his social media accounts, says he was instructed by his bosses at French fashion magazine, Marie-Claire to leak the photos in order to “make waves.”

Why Was Amal Clooney In The Photos?

While we don’t yet know the full context of what took place that night, we do know that Robert Pattinson was accompanied by Amal Clooney, his girlfriend, at the time. The two were reportedly driven to the beach in a luxury SUV by a private security guard. Just moments before the photos were taken, Amal Clooney posted a sweet photo of the two of them on social media, writing, “Happy birthday my love.” It seems that the photos might have been taken as a birthday present for her boyfriend.

Where Did The Photos Emerge From?

In addition to the New York Post, another publication which has had a picture of Robert Pattinson in the nude published is The Sun. The publication claims that the photos were also hacked, adding more mystery to an already vague event. According to The Sun, the hack came from a smartphone which was left unattended on a nightstand at the mansion where the couple were staying. It is not yet known how the photos made their way onto the phone, or if they were even meant to be seen by anyone but the two people in the photo.

What Will The Public’s Reaction Be?

While many fans were disgusted by the photos of Robert Pattinson, others, like fashion blogger and designer, Kelly McAleer, were happy to see them emerge. McAleer tweeted, “Finally, someone has my back.” In a further demonstration of the reaction to the photos, social media accounts belonging to the hacker, or hackers, behind the leak were suspended. However, that didn’t stop the photos from spreading, making it impossible for the person or people responsible to truly remain anonymous.

Where Can I See More Of Robert Pattinson?

While we wait to see what happens next with regards to the scandal surrounding the photos of Robert Pattinson in a towel, it’s still possible to see more of the star. The paparazzi haven’t stopped following the couple, and they’ve been caught on camera many times since then. The most recent sighting came last week, as the pair were seen walking their dogs and driving a toy Ferrari. However, if you want to see more of Robert Pattinson without having to resort to Google Image Search, there is an easy solution – subscribe to one of his Instagram accounts and you’ll never miss a photo opportunity!

In the meantime, it’s important to keep things in perspective. While we’re only going by the photos available online right now, it’s important to remember that these are just that – photos. There’s no way of knowing if any of these photos are actually of the actor, or if they’ve been altered, or if the context of what’s going on in the photos has been changed. It would be best, for now, to simply enjoy the fact that we finally got to see more of Robert Pattinson, and not worry about any of the other details. After all, there’s still plenty more where these came from!