Once upon a time, there was a certain someone who went by the name of Robert Pattinson. He was a very famous English actor who played the lead in the hugely popular Twilight films. He had a string of hit films under his belt including Good, which featured an ensemble cast including Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, and John Malkovich. He was one of the most in-demand actors of his generation. He also had a very famous ex-girlfriend named Kristen Stewart. In the midst of all this, Rob became interested in fashion and started toying with the idea of being an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Inspired by the success of companies like Zara, which offers affordable fashion and style to the masses, he decided to found his own line of affordable but luxurious ready-to-wear fashion. He wanted to create a brand that offered a distinctive British style that wouldn’t break the bank. Luckily for us, Rob was blessed with a very peculiar and discerning sense of style which blended the British aristocrat with a hint of the Wild West. This made it very easy for him to choose the perfect fabrics, designs, and cuts to fit his vision. Of course, we all know what happened next: Twilight. The third movie in the series, New Moon, was set to premiere just days after Rob’s 21st birthday. Needless to say, he was extremely busy with the promotion of the film and had to cancel all his other projects. And that was that. Fashion wise, we never really heard from Rob after that. Or, rather, we did but it was only in passing. Whenever people would ask about his style, they’d usually add, “Oh, you know, he’s having a hard time finding time to wear anything lately.” We all know what happened next: the break-up of the ‘Robsten’ couple and Kristen’s very public transition from girl-woman to woman-woman. This, in turn, led to the break-up of the ‘Candyman’ couple. Let’s face it, we’re not exactly inspired to emulate their style choice now, are we?

A few years back, we were introduced to another member of Hollywood’s famous ‘Robsten’ couple. This one was a bit more low-profile than the others but, boy, does she make an impact! Victoria Beckham’s unique spin on classic British design has made her a firm favorite among the Hollywood glitterati. As a fashion entrepreneur who aspires to make her business a household name, Beckham has created a brand for the modern woman who wants to stand out while also keeping in mind what is suitable for social gatherings and what is more appropriate for day-to-night wear. Naturally, we had to dive into Victoria Beckham’s style universe and see what would inspire us as independent women entrepreneurs. Let’s take a closer look.

Classic British Style

Although Victoria Beckham has designed for the big brands like Burberry, she is most well-known for her work at the low-cost, high-style fashion house, Bennet Winch. Having first worked there as a graduate trainee, she began to slowly rise through the ranks until she was named Creative Director in 2013. When we were lucky enough to hear from her directly, she told us a little about her process and how she keeps evolving her style.

“I always try to keep pushing things forward, not to go back to something that I’ve done before,” she said. “I feel like my style has gone through so many changes since I first started. When I first started, it was very cutesy, a lot of polka dots and a lot of white, and it was very retro, sort of a Mad Men kind of style. I love that show, by the way, and it was really influential to me.”

Matching Mummy, Not Me Mummy

Victoria Beckham’s style is all about being unique and standing out. A strong element of that is the fact she doesn’t match her clothes to her mummy’s wardrobe. For example, she wears her hair in a completely different way than her mummy does. So, when they are paired, it will make for a unique look. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear the occasional outfit that she sees her parents wear. In fact, she said that sometimes she doesn’t even know what she’ll wear until she puts it on. That’s the fun of fashion, isn’t it?

“I’ve been really lucky in my career,” she continued. “I’ve worked with amazing designers and I’ve seen some of my best work. When I first got started, there weren’t that many women leading their own businesses, so it’s been really inspiring to see more and more women taking charge of their own fashion destiny.”

While we’re not sure if a woman’s place is in the kitchen, we can see that fashion is definitely a man’s world. Women are the ones who generally get the scarves and socks, while men get the shirts and jackets. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any female-led fashion businesses making a name for themselves. We just have to look a little harder for them. Sometimes, you have to go that extra mile to find something that suits you perfectly. That’s the fun of entrepreneurship, isn’t it?

All White Is Back

After years of seeing all white as totally off-limits, other colored fabrics are making a comeback. In fact, we’re seeing a bit of a white wave cleanse the fashion industry. Whether it’s through clothing, accessories, or interior design, people are wanting to bring back the simplicity and cleanliness of the classic white dress. Naturally, we wanted to find out what was inspiring this return to white.

“If I was to put my finger on it, it would probably be Instagram,” she said. “Instagram has changed the way we see things. Before, we kind of accepted that certain people were just blessed with amazing looks and we weren’t. Now, with Instagram, it’s like every woman on there has a completely different style and it’s completely inspirational.”

Going Solo

Instagram isn’t the only place where we’re seeing style inspiration. More and more people are wanting to lead a simpler life and they’re choosing to do that through their fashion choices. Naturally, we wanted to know what were they looking for in terms of fashion. Was it the classic men’s three-piece suit? Were they drawn to the over-garments which can sometimes be seen on men as well as women? Or were they seeking something more unique and varied?

“I think what’s really attracted people is the mix of tough and feminine, sort of a male Sally Jones, but with a touch of femininity,” she said. “It’s a mix of things that I think people are really responding to. You have people who are dressing up as though they were going to a fancy dress party but also people who are wanting to go for a more clean and simple look. It can be difficult to find the right style for yourself, but I think people are just wanting to have a go at it and find something that suits them perfectly.”

What Now?

Now that you have a better idea of what inspires Beckham’s style choices, you can start to look for ways to incorporate that into your own wardrobe. If you want to keep her style but without the mega-buck expenditures, then look for capsule wardrobe essentials which have all the styles and colors that she is known for.

On the other hand, if you want to channel some of the unique qualities which make her a standout style choice and stand a chance of making your own fashion empire, then look for designers whose work you admire and want to see recreated in your own home.