It’s been a few weeks now since news first broke that Robert Pattinson and his wife, Emily Brown, had tied the knot. The wedding was, as you might expect, a low-key affair, with just a few close friends and family in attendance. This past weekend, Pattinson took a break from his busy schedule to attend the Gala Awards in London. There, he was presented with a Golden Heart for his outstanding contribution to film and charity.

It’s been quite the whirlwind few weeks for the former couple. Since their wedding day, they’ve been enjoying the perks of being newlyweds, from holding hands while out for a picnic to cooing and cuddling on red-carpet moments. Now that they’re under the same roof, how does Robert Pattinson actually look, and is he as mellow as his new spouse? Let’s take a look.

Pattinson’s Career Surges

Before the birth of his first child, Louis, in 2014, Pattinson was already a busy man, acting in films like Water for Elephants and The Lost City, as well as playing some supporting roles in The Great Gatsby and Mad Max: Fury Road. These days, he can be seen in the upcoming films Batman vs. Penguin and Eclipse, as well as in the TV series The Flash. He also starred in Welcome to London, a movie about the London Olympics in 2012.

Pattinson’s Style Hasn’t Changed Much

Even before he tied the knot with Brown, Pattinson was known for his distinct style, which has shifted little since the early days of Dazed and Confused in the mid-70s. He usually dresses in vintage clothing and character pieces, often lending his charisma and dashing good looks to the roles he plays. This aesthetic has transcended the decades, with fans remembering his style from decades ago and wanting to dress according to his fashion cues. Fortunately for them, Brown is also a vintage enthusiast, so the two are united in this regard.

Pattinson’s Character Has Matured

Pattinson’s characters are usually well-developed and three-dimensional, traits he applies to his own life as well. In fact, one of his most prominent characters, Edward Cullen, was based on Pattinson himself. In the film series Twilight, Edward is a sophisticated, older man who befriends young vampire Bella Swan. When we first meet Bella, she’s being bullied by her classmates, so Edward steps in to protect her, which leads to an unexpected romance. Much like Bella, Pattinson has matured emotionally and is no longer the dashing, blond god his fans might remember from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

He Still Has That Smile

Whether he’s playing a villain or a romantic lead, Pattinson is known for his charming smile and engaging personality. This smile has appeared on the big screen countless times, but it didn’t start that way. In David Niven’s 1972 autobiography,  Niven recalls a time when he was shooting the comedy The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, when he noticed that Pattinson had a problem with his teeth. Niven suggested that he get them fixed, so that he could continue wearing the classic tweed jacket and skinny ties that he loves. Soon after, the crew filmed a mock-up of what would become Pattinson’s signature smile. It wasn’t intentional, but it ended up being the perfect depiction of his charm.

Brown’s Style Is Less Predictable

Emily Brown’s style can best be described as eclectic, and that’s an understatement. She often wears something out of the ordinary, be it an extravagant hat or funky shoes, and she usually accessorizes with something unique, like a pearl choker or diamond-studded drop earrings. When she does go for something more traditional, like a ballgown or a wedding dress, it’s often in an unexpected color like navy or forest green, which makes her attire even more memorable.

Because of her unpredictable style, it’s difficult to know what Brown is going to wear next, as she does not show up for interviews and photo shoots wearing the same thing twice. However, one thing is for sure: she will never be afraid to try something new. This, coupled with her dashing good looks, makes Brown an extremely versatile woman.

The Downside

Of course, not everything about Robert Pattinson is perfect. There’s the downside to fame and fortune, at least according to gossip columnist Liz Smith. In her upcoming book, Double Down: Big-Game Hunting With a Hollywood Star, Smith writes that at 49, Pattinson still acts like a teenager, hanging out with his friends and acting in goofy, informal videos with his mates. She continues,

“He has an unsinkable buoyancy that makes it seem as though life has not diminished his joie de vivre. The downside is that he can sometimes seem a little heedless of the people around him. Fame and independence can make a man or woman do foolish things and put themselves in danger. It’s fair to say that, like many in his position, he can sometimes behave in a way that’s not befitting of a global superstar. He can be temperamental and demanding, and at the same time, he can also be disarmingly modest and naïve. For all these reasons, caution is advised.”

This probably sounds like a lot of hooey to you, but take it from us: there’s always a downside to something. For the most part, though, the downsides don’t outweigh the benefits. If anything, fame has made Pattinson more understanding and generous, and he’s maintained his charm and youthful looks, thanks to his extremely healthy lifestyle and love of classical music and film. As for being temperamental and demanding, maybe a little bit, but not a lot. The key is to find the perfect balance, and that’s exactly what he seems to be doing.

Overall, How Does He Look?

Considering everything, it’s hard to say whether or not Robert Pattinson looks better now than he did before he married Emily Brown. On the one hand, he’s older and wiser, which naturally makes him look better, even if he doesn’t necessarily feel it. On the other, he’s still Robert Pattinson, which means he’ll always look like an angel and be surrounded by beautiful women anytime he steps out. We think it’s a combination of both. In any case, he looks fantastic and continues to make a lasting impression on fans of all ages, even those who’ve followed his career for decades.