There are those who think that Robert Pattinson and Noor Afaal Khan are adorable, famous for being famous, and definitely good for each other’s careers. Is this just a typical celebrity couple? Is this just puppy love?

It’s fair to say that the pair have captured the hearts of many. The Twilight superstar is one of the most popular film stars currently, with his solo debut Birds of Prey set to be released in February 2020. And Khan, who is known for portraying fierce characters in films, has also established herself as a rising young star, with roles in the Marvel series Ms. Marvel and the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters. She plays a lead role in the upcoming adaptation of Anna Dewdney’s highly anticipated novel, The Game Changer, about a group of teenagers who find an underground club where they can lose themselves in virtual reality.

The couple’s good looks and high profile careers undoubtedly make them a potent advertisement for a luxury goods brand. But that’s not all there is to this story. In fact, it might not even be the most important part.

Khan’s grandmother and mother were both born in India, and her family still lives there. The actress grew up in Leicester and studied law at the University of Nottingham. She then moved to London to take up a pupillage at the Middle Temple. This is where she met and befriended lawyer Robert Pattinson, whom she went on to marry. As well as spending his holidays in India, where he was born, the couple have both expressed a desire to spend more time there. They’ve been photographed in Bali, sharing an intimate sunset while cuddling and being affectionate with each other. In August 2019, they were even spotted riding a tandem bike in Calcutta, India.

So it’s fair to say that the pair are well suited to each other. It’s like they were made for each other. In fact, some might say that their celebrity status was simply a matter of time.

Making A Statement

This isn’t the first time that two well-known names have joined forces to promote a luxury brand. In fact, it’s pretty standard practice. And for good reason, too. Having two famous faces for a campaign can really drive engagement and help get the message across to as many people as possible. It’s a way to make an impact and ensure that people take notice.

Think of Michael and Keira Knightley, who played a married couple in the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and prejudice. Since then, the couple have been photographed with an array of luxury goods and accessories brands, including Burberry, Dior, and Armani. They’ve even been seen in an extravagant display of Bulgari jewelry in a 2006 commercial for the Italian brand.

Knightley is also a part of H.I.V. – The HIV And AIDS Campaign, which raises funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS organizations around the world. She helps to design HIV testing kits for the charity, which she tells me is rewarding as a designer and a mother. She’s also an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, an animal welfare charity.

A Match Made In Heaven

It seems like a perfect match made in heaven, especially given their shared passion for luxury and their desire to spend more time together as a couple. And it’s not as if they had to hit the bricks after getting hitched either. They could have stayed in London and continued to live a high-life. Instead, they chose to pursue their dreams and moved to Venice, where they were able to indulge in the most luxurious of lifestyles. The picturesque city is known for its gorgeous canals and grand interiors, and they were able to bring this beauty with them. Not only that, but they also were able to use their celebrity status to raise the profile of the Venetian Biennale, which is an international arts festival that celebrates contemporary art and design. It’s an opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit their work and gain critical recognition. Interestingly, Venice was also the location of the final scene of the 2007 film version of Twilight, where the glamorous city becomes a backdrop for an iconic vampire seduction scene.

The fact that this movie scene is considered among the most iconic of all time likely has something to do with the story’s message. The message that celebrity comes with a price. Not only does it require you to put your life on display for the world to see, but it also means there will be people who want to use it for their own gains. The story of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are due to wed in less than a month’s time, is another great example of this. The news that the couple were to wed was met with universal acclaim and excitement. But it was also seen by some as a great opportunity for the bride to promote a luxury brand. It was reported that Kate Middleton had been courted and flattered by brands, including Burberry, since she was a child. So it goes to show you that even in the most ideal of situations, there will still be those who want to capitalize on your fame. And this is something that Pattinson and Khan are well aware of.

It seems unfathomable that someone would try to take advantage of a situation like this. After all, we are talking about two people in love here. It would be like trying to scam a couple of puppies. This would definitely not be good.

The Secret To Their Affection

So how did they keep all of this love under wraps for so long? In order to keep their privacy, the pair usually stay out of the spotlight, which has led to a lot of speculation about their personal life. But we do know that their relationship started out on the right foot. Khan met Pattinson while still a student at the University of Nottingham, and she quickly realized that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. After dating for a while, the couple decided to tie the knot, but they didn’t want to rush into anything. It took them a while to work their way through the financial obligations that come with launching a brand new family, as well as to appreciate just how special their time together truly is. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Khan said that it wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties that she finally felt ready to settle down. She wanted to give the relationship a real shot before moving abroad for his legal studies. Having already traveled the world, Pattinson wasn’t willing to give up his bachelor pad just yet.

The couple’s relationship was tested when she was twenty two and they were studying for their bar finals. It was then that she learned about his gambling problem. He had been cheating at the casino and was about to lose his student loans. She didn’t want to see him struggle like this, especially since they had just celebrated their one-year anniversary. So she decided to leave him, moving back to her family’s home in Leicester and leaving behind everything that was familiar and comfortable. It was a decision that would help form Khan’s tough-love public persona.

The Price Of Affection

It’s worth noting that not all celebrity relationships are created equal. Some are more advantageous than others. For example, look at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. They are two separate entities that rank the industry’s top films and performances from the previous year. But they are both part of the same industry, and it shows. The films that are selected for these prestigious awards are typically high-profile productions that are guaranteed to draw audiences. So it follows that the films’ stars are also going to be in high demand. This is why you often see famous couples walking the red carpet together, hand in hand, as they look perfectly matched and happy.

But this isn’t the case for everyone. Take a look at the BAFTAs, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. They are more closely associated with the British film industry, but their work is recognized worldwide. Their annual awards ceremony is often attended by prominent figures from the world of film. But you don’t often see famous faces walking the red carpet together. The BAFTAs mostly honor single-serving performances, with the odd category here and there that is eligible for an ensemble. This is most likely because the BAFTAs were founded in 1953 and have always focused on honoring the best of the best, while the Globes and the Oscars have traditionally gone for ensemble performances. Not that it stops there either. Look at the SAG awards and see all of the Hollywood stars that you’re probably going to want to be kissing once the ceremony is over. But that’s another story.