Just in time for the holiday season, here comes the new Robert Pattinson collection. This time around, the actor is teaming up with famous Japanese knitwear brand ISSEI for a special winter holiday sweater collection. The project, as you can imagine, is named ‘Soleil’ and it features a variety of beautiful and intricate knits in earthy tones and dark colours. Of course, every piece in the collection is knit with the most superb and luxurious merino wool, designed to keep you cozy and warm in all kinds of conditions.


If you’re unfamiliar, ISSEI (short for Issei Takumi) is one of the most popular and well-known Japanese knitwear brands, having first created a niche for itself in the early 2000s. The brand is known for its unique and luxurious knits made from the finest and most eco-friendly materials, like angora (sheep fur) and pure merino wool. A lot of the pieces that Robert is wearing in the new collection are designed in a chunky yet refined manner. Check out the brand’s website here to learn more about their incredible offerings. The website even offers a bit more about the history of the brand, which you might find interesting.


As we mentioned, this is a special collection for a very special occasion. The occasion is the winter holiday and the collection is named ‘Soleil’. Now, there’s no particular reason why this should be paired with winter, but, stylistically speaking, it makes a lot of sense. After all, what’s more luxurious and comfortable than snuggling up in a cosy knit with a cup of steaming cocoa?

‘Soleil’ is French for ‘sunset’ and we think that this name speaks for itself. After all, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a plush, comfortable sweater and gaze out at the setting sun? Though, if you ask us, it would be more appropriate for this collection to be named ‘Noonie’, because, you know, the sun comes up and sets at different times here in Europe…

Robert Pattinson

Last but not least, here’s where we give you some backstory on why Robert is getting all these sweaters made. As you know, Robert is a French citizen and he was born and raised in London. This means that he’s not really tied down to one country, one way of life, or one colour scheme. He, as you might imagine, is very much a free spirit and he travels a lot for work. So, being the adventurer that he is, Robert has found himself in a lot of interesting places and he’s had the opportunity to try on a variety of different looks. Though, his love for knits is something that he’s had since childhood and it’s always been a part of his wardrobe, it wasn’t until recently that he dedicated a whole collection to this most wonderful and luxurious of textile styles. As a self-proclaimed “fashion and lifestyle blogger” who enjoys writing about style, he knew that he had to do something different and unique for his fans. So, he decided to team up with ISSEI to create a special collection of sorts for the winter holiday season. Though, even when he isn’t working, he’s still likely to be found on the streets of London in a beautiful sweater.