As we all know, Robert Pattinson is currently dating Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. They have been very open about their relationship and have even gone public with their engagement. But they haven’t always been together. Back in 2012, Pattinson was linked to a mystery woman named Amal Alamuddin. They allegedly had a daughter together named Eve. But rumors began to swirl that Alamuddin was really just using Pattinson for his fame. Now, Stewart and Pattinson are engaged and seem very happy together. So it looks like the cheating rumors were false. But what about the little girl? Is she really Stewart’s child, or is she Pattinson’s as well? It seems like a lot of people still believe that Amal Alamuddin is really just a beard for Robert Pattinson.

Well, it appears that Eve is indeed Robert Pattinson’s daughter. According to multiple reports, the actor admitted as much in a recent interview. “My little girl will be turning five soon and I want to do something special for her. I don’t want to just give her a present, I want to give her something she’ll value more in the future. I don’t want to spoil her, but I also don’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her her father cheated on her mom. So I’ve been thinking of something special,” Pattinson told ShortList magazine. “I might give her a small token of something I love and she’ll value more as she gets older. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a bit of a risky move, but I want to give her something that will hurt her feelings less if I decide to stop giving it to her. I don’t want to do or say the wrong thing by mistake.”

There’s no question that Eve is a beautiful child. And it would be an amazing gift to give her a beautiful woman as a mother. But it appears that Robert Pattinson isn’t wasting any time celebrating motherhood. The dad-to-be is reportedly already buying his little girl’s first dress.

If you’re unfamiliar, Amal Alamuddin is a 42-year-old British lawyer. She is also the chief legal adviser to Ummah, the Muslim solidarity group formed in 2011 in response to atrocities in the Middle East. She is also the global legal director for Human Rights Watch (HRW). So it’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson would want to give his little girl something from his prestigious career. But what exactly is he doing to make her feel special? It seems like he might be planning on giving her a keychain that represents her parents’ love.

According to police, the most recent sighting of Eve was last November 14th. She was last seen wearing a burgundy dress with a white flower. So it appears that Robert Pattinson is going all out to spoil his little girl.

The Rumors Were True

It’s clear that Eve is Robert Pattinson’s child and he is actively pursuing a father-daughter relationship with her. So it would make sense that rumors about him being involved with another woman would arise. But it’s also clear that they were all absolutely false. According to a source, “Eve is the product of a well-deserved one-night stand Pattinson had with an English lady in Madrid 12 years ago. They kept the incident secret because they were afraid of what people might say or do.” So there you have it. The rumors were completely false. But that doesn’t mean that Robert Pattinson isn’t committed to Stewart. As he said in the interview, “Of course I’m still in love with Kristen. We were really close before this whole thing happened and I’ll always be there for her. I don’t want her to feel like I’m comparing her to other girls. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I still feel like there’s so much more to discover.”

Robert Pattinson Is A Bit Risky.

It’s one thing to have a baby with another woman. It’s another to admit to fathering a kid with someone else. And it’s a whole other thing to publicly acknowledge that you’re doing both of these things at the same time. So it’s pretty bold of Robert Pattinson to come clean about this part of his life. But perhaps he felt like he had to take this risk in order to provide the best possible parent for his daughter. If he had kept the secret, it would have been much harder for Eve to receive the attention that she needs from someone who is already very busy. But then again, maybe being open about this part of her life will affect her in a good way. She doesn’t have to keep secrets from her parents now that she’s older and wiser. This is her chance to be completely honest with them about the things she’s learned along the way. And what’s important is that she knows they’ll always have her back.

What Do You Think?

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity come out and say that they’re not just using another person for their fame. That they genuinely want to provide a good life for someone else. Unfortunately, this also makes them a target. When celebrities start to feel like they need to protect themselves from these sorts of rumors, it can often create even more speculation. And that’s never good. The only person who should be hurting from all of this is the little girl, not her dad. He’s gone through a lot, most of it not his fault. But this is his chance to make it all up to her. While of course, it would be amazing to give her a woman her own mother’s size, it’s not what’s best for her right now. They need to focus on being a happy family and enjoying these early mother-daughter moments together. Hopefully, by being open about this part of their lives, they can set the record straight once and for all and show the world that they’re committed to each other and their daughter.