Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be the first live-action portrayal of the iconic comic book character since Adam West’s 1960’s television series. But while fans may be happy to see their favorite actor in the cuffs, they might be a little surprised to hear that Pattinson isn’t actually returning as Batman.

Despite months of speculation, the Batman casting appears to be a total crapshoot. The Hollywood star has been attached to the role since the beginning, alongside Tom Hardy, who will also assume the role of Bane. Since then, there have been multiple reports that Pattinson will be switching gears and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spiderman, or that he will play a completely different character.

So what’s the real deal? We reached out to Pattinson’s rep, who declined to comment, but his manager, who did confirm that he will not be playing Batman, nor any other superheroine for that matter.

What Is The Deal With The Spiderman Rumors?

While there has been no official announcement, there have been multiple reports that the actor has signed on to play the role of Spiderman in the upcoming Spiderman Far From Home. If true, this will be the third time that Pattinson has played the character, after appearing in a 2002 film and 2010’s The Amazing Spiderman. In addition, the Spiderman film franchise has created two additional characters that Pattinson has had roles in. These include the titular character in 2012’s The Dark Prince, and Max Dillon in 2018’s Venom.

There have also been reports that Pattinson has taken a meeting with Marvel Studios and that he has verbally agreed to a contract. If true, this would mean that he has signed on to play a superhero and appear in multiple films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumors of this nature can often turn out to be true, as evidenced by the recent string of blockbuster movies that featured Spiderman.

Does Pattinson Have A Particular Reason For Not Playing Batman?

While there didn’t appear to be any hard feelings with Marvel Studios after the actor turned down the role of the Black Panther in 2018’s Black Panther, it’s still unclear as to why he wouldn’t want to play Batman. Pattinson is no stranger to comic books, having previously played a dual role in the comic book adaptation of the dystopian thriller, The Rover, in 2011.

But considering Batman’s significant cultural impact, it’s a role that Pattinson might have preferred to stay away from. When asked about whether he would consider play Batman, Pattinson’s response was, “Um, not really. It’s a weird role. You have to play something really cool with your hair and makeup. I mean, it’s not really natural for me. I would’ve had to have dyed my hair blonde. So it’s not really my type of thing.”

But this doesn’t mean that he has turned down the opportunity to play a superheroine. When asked about whether he would be interested in playing a superheroine, Pattinson’s manager, Jeff Berry, confirmed that the actor has met with Marvel Studios and that he is “very much into” playing a female superhero.

So what’s driving his interest in playing a superheroine? It might have something to do with his appearance. According to Berry, Marvel Studios has approached him about playing a character with an “alternative look,” presumably a person of color. If true, this appears to be in line with Marvel Studios’ mission to diversify their cast and storylines, with Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Gamora joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2018.

What About The Other Rumors And Ambiguous Casting?

While there are multiple reputable news outlets that have published stories about Spiderman, there are also a number of rumors and false casting reports that have swirled around the Batman casting. Many of these reports claim that Pattinson has been offered either Spiderman or the Black Panther role, or that he has been offered both. In reality, the Spiderman role was not offered to Pattinson, and while the Black Panther role was, he turned it down.

But considering the cultural impact and popularity of both characters, it’s still surprising that Hollywood hasn’t cast a Black actor in the role. After all, there are already rumors that Marvel Studios is considering an African-American actor, with Jesse Williams and John Krasinski being among the names that have been linked to the role. If it comes down to a choice between an African-American actor and an English actor (Pattinson), it seems as though African-Americans would win out, considering that most of Hollywood’s superheroes are played by white men.

That doesn’t mean that the rumors about other actors playing Batman are false. As mentioned above, reports claim that Jared Leto, who is playing the bandleader, The Joker, in the upcoming Joker film, has met with Marvel Studios and that he has signed on to play an older, wiser, and more experienced Batman. Similarly, Game Of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, has reportedly met with Marvel Studios about playing a character named Wanda, who is the twin sister of Captain America. She would supposedly appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in an undisclosed role, and her character would be linked to the superhero team, The Howards.

Should We Confirm Or Deny The Rumors?

As much as we would like to put an end to these rumors, it’s hard to say for certain whether or not they are true. But one thing is for certain, Hollywood will never be short of talented actors who are willing to don a superhero outfit. So if you’re really that committed, there’s no reason to believe that you couldn’t play whoever you want, whenever you want. For better or worse, it’s an open secret that Hollywood is rife with rumors and misinformation, especially when it comes to casting. But at the same time, it’s difficult to know what is true and what is not. Many famous faces have been linked to superhero roles over the years, and while some of these rumors have certainly turned out to be true, it’s still hard to say for sure.