If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies, you might be interested to learn that the actor behind the charmingly evil vampire, Robert Pattinson, is officially off-duty and seeking some fun in the sun.

While we know that vampire seasons usually mean cold winter nights for our favorite sparkly vampires, Robert does have other interests beyond hauntingly handsome cinema heroes.

Let’s explore some of his upcoming plans, as he has promised us in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Pattinson in Scotland

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the famous Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, and, to celebrate, the Scottish government has put together a year-long celebration of all things Robert Pattinson.

The main event is the Robert Pattinson Year-long Festival, which runs from September 2019 to July 2020 and will feature the actor in a range of events across the country, from literature to art and music.

Pattinson is most famous for his starring role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. The actor has been in demand since 1998, with critical and commercial hits like Water for Elephants and The Lost Child. His other big screen credits include Sense and Sensibility, The Lost Honor of Katharine Houghton and Victoria & Abdul. He recently wrapped production on The Laundry, a psychological thriller for Netflix, and has a number of projects in the works.

Pattinson’s Upcoming Schedule

Pattinson has promised to keep fans busy with a hectic schedule, with projects coming up in various industries. He will be on-set for most of the year and is likely to keep busy.

The most exciting news, for Twilight fans, is that he has committed to filming three standalone movies in 2021, each dealing with separate aspects of the vampire mythology. The actor has also been tapped to direct one of the films in the planned trilogy. He will begin production on the first of the films in April 2021, with filming taking place in London and other cities across the UK. The other two films will be scheduled for release in October 2021 and February 2022.

Fun in the Sun

When asked if he has plans to go on holiday this year, Pattinson said yes. He has a number of projects in the works and has committed to filming some standalone scenes in the coming months. The actor, who sometimes goes by the name Rusty in his films, has said that he enjoys spending his winters working and his summers relaxing. He has promised to share more about this next year.

For fans of the Twilight series, let’s hope that these next 12 months see us get some exciting news about a new project from the talented Mr. Pattinson.