The English actor and film director Robert Pattinson is best known for playing the lead character in the vampire movie, The Twilight Saga. This year will mark his 100th birthday, and he will be honored with a series of special events to celebrate. We will be missing some of his most memorable movies, but we will get to see a lot of him in the coming months. He has always been very open about his love for food, and we have collected some of his favorite recipes here. Let’s eat your way to happy birthday, Mr. Pattinson!

Prawns and Shellfish

During the filming of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, he was shooting in Italy and visited several restaurants while scouting locations. He enjoyed eating very traditional Italian food, and he often requested that the restaurants change a couple of their recipes so that they would suit his liking. This is the case with his famous prawns and shellfish dish, which he orders sometimes plain and sometimes spicy. The original recipe calls for clams, but since those aren’t usually available in America, he settled for tiny shrimp instead. We can’t decide if we love the dish more without wanting to try it ourselves or with clams.

Foie Gras Pizza

Mr. Pattinson enjoys experimenting with different foods and has always been a fan of foie gras. During the filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, one of the locations he visited with his crew was Pizzeria Mirande in Rome. The restaurant offered a foie gras pizza, and when he tasted it, he was so impressed that he ordered an entire pizza with foie gras and smoked salmon as a late birthday present for the restaurant owner.


One of his most famous dishes is the lasagne he prepares for his daughter, Tallulah. She is his harshest critic, so he makes sure that she tries everything at least once. This way, she won’t judge him the same way and will thank him for making her favorites available when she’s grown up. The truth is that he enjoys preparing this dish because it reminds him of his childhood. His mother used to make it a bit differently, using ground beef instead of minced beef and tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. Of course, he has changed things a bit, adding his own spin on it by using handmade pasta and putting a lot of cheese on it. He makes his own special tomato sauce and serves it with grilled chicken. If you’re going to make lasagne, make sure you get the best and most expensive eggs you can find. They make a huge difference and give it that extra oomph that makes the dish special.

Seared Scallops

Another restaurant that he frequents is il Giardino Armonio in Venice, where they serve a pasta and seafood-based dish that he particularly enjoys. He orders this dish often and gets it twice a week, when he’s in Italy. It’s a simple recipe, made with fresh fish and some arugula (Italian mustard greens) that he insists on using instead of regular lettuce or spinach due to its unique, peppery taste. We love the simplicity of this dish and the freshness of the ingredients. He’s such a generous tipper that we’re sure he’ll leave a nice tip when he’s finished.


The third restaurant that he visited in Italy was Da Giovanni, a Neapolitan spot in the town of Civitella. He ordered the crab salad, and it was so good that he could barely stop himself from ordering another helping. For a while, he ate very little else but that dish and left a lot of money behind. After finishing the second serving, he decided that he shouldn’t be so generous, so he paid for the first one and left a nice tip. He’s probably the only person who’d order a fish dish and leave a huge tip for the waiter who served it to him. It seems that he’s always looking for food that he’s not familiar with, and he tries new things often. This is what makes him interesting as an actor, and we can’t wait to see what he tries next. That crab salad is a must-try if you’re in Italy!

Potato Salad

While we’re on the subject of food, one of his favorite summer recipes is potato salad. He uses very basic ingredients and some of the finest potatoes you can get. He cuts them up into small, uneven pieces and gently mixes them with diced red and green cabbage, grated carrot, hard-boiled eggs, and a vinaigrette dressing. The combination of the salt, acid, and oil are what makes this salad. He always keeps some in his fridge at all times, and he gets excited when he sees it sitting there, waiting to be eaten. It doesn’t last long, though, because he usually ends up eating it all by himself.

Gigantic Tuna Sandwich

The first and only restaurant that Mr. Pattinson has ever tweeted about is Bar La Florentin in Paris. They serve a traditional French food, and he ordered the giant tuna sandwich. When he tried it, he said that the portion was very generous and that he ate the whole thing in one meal. After posting about the sandwich on Twitter, a lot of people asked for the recipe, so he tweeted them the directions. It seems like this sandwich is pretty popular, because a week later, he had to order another one.

Pistachio Ice Cream

This winter, the 49-year-old actor is in The Great Gatsby, which is based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. He couldn’t be more excited about this movie because it’s one of his favorite literary works and the setting is beautiful. While we’re not looking forward to another cold winter, we are excited about seeing him in something other than a vampire movie. He enjoys baking and experimenting with different flavors. This year, he will be releasing a line of vegan food products, and we can’t wait to try them out.

This is a small collection of favorite dishes from Mr. Pattinson. We hope that you enjoyed reading about his food preferences as much as we enjoyed writing about them. Let us know what you think about his choices in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!