Carrying the brand’s famous swoosh logo on the tongue is quite an iconic look among sneakerheads. You will often see people wearing these shoes with jeans, but they can also be spotted wearing them with a skirt, a dress or even a bathing suit. They are versatile enough to work for various occasions.

The British actor and singer was seen wearing the white sneakers with dark blue stripes on the ankles and the toe box in a sweetheart picture with his then-girlfriend, Twilight star Bella Swan. The iconic image of this moment was recreated in the movie as well and the sneakers were a central part of it. Ever since then, people have been longing to own a pair of these. Unfortunately, the price is pretty high. While you can still find them for $170 or less on eBay, they usually sell for around $350.

But is the investment worth it? There are other sneakers that achieve the same level of iconic status and, in some cases, are manufactured with a more practical purpose in mind. Let’s take a look at five alternative sneakers that you might want to consider investing in.

The Classic White Nike Shoes

These are the classic white Nike shoes with a black and white checkerboard pattern on the soles. It is a safe bet that your grandparents, great grandparents or even great great grandparents have owned a pair of these. The pattern is a combination of two popular design elements of the time – checkerboards and stripes. So, this is a classic pair of sneakers that can be worn by both men and women. The sneakers are lightweight and flexible, and you will not get blisters even on unusually hard surfaces. They also feature a padded collar around the edges to protect the neck from getting chapped by the collar of your shirt or sweater. This pair of sneakers is currently available for purchase on eBay for around $275.

The All White and Red Nike Shoes

If the white classic Nike shoes are a bit too much for you, you might want to check out these white and red Nike shoes. With their bold look, it would be a shame to wear them only once or twice. These are perfect for someone with an active lifestyle. You can run around in these and feel as fresh as the morning mist. The red accents add a splash of color to these otherwise pale and pristine sneakers, making them more wearable. They are also lightweight and flexible, and feature a padded collar around the edges for added comfort. You can currently buy these on eBay for around $280.

The Classic Black Nike Shoes

Speaking of color, let’s take a look at these black classic Nike shoes. They were first produced in 1974, and have been around ever since. The iconic silhouette of this pair of sneakers remains in popular demand, and the brand even reissued it in a more contemporary style in 2018. It is worth noting that these are some of the most comfortable sneakers ever produced. They feature a textile lining that feels like clouds, and a removable sock that provides some added cushioning. These are perfect for someone who is always on the move. You can purchase these on eBay for around $300.

The Yellow, Blue, and Red “Varsity” Shoes

If you are an avid basketball fan, you will want to invest in these yellow, blue, and red shoes for the university or college you attended. Inspired by the school’s colors and the teams they represent, these are high-quality shoes manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. They feel like a true luxury item, and it is easy to see why. The soles are made from synthetic materials for improved traction, while the uppers are completely leather or textile. These are safe bets for people who like to follow the games closely. The retail price for these is around $400, but you can buy them on eBay for a great price as well ($325).

The Textile Nike Shoes

If you are a fan of designer Louis Vuitton, you may want to consider these pure white Nike shoes with delicate and precise patterns on the uppers. They are the epitome of simplicity and purity. As the designer himself is often quoted as saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. These are a great investment if you want to own a pair of shoes that will be unique and will not easily go out of style. You can purchase these on eBay for around $450.

The Military Red “Carpet” Shoes

Finally, let’s take a look at these military red “carpet” shoes. They are highly visible on the feet of Red Army soldiers as they strut around in the streets. The Soviet Army wore them during World War II, and the popularity continued after the war ended. These are comfortable shoes that feel as good as the day they were released. They were first manufactured in the 50s and have been in popular demand ever since. It is a remarkable feat that these shoes have not been imitated or replaced by newer designs. The retail price for these is around $600, but you can purchase them on eBay for a great price as well ($475).

The choice of shoes is largely a matter of personal preference. You may want to consider what is more important to you – style or comfort? The key takeaway from this article is that not all expensive shoes are created equal. There are various alternatives that you might want to try out instead, some of which are much cheaper. So, if you are looking for quality at a good price point, keep your eyes open for these alternative designs that we have listed above.