Hollywood celebrity Robert Pattinson has been in the news a lot recently. He’s currently in the middle of a media blitz promoting his latest movie, The Rover, but aside from movie gossip, he’s also been the subject of a few tell-all books about his privileged life. It would appear that the 25-year-old is finally taking his foot off the self-destruct button and learning to enjoy his good fortune. As Pattinson told Vanity Fair in 2010, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy,” and he’s certainly made some big strides since then. Here’s a rundown of the evolution of Robert Pattinson’s public image, lifestyle, and beliefs.

From Twilight To Vanity Fair

It all started with Twilight. The British-born actor attended the premiere of the Stephenie Meyer novel in Los Angeles in 2008 and was instantly propelled to stardom. His brooding good looks helped him land a role in the upcoming film adaptation of the best-selling young adult series and the following year he was awarded the Breakthrough Performance Award at the 62nd British Academy Film Awards. But not even a year later, he was tabloid fodder because of his frequent tabloid-friendly behavior.

He’d frequently be photographed with his arm around underage women and at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party he was accused of having an affair with a 17-year-old. He issued a statement denying these accusations and the next year he was married to Frenchwoman Cara De Luca. Their relatively short-lived union produced a daughter in April 2014. When their daughter Genevieve was three months old, Robert Pattinson announced his engagement to Japanese model and musician Alice Prin. The couple’s romance was heavily under-the-radar until they announced their engagement in April 2015, which was later annulled. Since then, Pattinson has mostly kept a low profile.

Is He Really That Determined To Suck At Being Nice?

Pattinson has always been a bit of a recluse and a loner. Before Fame, he’d mostly only ever surrounded himself with close friends from school and acting colleagues. He wasn’t exactly the most popular kid in class, either. English teacher Alan Hunter once described him as a “dreamer, daydreamer, who likes to think about things.” During his secondary school years, he was rumored to be a bit of a “loner” and definitely a “recluse.” He eventually graduated from boarding school and went on to study acting at London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He’s been in three feature films so far, including 2012’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which was a disappointing performance, suffering mostly from underwhelming script and directing. He also had a cameo in Luc Besson’s The Hundred-Foot Journey (2019), which was well-received and earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 2020 Academy Awards.

Enjoying His Good Fortune

While most people would admit they aren’t exactly experts at enjoying good fortune, Robert Pattinson is doing his best to learn. The young star has been in the limelight for most of his life, enjoying the fruits of his parents’ careful breeding and training. It wasn’t until he was in his mid-twenties that he began to experiment with drugs and alcohol, eventually developing an addiction to cocaine. He eventually entered rehab and started talking to his parents about his past misadventures. It was then that his father, Paul, informed him that he has a good thing going for him and there’s no reason to screw it up. The news inspired Pattinson to make a clean break from his old ways. He subsequently went on to play the lead in David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ and appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. He’s currently filming The Lighthouse, in which he plays the titular role alongside Elster of Victor Frankenstein fame. The movie is due for release in April 2021.

What Does He Believe In?

It’s impossible to pinpoint what Robert Pattinson believes in because, well, he is extremely private and doesn’t like to discuss his personal life. He does, however, like to talk about his work and he’s definitely a creature of habit. For years, he refused to reveal what music he listened to while growing up, which is strange because he has a deep love for music. His taste in literature is also eclectic, ranging from the classics to science fiction and fantasy. When asked about his favorite writer during a press conference for Dunkirk, he cited the sci-fi novelist Philip K. Dick. “It’s hard to single out one,” he said. “There’s a lot of great writers out there, but I will say that Dick was one of the first to really blow my mind with the way he would completely flip the expectations of what you think a thriller would be.”

While he’s never really been the most vocal person in the public eye, Pattinson has slowly begun to open up about his thoughts and feelings. A lot of his interviews delve into his personal life, his relationship with his parents, and his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. In general, he’s been trying to find himself and his place in the world. He described his philosophy as “enjoying the good things in life as much as you can while not letting any distractions get in the way of you realizing your full potential.” He’s often cited the English Romantic poets William Blake and Percy Shelley as influences and has said that he sees himself as “a bit of a romantic.”

This “romantic” side was apparent in the 2009 video for “Scooby-Doo!” The clip was heavily inspired by the writings of William Blake and features a young Robert Pattinson in a series of interlinked vignettes. The plot follows the adventures of three brothers who solve the mystery of their parent’s murder by identifying the culprit, but in the end the brothers have to bury their parents. The video concludes with a quote from Percy Shelley’s “The Masque of Anarchy”: “Let us be upholders of peace and not fighters, / Sith warriors to the danger point, / Feeling that weakness breeds weakness, / And that confrontation provokes catastrophe.” In the interview below, the 25-year-old shares his thoughts on William Blake, Shakespeare, and more.

Does He Have A Brighter Future Ahead Of Him?

On the plus side, things look pretty good for Robert Pattinson. He has a solid base of fans who have stuck by him through thick and thin and he has a promising future ahead of him in Hollywood. Even more promising is the fact that he has a young daughter to look after him. What’s more is that he seems to be genuinely trying to change for the better. The most recent issue of Vanity Fair features an interview with producer Simon Kinberg, who describes the young star as “a different kettle of fish” who is “getting his life together.” Kinberg went on to say: “I think he’s finally coming to terms with his incredible good fortune and is focusing on the things he loves, which is acting and music. And his parents are helping out a lot, which is great. I think he’s finally starting to realize that his parents are there to help and they’re not just there to serve him. It takes a lot of time and attention to look after a sick kid.”

Pattinson himself alluded to his good luck in a speech at the premiere of his latest movie, commenting on the fact that he’s been through a lot of pain but has also managed to stay alive. “This award is for all the people who wouldn’t give me a chance. You know who you are,” he said. “But you should give me a chance because I believe in miracles. And I also believe in second chances.” Considering all he’s been through, it’s safe to say that miracles are definitely in store for the handsome Briton.