Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Rob Pattinson! This year, the British actor will be honoured during Hollywood’s big night. Not only is he starring in one of the most anticipated films of the year – the highly anticipated return of Twelfth Night – but he’s also set to co-host the 88th Academy Awards alongside Chris Evans.

The actor’s star is currently on the rise. Last year, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Leading Role in a Comedy or Musical for his role in the romantic dramedy, Good Time. He won the award, becoming the first person to do so at the Golden Globes. He’s since gone on to win the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Comedy, has been nominated for a SAG Award, and has featured on the cover of numerous magazines.

Pattinson’s current net worth is $5 billion. He is one of the most successful actors of this generation. Not only is he a multi-millionaire, but he’s also the grandson of the late billionaire Sir Phillip Green. That’s right – the grandson of the man who owned The English Garden, where the late Diana, Princess of Wales passed away.

The Making of a Multi-Millionaire

The son of an Anglican minister, Pattinson grew up in the countryside of Scotland. He studied English Literature at Oxford University, where he established himself as one of the city’s most stylish residents. He began his acting career in 2005, joining the Royal Shakespeare Company. While there, he performed alongside Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave. He then went on to star in the 2009 film, My Week with Marilyn. The following year, he played a small but pivotal role in the blockbuster, Avatar.

Pattinson spent nearly a decade living in New York City, where he found work in theatre and film. In 2018 alone, he appeared in six movies, while shooting a handful of others. He returned to London, where he currently resides with his family.

The Grand Tour

The latest addition to Pattinson’s fortune is The Grand Tour, a road trip film directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. The movie will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 6th, and will then be released in select countries on October 4th.

The film, which is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, will examine the final tour of former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The trip took place in the 1950s and saw Churchill visit 19 countries in just five weeks. It’s a fitting cinematic tribute to the former leader, and his entourage of friends and companions. The film stars an all-star cast that includes Hugh Grant, Michael Gambon, Michael Caine, Alan Rickman, Siadh Nava, Rosalind Russell, and John Cleese. The 86-year-old comedian will play himself in a small cameo role. He joins an illustrious group of acting greats, including Grant and Caine, who are set to star in the movie. Naturally, producers are hoping for great things from this unique union – especially as Grant and Caine have both cited Twelfth Night as their favourite part of the play. Grant’s character in the film is a millionaire who befriends Churchill during the latter’s global travels. It’s a reunion of sorts for the great actor and his former student. They previously worked together on the famous 1966 movie, ‘’Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

The Evolution of a Cultural Icon

Before his acting career took off, Pattinson studied poetry and literature, furthering his education. He became fascinated with Shakespeare, particularly in relation to the Romantic poet, William Wordsworth. It was during this time that he began to develop an interest in acting. He decided to write a thesis on the bard in order to better understand his works. He decided to study the evolution of a cultural icon, comparing and contrasting William Shakespeare with his contemporary, William Wordsworth.

The result of his thesis was presented as a highly acclaimed stage play, The Theatricality of Shakespeare. It remains the only full-length play written by Pattinson, and has since gone on to win several major awards, including a W.H. Auden Award for Innovation in Dramatic Literature. The play also earned him a place on the longlist for the BBC World Soundtrack Award. It is considered to be one of the greatest academic theses ever written on the subject of English literature.

The Ultimate Frisbee Game

It’s a good thing that Pattinson isn’t short on interesting projects. He’s also very agile… and we mean that in a physical sense! The actor is famous for his unique sporting preferences, including riding bikes, scuba diving, and playing frisbee golf. It was while on a scuba vacation in the Bahamas that he learned to play the exciting sport. On returning to the UK, he became a member of the Waddington Frisbee Golf Club. The game is a combination of golf and Frisbee, with teams using a wooden disc to throw and catch the puck as it zooms past. It’s similar to football, but less physical, and a lot more fun!

While in New York City in 2013, Pattinson was spotted playing frisbee. It was around this time that he became interested in hosting games of ultimate frisbee. That’s right – he’s hosted his very own version of the sport, complete with a professional frisbee and a cheering crowd of fans! Some have even gone so far as to compare his sporting interests to those of another famous British man – Sir Winston Churchill. While in his eighties, the statesman was still engaged in sporting activities, including skiing, swimming, and riding a bike. He might not have had the same zest for life that he once had, but who cares? He still did those things, and here’s to you, Sir Winston!

It would be remiss of us not to mention the actor’s love of animals. He’s been spotted carrying around a dog’s leash while on set, and has donated funds to various animal welfare groups. We wouldn’t be surprised if he started his own animal charity – he’s certainly done enough for others!