Since the beginning of this year, Hollywood icon Robert Pattinson has been in the news. Most recently, he was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Rumors spread that the Twilight star was arrested in Paris last month for causing a scene at a luxury hotel. TMZ and the LAPD denied these rumors, stating that Pattinson was in London at the time of the incident. Still, the actor was unable to dispel the rumors. Why? Because he couldn’t keep his Instagram account free of pictures of him rocking a variety of stylish outfits. Indeed, this popular social media platform is filled with photos of the British actor, displaying his fashion sense and endless array of outfits. In this article, we’ll explore the fashion choices of Mr. Pattinson and how his style evolved over the years.

The Early Years

Before we dive into his style evolution, let’s take a quick trip back in time to explore Pattinson’s early years. This 19-year-old actor was born on November 3, 1986 in London. He moved to Oxfordshire with his mother at a young age and enrolled at the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, he pursued acting as a career and was awarded a place at London’s prestigious drama school, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. There, he studied directing and was nominated for a BAFTA for his short film, King George. In 2005, he made his professional acting debut in the title role of Alan Ayckbourn’s acclaimed play, Mr. Bickle. Aside from his filmography (which includes Batman Begins, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and the upcoming Alien: Covenant), he has appeared in several plays in London’s West End. In 2012, the actor relocated to Los Angeles to continue his acting career. Since then, he has appeared in a number of films and television shows and even hosted the UK version of The Masked Singer in October 2017.

The Evolution Of Style

Now, let’s dive into the interesting fashion evolution of Mr. Pattinson. First off, let’s examine his style choices in the early years. During that time, he mostly stuck to a plain, monochromatic look. Consistent with this uniform approach, he wore the same plain black clothing for the entirety of his time at the drama school. Still, he did experiment with different accessories and hairstyles. For example, he often wore wavy hair extensions in the early days. Also, he sported bold, colored accessories in his role as a rebellious teen in a film called The Anniversary. And let’s not forget about his unique shoes. In 2005, Pattinson was spotted wearing Louis Vuitton’s iconic baguette loafers. While it was a random pair of shoes at the time, it was probably the start of a trend. Since then, the actor has been seen sporting a variety of unique, stylish footwear, including Prada’s famed black canvas sneakers and Gucci’s signature red-and-white sneakers. Additionally, he has been spotted wearing everything from loafers to sneakers with his formal attire. In 2011, Pattinson was seen at the 65th Annual Academy Awards wearing a blue silk suit and a crisp white shirt with a colorful paisley tie and pocket square. The overall look was simple yet elegant.

The Rise Of The Insta-Star

Before we delve into 2013, let’s take a quick trip back in time. In 2012, Instagram was launched and went public a few months later. This social media platform was created by mobile operator Verizon and software company SnapShop. (Yes, that’s the same SnapShop that makes the Snapchat app.) The app allows users to share photos and videos that can only be viewed briefly before disappearing. Once a photo or video has been viewed once, it disappears forever. This makes it so easy to post something and have it go viral. Indeed, anyone with an Instagram account can simply type in a keyword (like #fashion or #style) and see all the fashion-related posts that their followers have published. So, it’s fair to say that Instagram changed the game when it comes to style influencers. In the early days of the platform, people would regularly post pictures of themselves wearing the same item of clothing. However, as time went on, this standard fashion photoshoot gave way to something a little more special. Indeed, these influencers started experimenting with different outfits and posting multiple pictures per day. While this might sound like overkill to some, the fact remains that this is how our favorite influencers got their start. In 2013, Pattinson was seen wearing a variety of outfits on his Instagram account. This included an adorable penguin onesie, black leggings and a long-sleeved white shirt with Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram. In the middle of the year, the actor sported a beanie, a fedora and sunglasses, all from Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear winter 13 collection. We couldn’t help but notice these multiple outfits and how frequently he posted. Needless to say, Instagrammers and fashion enthusiasts took note.

Pattinson’s Fashion Adventure

In the following years, the fashion-forward star continued exploring his personal style choices on Instagram. In 2016, Pattinson was seen wearing a variety of outfits in different cities across the world. He also continued to experiment with different accessories and hairstyles. For example, he rocked a fun, spiky haircut in New York City in the spring and a longer, lighter hair style in the summer. In 2017, Pattinson had another interesting hair moment. On December 12, he shared a photo on his Instagram account showing him wearing two beautiful, long, blonde hair extensions. Later that day, he was photographed leaving the hair salon with his hair done. When asked about the extensions, he replied, “Some fashion people asked if they could try on the extensions before the photoshoot.” On December 13, Pattinson posted a photo to his Instagram account showing himself wearing a white shearling jacket, a white fur trimmed hood and a white silk blazer. The blazer was tagged as part of Louis Vuitton’s winter 17 collection. In another post published that same day, he wore an interesting look. This time, he rocked a blazer with a Peter Pan collar and matching arm cuffs. As you’d expect, this outfit was worn with a tuxedo. It was tagged as part of Louis Vuitton’s winter 17 collection as well.

This year, Pattinson returned to his classic look. Still, he kept his accessories and hairstyle varied. For the most part, he wore a classic navy or black blazer with leather shoulders and a zipper closure. He paired this classic look with a burgundy or mustard colored dress or skirt. Additionally, he matched these items with black heels or flats. On April 12, he posted a photo showing him wearing a green dress with Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram on the lace at the bottom of the dress. In the photo, he is seen holding a white purse and matching white gloves. On his Instagram account, he has over a million followers and often posts about fashion, style and style influencers. For example, in July, he shared a video featuring a number of major fashion, style and influencer brands. In it, he discussed the importance of fashion education, particularly for guys.

So, what can we learn from this?”The best thing is that it’s never too late to learn about fashion,” replied Pattinson. “Even if you think you already know everything, there’s always more. You can never be overdressed or underdressed in fashion. It’s always ‘just right’.”