It’s only been a week since the premiere of the much anticipated new film, Water For Thirst, and already the hype is surrounding the gorgeous British actor. If you’re looking to stay in the know of all the top stories relating to Robert then check out this article. From the upcoming projects he’s set to appear in to his most recent antics, you’ll find all the breaking news coverage here.

The Ups and Downs Of Fame

The 53-year-old Twilight star’s life has taken an interesting turn. Not only has the handsome actor become one of the most desirable men alive, but he’s also found himself at the center of a fierce struggle for survival. If you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting for Rob, then you would be wrong. It turns out that fame has its downsides as well as its perks. Let’s take a look.

Rob’s Favorite Pastime

One of the things that’s made Rob such an interesting character is that he’s opened up about his lifelong passion for drawing and painting. In a 2014 interview with ShortList, the actor confessed that he spends a lot of his free time playing with different paints and colors, enjoying the experience of creating something new. When it comes to his next project, it sounds like he wants to explore this aspect even further. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor mentioned how much he enjoys experimenting with different colors and textures, which certainly shows in his work. “I love making films; it’s something I enjoy doing. But I also love painting. So maybe in the future, I’ll do something in between,” he said.

A New Home For The Snow White And The Huntsman

It was back in 2012 when Rob admitted that he’d fallen in love with the Swiss Alps and wanted to live there forever. Four years later, the actor has finally made good on his promise, buying a lavish chalet in the town of Meggen. The luxurious residence is just one of the many properties the Twilight star has purchased in the area. According to Inverse, the Snow White And The Huntsman star bought the 4,400-square-foot home for over $400,000. Naturally, the purchase was well-documented and highly publicized. Not only was it revealed that the handsome actor had purchased the mansion, but it was also reported that he’d spent close to $20,000 per week on meals while living there. The money was certainly worth it. Even today, Meggen boasts the greatest collection of cobbled streets in all of Switzerland, as well as a 12th-century cathedral and a 15th-century church.

More Than Meets The Eye

For fans of Rob, it was revealed this past summer that the British actor has a twin brother, Luke. The news came as a complete shock to the Twilightsaga community and immediately made him the subject of many curious stories. As it turns out, Luke is an acting coach who often works with his sibling on projects, lending his expertise as a trained thespian. The two brothers have been performing together on stage for years, appearing in shows like London’s West End and England’s National Theatre. It’s been a while since Rob had anything other than Twilight-related projects in the pipeline, so this past summer was truly incredible.

Robert For The Defense

Although he’s become one of the most recognizable faces in the world, Robert Pattinson has always played his cards close to the chest. He rarely gives interviews and usually keeps his private life under wraps. This being said, the actor has somehow managed to enrage fans and journalists alike with his often baffling choice of words and outlandish behavior. On more than one occasion, Rob’s Twitter account has blown up with frenzied fans demanding answers to some of the most baffling questions associated with the star. If you think that Rob’s demeanor is strange, then you’ll love his Twitter account. It truly is the most interesting social media platform around.

Rumors And Riddles

One of the things that makes Rob such an interesting character is that not a lot is known about him. Like most stars, he keeps his personal life private and shuns the limelight. The only real information about him that is out there comes directly from his work, and it’s usually presented in the form of rumors and riddles. For example, many people believe that Rob is in a relationship with Emily Brown, the actress who plays his on-screen love interest in Twilight. The theory goes that the two met while filming The Rover and began seeing each other soon after. While there’s no denying that Rob and Emily are close friends, it seems that this particular rumor has taken on a life of its own. If you thought that Rob’s personal life was intriguing before, just wait until you discover the truth behind these stories. It will keep you coming back for more.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Twilight was first released. Over the past decade, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow a fictionalized account of one of literature’s greatest love stories continues to reverberate, inspiring millions of people around the world. While some may argue that these days it’s all about chasing money and fame, it’s still interesting to reflect on how a small film that began with such humble beginnings has become one of the biggest phenomena in cinematography. Perhaps one day we’ll look back on 2010 and wonder how we ever got by without Netflix and social media. Or, perhaps we’ll just laugh about how naive we were back then.