In 2012, Twilight fans woke up to a major surprise. Breaking News brought them breaking news: Their favorite movie star was no longer immortalized as a teenager in New York City. No, he was now a full-grown man, and he was single!

The following year, Pattinson appeared in the comedy movie Walking While Slewing, which was released a couple of weeks ago. But before that movie came out, fans of The Twilight Saga series had to deal with yet another major Twi-surprise. This time, it was the arrival of Robert Pattinson’s (RPattz) and Kristen Stewart’s (KSStewart) first child, a beautiful girl they named Estelle. When asked about this exciting new development, Pattinson responded, “I’ve got a little angel crawling around my legs, as well as a big devil.” The proud father said he was “over the moon” to finally become a real parent.

Now that Walking While Slewing has come and gone, can we expect a lull in the breaking news cycle involving these popular young adult fiction characters? Not so fast, friends. There are still more surprises in store. Because between them, the couple have another exciting event on the horizon. They’re set to become parents for the third time!

Yes, as you may have guessed, it’s time for Bella and Edward to have another kid. And since Edward is a naturally sterile human being, it looks like this little family will be counting on Bella’s womb to grow their population. So far, so good, right?

Well, not exactly. You see, after Twilight came out and established Bella as a celebrity, she began receiving letters from fans seeking advice on becoming parent #3. In an effort to help, she penned a book aptly titled Becoming a Mom. In it, she discusses all the different aspects of parenting, from choosing a baby’s name to diet and bedtime routines. What’s more, she provides fans with intimate details about her own experiences during this time, so they can better understand what she is going through.

While it’s not yet been released, the trailer for Becoming a Mom suggests that this book is going to be even better than the previous two. And that’s a big deal, considering that the first two books combined have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. So, what are we looking at here? Could this be the best of the trilogy? Let’s take a closer look.

More Personal Touches

For starters, we can see that Bella’s attentions to her family have evolved. In the first and second books, she was a bit of a helicopter mom, swooping in to save the day and make sure her little girls are safe. But now that they are older, she seems to have taken a backseat, allowing the kids to grow up and raise their own families. Sure, she still makes an appearance when she’s needed, and she hasn’t given up hope of meeting Mr. Right. But until then, she’s content to watch her daughters navigate the dating world and find lasting love. One of the most touching scenes in the trailer involves Bella and her best friend Jessica getting ready for a prom. As they talk about their experiences, it’s clear that this is a turning point in their friendship. Bella’s openness and honesty about her feelings for Edward has helped their bond grow, and she wants to continue to support and protect Jessica as she ventures into the dating world.

More Emotional Intelligence

Bella’s story line centers around her quest for understanding love and acceptance. She’s taken on a journey, both emotionally and spiritually, as she grapples with what it mean to be a good human being and a mother. It’s a theme that’s carried through the entire series, from Eclipse to the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2. These are deeply personal topics for Pattinson, and they’re themes he’s explored in his other films as well, even if they haven’t received the notoriety of a movie franchise. In the trailer for Walking While Slewing, we see glimpses of the emotional turmoil that has marked his post-Twilight career. In one scene, he breaks down while talking about his new daughter, and it’s clear that this is a side of Pattinson that fans haven’t seen in a while.


In addition to personal touches, the trailer for Becoming a Mom also introduces us to a more romantic storyline between Bella and Edward. In the first two books, they were an off-screen couple, but now that they’re in the spotlight, it looks like they’re going to make it official. Sure, their relationship started as an act, but it’s clear that the fans have romanticized it, giving it a fairy tale vibe. The trailer for Walking While Slewing opens with a shot of the main protagonists, Edward and Bella, holding hands as they wander around New York City, with its familiar urban landscape. Their stroll through Central Park is interrupted by a swarm of paparazzi. Without missing a beat, Edward pulls Bella in for a kiss, as cameras flash and the crowd goes wild.

The trailer for the third Twilight movie teases yet another romantic storyline, as we see Bella and Jacob dance together while fireworks light up the night. Even Edward, in his human form, seems to have developed a romantic side, as seen in his love letter to Bella. As for whether or not this new romantic storyline will continue on in a fourth film, it’s anyone’s guess. The studio could certainly use the boost that a successful Walking While Rambling would give them, but if they choose to kill him off, they’ll have to find a way to explain his absence in the next movie.


Based on sales in the United States alone (not including DVD and Blu-ray sales), the Twilight movies are among the most successful movie franchises of all time, topping the overall chart ahead of the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. It’s not difficult to see why. Not only do they feature one of the most beloved literary characters of all time, but the writing and directing are also first-rate, offering an intimate look at the struggles of a young couple as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. More importantly, they’ve managed to humanize a genre that often seems disconnected from the real world.

That being said, as good as these films are, they can still feel a little tacked on, like a dessert that’s just a little bit too sweet. If there’s one thing that the trailers for the Twilight movies have in common, it’s that they all seem to push the envelope, never afraid to go big or go home, as it were. And while we’re glad that Bella and Edward will be welcoming a new baby in the near future, it’d be even better if we didn’t have to wait until then to see what the world would look like through their eyes. A fresh start could also be just what the doctor ordered for this iconic duo, putting the kibosh on future kids, at least for the time being. Who knows? Maybe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will have another chance at parenthood, and this time it’ll be a beautiful little girl they can call their own.