The past few years have seen a rise in popularity in ‘indie music’ with more acts than ever before deciding to go it alone rather than going with a major label. This trend has inspired a surge in popularity for ‘self-help’ books and those that offer advice on how to improve your personal life. Most fans of ‘Hunger Games’ will remember Mad Hippie, the character played by actor Robert Pattinson, and his best-selling book, ‘The Magic Pill’. This is the man behind the ‘Pattinson effect’ and his new book will be released next month.

Based on the smash-hit dystopian series of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, Pattinson’s latest book is being described as a ‘love letter to fans’ and a ‘bible of millennial lifestyle’. The actor is currently on tour in the UK to promote his new book, ‘Choose Beautiful’. In keeping with his unique style, Pattinson has released the first trailer for the tour and it is a cinematic masterpiece. The trailer itself is a work of art inspired by the writing of Collins and it even winks at the reader as it conveys the message of the book. One can only imagine what fans in London will make of this teaser of course.

Published in March 2020 by Michael O’Mara Books, ‘Choose Beautiful’ is a collection of essays written by the British actor over the course of the past year. Each essay in the book examines a different aspect of life today and how it is changing as a result of the pandemic. Writing for the New Statesman, Rebecca Nicholson described it as a “magical collection of essays” that acts as “a sort of rolodex for the most fascinating, enlightening and gut-wrenching subjects and issues that the author has encountered during his lifetime”. Whether you are a ‘Star Wars’ fan or a ‘Game of Thrones’ viewer, these are books you will not want to miss.

Rise In Popularity

‘Indie music’ is a term used to describe music created by artists who have chosen to be independent of major record companies. This type of music is often associated with a more alternative look and feel, as promoted by brands like ‘Asos’ and ‘Oberlo’, both of which have stocked the styles of these musicians. With record-breaking popularity comes unprecedented levels of engagement from fans and a constant drive to keep them engaged. In order to do this, social media platforms like Instagram are constantly evolving their features to keep up with the demand and to ensure users keep coming back for more.

Books On Hiatus

In recent years, book sales have declined as readers have turned to e-books and audiobooks. However, this has not stopped publishers from creating fictional narratives in the form of novels and short story collections for adults and young adults respectively. In addition to this, some creators have chosen to self-publish and make their work available on eBook platforms like Amazon and Apple Books. When it comes to these independent authors, there is no hiding place from the eye of the public and it is likely that a large proportion of their fan base will see this book as a result of their choice. In order to retain their audience, these authors need to keep writing and releasing new work so that their existing fans can continue to relate to the characters and settings in their stories. In an interview with The Guardian, Collins admitted that this option was a route she would have preferred to avoid, as she feared that people would eventually tire of her work. However, this is something she is used to and, as long as readers continue to relate to her work, she does not intend to stop writing. “I started writing when I was 12,” she said. “I had no idea that I would become a published author, but I’ve always known that I’d write something that would make people laugh or cry, and that it would speak to more people than just my family and friends.”