A lot has changed since we first got wind of the “Breaking Dawn” cast. Not only have we witnessed the release of two spin-off films (the less said about “Penny Dreadful” the better), but the original cast has changed quite a bit, too. While we will always have the option of going back and watching the movies again, it’s great to look back and remember these incredible actors and their many, unforgettable performances.

Whether you’ve always had a soft spot for Robert Pattinson or not, after taking a few decades off he’s proven to be quite the charming and talented gentleman. He’s already graced our screens in “Cosmos,” “Water for Elephants,” and “The Lost Honour of Katharine Houghton,” and now he’s back, better than ever. So let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the handsome Hollywood heart-throb’s career before he became known as “The King of the Paparazzi” and embark on some of his most defining roles – both on and off screen.

‘The Twilight Saga'”

This is arguably the most recognizable face in movie history. If you’re not a part of the “Twilight Army,” then it might be hard to remember exactly what he looked like before he became known as “the perfect leading man.” For those who’ve been following the saga (or were simply born after 1989) here are the basics: The handsome British actor first rose to fame after playing the vampire Louis, who falls in love with Snow White (played by Kristen Stewart) in the 2008 film adaptation of the “Twilight” book series. After that it was pretty much downhill from there. He went on to play a key role in the franchise’s final installment, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” and has continued to appear in the occasional filmic spin-off ever since.


Riding the wave of critical and commercial success that followed his initial turn as Louis in “Twilight,” Pattinson landed several high-profile leading roles including the eponymous alien hero in the 2013 remake of “Cosmos.” Directed by Jim Jarmusch and co-starring Rosie Pierri and Imogen Poots, the film tells the story of two unlikely friends – an American (Poots) and a German (Jarmusch) – who travel Europe in a camper van, stopping at various scenic locations along the way. What started off as a simple road trip quickly turns into something more as these three fall in love and decide to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship.

The film received generally favorable reviews and was a hit at the box office, topping the US box office charts with a per-screen average of $16,000. The Hollywood Reporter named it one of the 10 Best Films of 2013, and Rolling Stone ranked it the second-best film of the year. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Guardian called it “one of the most beguiling films of recent years,” and Empire Magazine put it on their list of the best films of 2013, ranking it the second-best film of the year.

Water For Elephants

For many, the appeal of “Twilight” lies in its fantastical elements and vivid, imaginative imagery. But for those who’ve followed its many plot twists and character development closely, there are ample plot points that stand out as being particularly well written and acted out. One of the best examples is Water for Elephants, the semi-autobiographical 2013 film in which Pattinson plays the role of Jacob. The titular character is a boy living in the 20th century who yearns for adventure and escapes the humdrum reality of his daily life by entering a fantasy world of elephants – hence the film’s alternative title, “The Adventures of Mr. Fantastic.” A poignant drama about coming of age, the film was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Brad Pitt. Pitt also won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama.

The Lost Honour of Katharine Houghton

Set in Regency England during the height of the Napoleonic Wars, the historical romance film “The Lost Honour of Katharine Houghton” sees Pattinson play the role of the infamous “Paparazzi King” – an exuberant and infamous talent-for-hire who tracks down famous beauties and puts their reputation above all else. With Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Chastain, and Viola Davis, the English actor has a star-studded cast for a reason: he’s a wonderful leading man and these actresses are all quite spectacular in their roles. The supporting cast is full of recognizable faces as well, including Dominic Cooper, Liam Neeson, and Robert Downey Jr. While not exactly a critical darling – one critic called it a “stinker” – it’s definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of historical romance.

Penny Dreadful

While “Twilight” was a phenomenon, it wasn’t the first time that Pattinson had graced our screens. He had already starred in several British films before “Twilight” and then moved to America to further his career. One of these early British films was Penny Dreadful, which marked his American film debut. In the gothic horror spoof, he plays a voyeuristic dentist who becomes obsessed with photographing women in various states of undress. Set in an era when dentistry was considered serious business and not a joke, the film also stars John Hurt, Andre Braugher, and Danny Elfman. The film went on to win two Saturn Awards (best film and best director for Michael Dougherty) and was hailed by critics for its subversive take on the haunted house plot. It’s available on Blu-ray now.

What Is He Like In Real Life?

Who is Robert Pattinson like in real life? Is he as charming and friendly as he appears in the movies? Is he a thoughtful person with a kind heart? A self-confessed romantic? A gentleman who always keeps his promises? We might never know the real answer to these questions, but based on his filmography, it seems that the more complex and varied the role, the greater the performance. It’s easy to love a movie star. It’s much harder to understand what makes someone like him so successful at portraying other people.