The latest issue of GQ magazine is dedicated entirely to love stories, and the beautiful people who write them. The magazine spreads the word on everything from ‘romantic gestures that work’ to ‘keeping romance alive while dating a celeb’.

The photos in the magazine feature mostly A-listers and muses, and although most of the articles are light-hearted in nature, the subject matter is pretty heavy. In order to match the heart-rending emotional content of the articles, the photographers behind the scenes shot the subjects in a way that would bring a tear to your eye. These are some truly amazing photographs, and we were lucky enough to stumble upon them before they were all sold to the highest bidder.

The Full Monty

The cover of the latest GQ magazine shows Scottish actor Tom Hardy, who is best known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Drop, in which he plays alongside Robin Wright and Neve Campbell. The photo shoot was the brainchild of photographer Jason Robert Oswald, who has previously collaborated with Hardy on his portraits for Vanity Fair.

The actor stripped off for the camera, revealing his completely bare-chested physique. The attention to detail is astounding – not only does his skin looks flawless, but you can also see the shadows of tattoos on his tanned and muscular chest. The juxtaposition of the classic British man and the strong male body is something that has never been seen before on a magazine cover. Well done, Jason Robert Oswald. Well done.

Romantic Gestures

The most romantic gesture of all may be the most unromantic one: a bouquet of flowers. The subject of this photo shoot is British actress and singer Emily Blunt. Her character in the upcoming movie The Girl on the Train (starring Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson) is a floral designer, and the role required the actress to be fitted with a hair and makeup double for the duration of the shoot. She even helped design the floral tribute to the film’s title character. These are just a few of the romantic gestures that make up the contents of GQ’s latest issue.

Sad And Beautiful

We are not usually a sucker for celebrity gossip, but the cover of the most recent issue of GQ magazine has us interested. The actor Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga, The Way Back or Hi, How Are You?) is gracing the cover in a beautiful white dress featuring a black ribbon with a gold clasp. It is said to be the same dress Jenny McCartney (Paul McCartney’s wife) wore for their wedding in April 2018. We can see where Pattinson gets his good looks from – his mother, Diana Bowie, was also a beautiful woman. However, it is not just his appearance that makes this issue of GQ a standout – the photos inside are quite moving.

In one of the pictures, Pattinson is seen holding a note , which he wrote to his ex-girlfriend Eva Aguilera (who now wears BFF badge with Aguilera’s image on it). They were broken up for a while but still have a friendship, and it shows. Pattinson wrote the note after his mother, Diana, passed away in January 2020. He also wrote a note for the magazine describing his mother’s last days, which is inspiring.

Diana Bowie is best known for her role as a diva fashion director in the James Dean film The Red Beret – a film that many including us believe is one of the best British films of all time. Although she portrayed a character who was headstrong and influential, the real Diana Bowie was a very sad and depressed individual. After a very bad breakup with her second husband, Bruce Pattinson, she found it difficult to trust men and became a recluse for a time.

The cover of the most recent issue of GQ magazine shows BFF status between Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson. The actress and singer showcased their bonding over a bunch of flowers for which Blunt is best known. They both stripped off for the camera, posing naked with roses for which they are both famed. Their friendship is patronised by Blunt’s character in the movie – she is a florist, and the two women work together to arrange a special delivery for one of their clients. These bonding scenes are interspersed with portraits of the two women posed in front of trees, flowers and serene backdrops. The portraits are by the celebrated Hockney (RIP) and are a gift to the two actresses by the late Sir Lucian (RIP).

There is a lot more in this issue of GQ. If you want to find out more about the world of love and romance then check out the magazine’s premium website for more detailed analysis.

As for the cost of this issue of GQ, we will not reveal the actual cost of the photos and print runs of the magazine, but we can assure you that it was a very high figure. However, for those of you who follow us on social media, you will have recognised one of the photos – the one on the cover of this issue – which we used for the purposes of this article. It is a remix of a photo that Tom Hardy posed for Vanity Fair – the one with the white dress and the dark skin. The original picture is valued at up to a million pounds, and we had the privilege of being in a position to reuse this picture for our own purposes. Thanks to Pinterest, Dubai and the good ol’ Google search engine.

Now, if you will excuse us, we have a romantic date to organise with our wives. Cheers!